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Reylan was a very talented researcher. If she could rid herself of her terrifying appearance, the learning environment would have been perfect.

Under her guidance, Garen learnt the basics of evolution, advanced mathematics, advanced physics, biological anatomy and a series of specialised advanced science knowledge.

Days passed as Garen was immersed in his new knowledge and had almost forgotten about everything else.


Suddenly, the feather pen in Garen’s hand fluttered and left an ink splotch on the piece of paper.

"What happened?!" He leaped to his feet and looked outside as he rushed to the window.

A swarm of black dots in the grey sky, like dots of inks in clear water, was flying towards the inner city.

These small dots were composed of flying creatures of different sizes and shapes. There were Unihorn Lizards, giant flies, etc. These new models were of strange different shapes and all of them were flying towards the inner city.

"This is!?" Garen suddenly recalled an important task towards the people in the inner city.

"Brother, what’s going on?" The room’s door was pushed opened as Reylan entered with a grey robe concealing her body. "I think I sense a high density energy core resonating!"

She used the grey robe to cover every part of her maimed face.

"I have no idea but these creatures are commencing a large-scale attack towards the city," Garen replied seriously. "The scale of this attack isn’t typical. In fact, it is much larger than the previous ones. I’m afraid the strong creatures are going to come out soon."

"Legend has is that the Iron Tank City has a high-grade national treasure known as the Heart of the Dragonshadow. It can slowly erode the enemies within a certain area. These creatures are nothing to worry about if the people inside can buy some time." Reylan casually explained. She then looked at Garen’s expression. "Brother, do you have any friends in the inner city?"

Garen didn’t say a word and nodded.

"Okay. I may have to go and have a look. You should stay in the villa and don’t leave it for no reason."

"I understand." Reylan nodded as she replied. She then turned her head and shouted. "Lala! Lala! Come quickly!"

She wasn’t as gentle towards others; her tone usually had a tone of impatience.

Soon, Lala who was in a black and white servant dress came rushing in.

"Ms Reylan, Do you... Have any orders?" Lala didn’t like Sir Garen’s sister as she always glared at her face and skin with jealousy. A girl who had lost her physical appearances would view their own beautiful kind with jealousy and this made Lala uncomfortable.

Reylan looked at her with disgust.

"Who are you trying to seduce with such a short dress? My brother? You damn whore. You might as well not wear anything if you want to wear such a short skirt. Quickly prepare the shirt and gears for my brother’s departure!!" Reyland shouted loudly with impatience.

"It’s alright Reylan. There’s no need to be so strict with Lala since she’s still young." Garen frowned as he said softly.

Reylan changed back to her gentle tone. "You have no idea brother. You need be strict with these underlings so that they know that life isn’t easy! They wouldn’t know their place if this keeps up. Let me handle the small stuff so that you can do what you need to do."

Garen didn’t say anything else as he could see that Reylan didn’t have a good attitude to begin with. Now that she had lost her physical appearances, her attitude had worsened.

"Then I will take my leave."

"Okay. Do you need me to accompany you?" Reylan asked very softly.

"No need." Garen shook his head and brought Lala out of the room. As they walked alongside the corridor, Garen looked at Lala sympathetically.

"Don’t mind her. Sister was severely injured so her mood isn’t very good. Be a little bit more patient with her."

"... I understand." Lala replied softly.

"Good." Garen nodded.

After changing his shirt, Garen put on his grey robes and hat as he immediately left the villa’s vicinity.

A twelve meter long giant white dragon crouched in the empty field in front.

The petrifying white dragon was completely still and it looked like a very well crafted white gem sculpture.

As it sensed Garen’s arrival, it slowly raised its head and softly growled at Garen.


Garen strolled towards it and stroked its head.

"Alright. I may need you to bring me out this time. Be careful and not let any stronger creature notice you." Garen smiled as he leapt onto the Petrifying White Dragon’s back.

The White Dragon’s body was rough and non-reflective. With its layer of scales covering its body, it had an aura of elegance around it.

