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The strange floating man who was dressed in a black robe as on the paper suddenly became clearly visible, like an odd image.

He did not have legs, his robes covered him from head to toes. From the front, only his pale and delicate jaw could be seen.

"From the subordinate’s description, it seems like this Jess is a somber figure - suspicious, untraceable, huge and less bossy. No one knows his specific strength, nor has anyone seen his body type." Garen described Jess’s outlook in details with the information he retrieved.

"These characteristics of him are very useful for me to pretend to be him," Garen kept his pen. "Following up is the second point; to estimate this as a whole, even though General Jess has lost his strength, but if he can directly or indirectly control over fifty heads of third form series of animal totems, it would at least be over a hundred heads for the form two totem. This is a huge power. If Jess’s strength does not excel the Grand Duke’s, then it is equivalent to the entire Iron Tank City’s power. This kind of power is still secretly in the plan, don’t know how many totem users are part of the Obscuro Society in Iron Tank City but it’s even tougher if we don’t want the city to collapse…"

Garen got unusually scared at the thought of it.

However, Obscuro Society’s strength was really overwhelming even with the monster’s leftover powers after the mess. If it has fully recovered, the estimate would be much stronger.

But this doubt momentarily floated on top of his head - unless the hole he first went in with Goth was really a Form Two totem users’ residing tunnel?

Merely Form Two totem users but they can protect the General’s exceptional derivator?

Or let’s say even if Obscuro Society has the confidence, did they think no one would be able to unlock the derivator in three tries?

Garen reminisced the last time the shooting white spirit light exploded. That explosion startled the whole of Iron Tank City; the shooting spirit light was much more gleaming than the lighthouse but only the furnace inside exploded.

What kind of factory furnace had such a huge force?

One doubt after another appeared in his heart.

"By the looks of it, Goth’s underground experience wasn’t that simple," he seemed to have made a conclusion.

"That’s it. Now, we should focus our energy on solving the derivator’s control’s hidden problem," Garen diverted all his attention onto the headquarter’s traitor. If this person could be found, maybe then he would be able to provide some news and reports.

"Just in case, try your best to accumulate the Dual Headed Salamander’s and Petrifying White Dragon’s hunting potential points to its fullest for me. As well as before lifting the hidden problem, the potential points cannot be put on the Silver Totems."

Garen made his decision.

History has already deviated. He must then face the what’s to come next, on his own.

Garen’s potential point also altered as time changed, increasing more and more as days passed. Once he triggers the stronger third form monsters, he would then mobilize the department to capture the monsters. If it was really strong, then he’ll avoid it for a moment. By going back and forth with it, his potential point would slowly increase to an objective point.

Garen used it all up on the revolutionizing the White Core Tiger. Unfortunately, throwing in hundred over points did not even reveal a single bubble. This made his mood uncomfortable.

The surrounding bunch of monsters has slowly been wary towards Garen’s mansion. They started gathering, it was getting more and more difficult to brush up potential points. Often he would bump into two or three third form monster, surrounded by a huge herd of second form monsters and first form monsters.

One after another third form monster formed a huge army, segregating the whole outer part of Iron Tank City.

Garen occupied the east side of the city, six heads of the third form strange birds occupied the city’s west, the north and south side have been occupied by appalling numbers of more than hundred heads of third form monsters. Moreover, the number has been increasing. This force belonged to Iron Tank City’s main suppressor, the monster’s army. There were even an extremely tough Three-eyes Black Panda among them - this monster’s body was humungous, with thirteen meters tall and twenty meters wide. Its speed ability was exceptionally strong, around its body lingers a huge scale of odd mauve emmanuel. These type of emmanuel-covered-body monsters possessed a dramatic increase in speed ability. Not only are they not afraid of death, but each one who defeated it completely their senses.

The Three-eyed Panda and the Grand Duke’s Petrifying White Dragon have been confronting each other for a long period of time; they both fear each other. But the human strength of Iron Tank City got weaker each time they fought; with that, the lesser they fought. Instead, the monsters fought more and more.

Basically the Three-eyes Black Panda did not even need to raise a hand for the Grand Duke to show his moves. That was the only way to prevent the defense ring from receiving too much impact.

Garen has many times seen the fight between the Black Panda and the Grand Duke from the east side of the city.

The Black Panda jumped on the top moving building, looking far and wide. The surrounding buildings and he were like blocks of wooden houses - with a push, it would be destroyed; with a knock, it would fall.

On the side, Garen couldn’t help but continuously piled potential points on the Black-stripped White Tiger. Primitive totem and silver totem’s evolution had their differences, in which even he couldn’t see through clearly.

And in the city, the situation was getting worse.

Garen was not able to meet with Goth and company the few times he was in town. Jessica’s health condition has been miraculously improving, it seemed to have a very strong turning point.

On the other hand, Goth and Andy had both participated in defense ring against the outer city’s monster battle.

Especially Goth, he was nowhere to be seen.


Inside the hospital ward, Jessica wore a white patient-uniform while sitting on the bed, gently rubbing her stomach and her face showed a slight trace of happiness.

Garen sat at the side, peeling her apples.

