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On the desolate gray city streets, the two were are like two black spots on the white cloth, quickly approaching the steeple church one after the other.

The wind came in through the other end of the street street’s end, and it blew on Goth’s hair backwards constantly backwards., Hhe looked up at the church door, picked up the his pace, and quickly entered the church.

Garen stood under the steps leading into the church, hHe hid himself beneath behind a stone platform behind some the stone steps,, and Garen quietly released his Qi to feel the situation inside.

Inside the church.

Goth ​​stood by the door, glancing around the church and lookinged blankly., Hhis body lit up with a gray-black totem, and a dark feathered bird appeared slowly on his right shoulder.

"Come out," he cried aloud. "I know you're here!"

His vVoice constantly echoed around in the church, the reverb penetrating deep within the church. bursts of echo shock to the depths.


All of a sudden, behind a row of benches at the in front of the church, a black lizard climbed out. It was is much smaller than a the normal giant lizard;, this one wasis only the size of a dog., but However, the flickering on of the brow of on the horn on of its his forehead flickered with silver light, its eyes were flashing with human luster.

"I've been waiting for you for a long time." The silver horn lizard suddenly spoke up. It slowly climbed to the front of Gothic, some set at two meters away.

"How did your consideration go? Join us, you’ll get what you want." Its voice wasis like a hoarse, like a middle-aged man.

"Is this your body? Or is this your totem?" Gode looked wary.

"Wouldn’t you know it when you try it?" A silver smuggling smile sank at the corner of the silver-lined monitor lizard.

A dark shadow flashed by.

It suddenly disappeared from its original position, and rushed towards Goth who was standing by the door.

In mid-air, its four claws popped up sharp spikes, slashing towards Goth like sharp knives. a sharp knife. The sharp edge had not touched Goth, but the sharp waves sharp waves caused by the edge cut him from a distance. in advance.

Chi Chi Chi! !

Goth suddenly took two steps back., Hhe was wounded inflicted with more than four bloodstains; , a little bit of blood soaked through his clothes.

"There is obviously some distance!" He could not understand, as his eyes bulged wide open.

The sSilver horn lizard sneered once, and turned into a mass of dark shadow again., Iit rushed over one more time.again.

Chi Chi!

Goth and the lizard staggered over., Hhe now have two more two bloodstains on his clothes..

"Blackfield Bird, go!" He was completely unable to understand how the other party was is hurting himself., Stumbling stumbled toward the church walls, he was trying to rely on constantly changing positions to avoid the lizard’s attacks.

"We know your secret ...." The silver horned lizard sneered and said, "Your totem, the blackfield bird, though powerful, is connected to your ontology. As long as the blackfield bird was hurt, you too, will be injured. "

As it spoke, it raised his right claw, fiercely clawinged forward.

Scoffinged, the Blackfield bird rushed to avoided the attack., Ssuddenly expanding midair, it grew from form the size of a the palm grow rapidly into a giant, three-meter bird.

It shrieked and , it hovered in the air around the church, then dived towards the lizard, like a giant eagle catchinges the hare. It dived dove down like a sharp arrow.

The huge blackfield bird’s body was suddenly inflicted with several a few deep wounds., Goth now understood how the woman other was is hurting himself.

"Iron Feather Volley !!" He was relentless, sending a command to Blackfield bird.

Suddenly, blackfield bird’s feathers erected, it all aligninged below the silver horn lizard., Nnumerous black feathers slowly glowed with a glimmer of silver light,. tThe black body of the bird quickly spread a distorted force field, and enveloped the silver horn lizard.

The force field was formless, as if a big hand gripped the lizard, trapping it. not letting it escape.

The Blackfield Bbird tweeteds, Chi Chi Chi! !

All its feathers are firedshot out like a volley of arrows, flying densely densely shot towards the silver horn lizard.

Bang bang bang! ! WithIn continuous banging, some feathers hit the lizard, while most of the feathers hit the ground, disturbing raising a large amount of dust and gravel.

After all the feathers were shot, they quickly flew back to the blackfield birds, as if they were boomerangs that and regained their original form.

The Blackfield bird shrunk back to its original size, and returned flew and stopped on to Goth’s shoulders.

The church wais dusty, and visibility was extremely poor. nothing can be seen. After waiting he waited for a while, the dust gradually settleds down., Goth saw only only see the silver horn lizard at the scene.

Silver horn monitor was shot full of holes, but also struggling to stand its on the ground.

