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"There’s no need for you to waste your totem’s energy. We just need some time to deal with them thoroughly." Backstone said coldly. "Listen to my orders."


"Lightning attack on the upper right."


Two lightning bolts with the thickness of a small arm shot out and landed onto the upper right corner of the dark passage.

"Stomp twice with your legs at the lower right."

Boom Boom!!

The Night Owl followed the orders and stomped twice with all its might.

Suddenly the passage in front of them changed.

"Alright let’s move."

Beckstone walked forward, passing through Darian and his creature.

"Is that it?" Darian was stunned as he looked in front of him. He didn’t even see any trace of humanoid creatures.

The black tall man made out of dirt had completely disappeared. What was left in front was just a pitch black passage, as if the disturbance previously was nothing but an illusion.

"Save some energy because there will be more later." Beckstone’s voice came from the front.

"Where’s our final destination?" Darian quickly followed Beckstone.

"We will go where the maze ends."


"You couldn’t find it?" DuQian was clearly upset.

She looked at the multiple screens on the crystal.

"The clown had been dealt with?" She couldn’t believe that the opponents were this strong. It was as if there were no obstacles as they walked through the clown’s supposed traps.

The clown, who loved to battle, went in front of the wild boar and met the opponents head on. However, he was also killed in front of the wild boar.

His corpse was nowhere to be found.

Inside the screen, the beautiful woman with golden hair and red eyes was upset as well.

"The opponent seems to give off a strange silver light. He managed to capture the clown and is nowhere to be seen in the maze. What should we do?"

"Tell all the guards to come back and defend. No… The news can no longer be spread out." DuQian applied pressure to her forehead. "Three of you gather up, I will be joining you. The end of the maze is the owner’s study room. We must not let them go there! Never!"


Three of them nodded and the screens were closed instantaneously.

DuQian looked at the tree roots under her lower body and her eyes were filled with rage. She was Viscount’s strongest living weapon, and the opponent was obviously going after the Viscount. If she were to be defeated, then the whole Trejons’ family would be done for!

Alone, Viscount was just a form one totem user and had not much battle strength. His strongest weapon was her!

DuQian picked up the black spear that was placed on the stone. The roots behind her body wound up together and formed one huge tail. She then slowly moved forward and headed towards the control room.

"As long as we can hold on until the mist disappears, the blockade will disappear and Viscount will immediately notice what is going on here!"



Beckstone stared coldly at the creature that had fallen in front of him.

The beautiful woman with golden hair and red eyes, who had a pair of antlers on her back, melted in front of him at an alarming pace. She then turned into a stream of silver light and was absorbed into his right eye as she disappeared.

"Let’s move on. The experiment lab should be just right up ahead of this maze."

Darian followed him tightly from behind.

"I can’t fight against beautiful women.. as my heart melted when I saw her… If there are any more seductive traps… Keep it coming at me! Don’t be shy!" He muttered as he looked around at his surroundings.

Both of them then pushed open the sealed stone door in front of them.


Their faces changed the moment they opened the door.

"This… This is!!?" Darian covered his mouth as he tried to resist the strong stench in the air and stared what was in front of him.

It was a room packed with corpses, male and female. They were covered in red stripes and were hung by steel chains pierced through their hands, resembling poultry on display.

The majority of them were youngsters. Some of them were even children, just a few years old.

However, all the corpses had one thing in common; they had been skinned. All of them were covered in blood. Their muscles, red and white, were clearly visible. It was not a sight for the weak.

Some of these corpses had been utterly rotten. Maggots drilled in and out of crevices where missing pieces of flesh had been eaten.

On the other hand, some of the corpses were still fresh; obviously placed here not long ago.

The whole room was spacious and completely filled with hundreds of corpses. These corpses were separated into two rows, end to end, spanning thirty meters long.

Beckstone was traumatized as he slowly put one foot in front of another into the room.

His footsteps echoed off the walls as they fell on the greyish-white stone path that covered the room. On the sides of the stone road were stairs that went under; the bottom of this place was filled with colossal amounts of clotted and wet blood, which painted the whole floor red.

As they walked deeper, the duo saw a few crystallized boxes filled with corpses. The boxes were about as tall as a person, and there were even detailed labels on each box.

Beckstone looked at the label.

‘Sun Calendar Year 3558 of the 4th Month -- Alice: There is only one successful sample. The success rate is too low. My heart softened as I heard the cries of these children. Unforgivable. I am trying to evolve the human species as a whole! I must persevere!’ -- Vanderman Trejons.