A faint morning sunlight shone on the both of their right sides, the floor showed the shape of the window with white spots.

"When did you realize that?" Garen lightly asked, as he continuously peeled the apple skin.

"About a few days ago. That time, I felt like throwing up and after the doctor came over for a checkup, I gave him a huge scolding." The delicate face Jessica showed at first suddenly became gentle and sweet.

"Goth, that bastard is really not genuine." Garen shook his head, "Even with your health, he was still thinking about it… "

"Don’t blame him, it’s me." Jessica interrupted Garen, "I was the one who wanted to give him a child." Her face carried a carried a small hint of a smile.

Garen carefully hid his observation of Jessica’s complexion, he suspected that Jessica must have been empowered.

Goth pushed open the hospital ward as he saw Garen sitting by the side of the bed, quietly peeling an apple. Ever since he received the news about Jessica’s pregnancy, he immediately rushed back from the front line, to witness it for himself.

"Garen?!" He fiercely patted Garen’s shoulder as he was a little shocked.

"Andy, Elielan and I were just talking about you yesterday. Elielan said he blamed you wrongly the last time and wanted to apologize to you but he couldn’t find you. I didn’t think that I would see you here. What’s up? You’re here to see Jessica?"

"No, I’m here to see you." Garen stood up and split the apple into two; one for Goth, and one for Jessica.

"Let’s go. Let’s give Jessica some time to rest, we can go out for a chat," as he pulled Goth out of the room without explanation.

"What’s the issue? What’s the rush?" Goth unsatisfyingly said as he gnawed on the apple. After Garen pulled him out of the hospital ward, the two of them found a quiet corner and faced each other.

"Alright, can you say what’s the issue now?"

"What is wrong with Jessica’s health?" Garen paused, and then asked again, "She looks to me as if she’s much better than before"

Goth relaxed slightly and smiled.

"Even though there is no way she could fully recover, but now, it should not be the same as it was half a year before. You can relax."

"Last time." Garen appropriately said his next phrase, "The last time, there was actually a reason behind why I told you to be careful of Elielan."

His face, along with Goth’s became serious.

The air slowly got a bit heavier.

Garen paused. "I’ve once come across a type of Obscuro Society’s special tactic - the name was Empower. It is a type of special method that could control living thing’s behavior."

"What are you suspicious about? Empower? Jessica has been Empowered? That’s what you wanted to say right? That you can rest assure, Elielan has mentioned it before. We have also come across similar Silver Totems; the characteristics are quite clear, Jessica should be fine. After you reminded me the last time, I’ve checked. Don’t worry!" For a moment, Goth relaxed and uncaringly patted Garen’s shoulders, "you’ve been thinking too much, you should relax a little. Don’t always be suspecting of everything."

Garen frowned. As he observed Goth’s expression, he also doubted his own decision-making skills.

"After empowering, you have to destroy the controller thoroughly. Only that can you lift the empower off the living being."

"Destroy the controller?" Goth pondered.

As he achieved his goal, Garen did not say more. Instead, he pulled away from the topic and asked about the city’s current situation. Knowing that Goth and the Grand Duke have now met, he felt happy for him, from the bottom of his heart.

Once again, the two parted in their own ways - Garen was focused on capturing the Obscuro Society’s escaped fugitive. Being able to escape from the headquarters to here, he must not be an easy person. If it was the original Elemental General Jess, then maybe would not fear each other. However, he’s only a fake good now and his abilities are more or less the same as the General’s. If his identity was exposed, he believed even the General could not beat him.

Not to mention the Lieutenant above, General’s level.

Back at the mansion, Garen was able to concentrate on practicing his tactics. Finally, he was able to sight share this skilled tactic exercises, which can be used for practical purposes.

He sat by his mansion, the parasitic beetles under his hand spread out and crawled towards all directions; the Dual Headed Salamander controlled the Four Headed Deep Swamp Croc and commanded over hundreds of parasitics bugs, as they spread out everywhere.

After putting in over a hundred potential points, the Black-striped White Tiger seemed to show a bit of movement. Even though the evolution failed, but it’s body surface started to show circles of much thinner stripes; it looked as if it was a White-striped Black Tiger. Its body size was gradually getting bigger too, developing in the direction of a Behemoth.

This gave Garen more hope.

There was only a result when over a hundred potential points were given, but this made him let out a sigh. By witnessing the difficulty level, he finally understood the reason why after so many years, no one had been able to successfully nurture a second form Black-striped White Tiger.

Every minute, every second was washed away.

Garen took all his potential points and used it on the Black-striped White Tiger’s body. The parasitic beetles' army became increasingly more and it has triggered the attention of the surrounding third form monsters. When the number of beetles hit two hundred, Garen finally stopped the parasites from forming. He only allowed the Dual Headed Salamander’s parasitism on the Deep Swamp Croc. At the same time, he relied on his Sight Sharing tactic; continuously using the silver totems to control the surrounding situation,

As time passed, the monsters around increased in numbers. The high-level monsters became more and more. In a short period of two months, the third form monsters increased by ten heads.

Garen stayed in his remote mansion, even he felt the downpour in the city will cause a sense of terrifying repression.

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