Garen landed on the white dragon’s back and sat in an empty spot between the wings. In front of him was the White Dragon’s head which was completely defenseless and the triangular fins on the top of its head which Garen used as an indicator to determine direction.

Garen sat on his knees and placed his hands onto the warm, hard dragon scales. He found two scales that were tipped up and decided to hold onto them.

"Let’s fly." He ordered.

The Petrifying White Dragon expanded its ragged wings, flapped a few times as it sprinted forward.


It beat its wings with all its might and a turbulent was created, blowing away the rocks and dusts underneath him aside.

The Petrifying White Dragon opened its mouth filled with sharp fangs and exhaled a mouthful of white gas. It then moved its wings rhythmically and flew towards the inner city.

Garen, who was sitting on the back of the dragon, looked down at the streets and houses that gradually became smaller. The swarms of black beetles, Deep Swarm Croc, and the eye catching Dual Headed Salamander gazed up at him as they growled in dissatisfaction due to them not able to hunt outside of the villa.

The white house underneath him became smaller and gradually looked like a wooden box. Most of the buildings in the urban area were damaged. The districts which were close to the city walls looked like a pile of white stones gathered by the city walls.

As the Petrifying White Dragon flew through the sky, Unihorn Lizards started to appear in the surrounding. They were in either black, red, or even grey color for the bigger ones. Although the white colored Unihorn Lizards were a little bit smaller in size, they still looked very fierce.

Garen concealed his aura to the best of his abilities as he hid behind the White Dragon’s back with his grey robe.


A black giant bald eagle appeared to the right of Garen. This giant eagle was as big as the White Dragon. What made it different from the other creatures was that although it was a little bit afraid of the White Dragon, it didn’t maintain a respectable distance between them.

Dissatisfied, the Petrifying White Dragon growled. He was stopped by Garen as it was about to attack the weird eagle.

As they flew towards the inner city, the surrounding creatures in the sky increased in numbers, as they were now within the city There were so many the sky was literally covered by them. There were creatures of different shapes and sizes everywhere and there were countless above him as well.

Garen looked down at the Iron Tank City, which had originally been white and circular but was now in ruins. Only a small portion of the district in the center of the city was still in perfect condition, as there was a semi spherical glass barrier covering it.

A giant Three-eyed Black Bear and a Panther with black wings on its back were creeping closer towards the inner city from opposite sides. Behind these two were countless of creatures leaded by them.

From the bird’s eye view, it looked like two black curtains that were slowly covering the inner city.

The frigid breeze kept gusting through Garen’s grey robe, sending chills down his spine. He adjusted his aura to prevent himself from being frozen to death and noticed by the creatures.

As he laid on the dragon’s back, he quietly gave orders to the white dragon to descend.


The white halo appearing on the Petrifying White Dragon’s body covered Garen as well. As it plunged down, the surrounding creatures avoided its path of trajectory as whatever was inside the white light would have their speed reduced and their joints stiffened.

The Petrifying White Dragon left Garen at the entrance of the War Guild.

Garen quietly jumped down from its back and swiftly ran into the entrance.

As though it was his backyard, Garen swiftly rushed towards the inner city through an abandoned route.

After a few turns, two guards in black armor appeared in front of him.

"Who’s there!?"

Without saying another word, Garen flashed out his membership card.

The two guards were stunned.

"You must have rushed back from afar. Enter quickly because the creatures are about to attack the city!"

Totem users who could stay outside were definitely not your typical totem users. Hence the respect the two guards showed was understandable.

Garen swiftly passed through both of them and soon saw a totem user and a black spider totem on the wall, staring fiercely at Garen with its red eyes.

"Identity yourself!" The totem user asked coldly.

Garen flashed out his membership card again. As he looked to the front, he was stunned to see multiple levels of totem users on guarding duty.

"What happened? Why is the guarding so strict?"

The man didn’t say a word as he looked at Garen and shook his head.

"Sir, please enter quickly because the inner city is in need of someone of your caliber. You’ll know once you enter."

Garen nodded as he swiftly entered.

Soon, he passed through all the guards and entered the main hall. There was barely anyone inside as everyone was out.

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