There was a small girl, about five to six years old, who was immersed in a transparent liquid in this case. This little girl’s golden hair was spread open like a flower inside the water. Her eyes were wide open, looking out of the glass, as if she were still alive and was placed inside this small glass case, naked.

"Such inhumanity!" Darian scolded out loudly as he hyperventilated. It was clear that he was very angry.

Beckstone’s eyes were filled with murderous intent.

He then started to walk alongside the cases.

His invisible distortive power started to expand from his body. This strong power kept spreading out, like smoke and filled up the room in no time.

Two tall figures appeared at the entrance then.

One of them was a two-headed wild boar humanoid, and the other one was a fair giant, who was a head taller than the wild boar. However, the giant had no eyes, and couldn’t see anything at all.

Behind these two creatures stood a strange woman.

Its upper body was a human, but its lower body was a tail made out of countless roots. On top of that, this lady’s eyes were filled with blood.

"Kill them!!" DuQian ordered without mercy.

Countless Slime Men climbed up from the floor and surrounded Beckstone and Darian in the room.

Beckstone ignored them and kept moving forward quietly, his eyes falling upon the cases one by one.

He finally stopped at one of the many cases that lined the room. What was already a pale face became a shade lighter, as he saw the label on this particular case.

His trembling hands slowly reached for the label.

‘Sun Calendar Year 3357 of the 1st month. Leanna Ross. The quality of the children from this batch is just superb! Five of them had succeeded. This was without a doubt an encouragement to my research. What’s funny is that this kid dared to say that I am pitiful. I will let her know that who’s the pitiful one!’

There was the female corpse of eleven or twelve year-old girl, peacefully immersed inside the transparent liquid within the case.

The girl was naked, straightened from head to toe by a thick, metal bar inserted into her mouth, piercing and running straight through her lower body. She was stabilized by the base of the case and was placed as a standard human specimen.

The girl’s eyes were wide open. Her gaze filled with agony. Her limbs were flush against the wall of the glass as if she was struggling with all her might at an impossible task.

Beckstone gently rubbed the label’s characters as his body shivered. It was as if something in his body was expanding and he was resisting with all his might.

"Leanna…" He stared at the beautiful, familiar face, as he recalled the days he spent with her when he was young.

Beckstone closed his eyes in agony.

"Ah!!! I will kill all of you!!" Darian, who was standing from behind, finally exploded in rage.

Two Night Owls appeared at the same time, along with a giant Grey Hawk as well.

The Grey Hawk was surrounded by a grey light, which was an indicated that it had been spiritualized.

It was at this moment.

A powerful silver distortive power expanded.

Silver light lit up from Beckstone’s right eye, as if something was trying to escape from it. They expanded and contracted sporadically.

A few minutes later.

Beckstone stood at the front of a reddish brown passage, where he could see the wooden door at the other end. That wooden door was the entrance of the study room which bypassed the maze.

He could feel that person’s breath behind the door.

Darian stayed behind to deal with the creature that seemed to be immortal. As the Time Mist was about to expire, he came alone to prevent from the main culprit from noticing, so that he could kill him!

Beckstone restrained the silver light in his eyes and walked towards the wooden door silently. He quickly hid his murderous intent.


Vanderman was drinking his red tea in front of the window quietly.

This was the study room of the main building, which was also his favorite study room. It was also one of the maze exits as it was connected to the underground lab as well. His biggest secret was placed inside this very room.

He felt safe here, as long as he knew that this place wasn’t in danger.

He placed down the teacup, took out his black pipe and carefully lighted the tobacco inside and adjusted it.


As the red fire was lit and immediately burnt the glowing red tobacco. Its fragrance soon permeated the entire room.

"I need to send off those three as soon as possible. The longer they stay here, the higher the probability of them discovering my secret." He pondered for a moment. "Coincidentally, the twelfth princess came to visit. It would be best if I can let her bring these three along when she leaves."

He started to feel guilty recalling his experiments back in the days. He knew that the experiments were inhumane, yet he gave no quarter pursuing his ideals back then. In the end, he had created bloody memories that he didn’t want to recall.

Every time he recalled these memories, he couldn’t help himself but feel agitated.

"This is the price of improving the civilization. They would have thanked me if they still had a soul." He comforted himself so but he could keep the guilt in his heart at bay.


He exhaled a ring of long smoke streams.

Knock Knock KNock.

"Please come in." Vanderman responded calmly.

The door was opened.

Garen came in with a smile.

"Father, since I am free, I decided to come and see you."

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