"Strong ability., Tthe traction field does not allow the enemy to escape;, the attacks used after the release could indiscriminately attack around any target., Tthe abilitiesy of Bblackfield Bbird is indeed actually a rare pair."The sSilver horn lizard was distracted for a while and fell into a state of serious injury, but it remained calm.

"Goth, your growth really is is really amazing."

After speaking, the sSilver horn lizard suddenly turned into a silver light, permeating into the darkness place inside of the church. after speaking.

The sSilver light disappeared into the shadows, and out came what came out was a voluptuous woman with wavy hair., Sshe was wearing a full hand full of five black gem rings, the other hand gently curling her blonde hair., Hher demeanor felt relaxed. A black robe hugged close to her the body, actually also outlininged the curves she possessed. of the body.

"Tell me where medicine is !?" Goth clenched his lips and said aloud.

"Want to save your little lover?" the blonde woman smirked, "We’ll talk after you win."

Her hand waved, and five silver lights suddenly burst shot out, transforming into five similar silver horn lizards. The regiment completely surrounded the Goth and blackfield bird.


A lizard suddenly bowed its body and roared. The characteristic of that lizard showeds that it was is the one that had been was gravely injured, but was now actually completely returned to normal.

Gothic focusedund this point, with a suddenly a contraction of the pupil.

Suddenly, the five lizards lifted their right claws and hurled towards him at the same time. Five invisible sharp waves hit him fromin the invisible directions.

Boom! ! !


Garen’s back was against the stone wall., He was standing to on the left, side below the stone steps, quietly understanding the movements inside the church hospital.

Coming fFrom Goth’s entrance, there were are constant roars and of bursts,, Iit seemeds that the fight was being fiercely fought.

Until now, the movement inside hadn’t did not diminished, but instead intensified.more and more.

Garen kept practicing portrayals with both hands, and listened quietly to the situation.


An invisible sharp wave flew out from the church gate. and rRuthlessly split a stone steps on the stone platform.

Without notice, the stone platform’s corner was cut off, and the ground was left with a crescent-shaped knife marks.

Garen squinted slightly and Jaron slightly squinted, walked gently to touch the knife marks, ; more than 10 centimeters cm into the stone slab, forming a black slit.

"Powerful," he praised, "surely, the person going against Goth is a Form 2 totem user, and it is not a perverse player."


Inside the church

Gothic gasped as he supported his upper body on his knees, his forehead continued to shed streams of blood, leaving a streams of crimson dark red stream of blood along his right cheek.

The blackfield bird on the side had its feathers scattered, like a hairy little hen, while one side of the wing looked broken., Bboth eyes looked dead., It was barely standing on the ground, andit seemeds to not be hurt lightly also hurt Not light.

In front of the bird and the man, laid was five silver horned lizard lurking lying on the ground, all ofd them decapitated, and is rapidly becoming mercury.

The blonde, wavy-haired woman looked horrified. at the moment,H her back gaze on faced the wall as she gazed ing steadily at Goth. Her arrogance vanished.

"You! You actually ....!"

"Where's the medicine?" Goth walked over, grabbed her collar and lifted herit to the wall. "Tell me! Where is the medicine!? Medicine, where are they!" His bloodshot eyes, like a wild beast, seems to be on the edge of losing control. losing his mind at any time.

"I’ll tell you! Tell you !!" The woman quickly rushed to answer, "medicine in ...."

Chi! !

An invisible wave instantly split blackfield bird’s body in half.

Chi !

The blackfield bird squealed, and was tumbling out.

Goth ​​also followed with a muffled scream., He stumbled over his chest, and was dented inwards before he spewed a large stream of blood from his mouth with a cough. his chest collapsed and within his mouth,spewed a lot of blood with one cough.

"Medicine, I'll tell you when you're dead." The woman's face was covered with a flirtatious smile., Aall of a sudden, her face froze. "you!!"


The bBlack-field birds swooped up, into Goth’s the Gothic body, and actually quickly turned into a layer of dark glimmer, covering the whole body.

"This is !!" The woman's expression suddenly panicked, not a fake panic, faked, but a real panic from within the heart.

She turned to flee, and and wanted to run. The the last silver-headed dragon lizard flew up and grabbed Goth, trying to stop him from chasing.

Suddenly, an invisible giant force field suddenly burst forth dispersed, shroudinged her within it.

Bang! !

A huge roar came from within the church., the dust were was kicked everywhere, rows of chairs table were thrown apartwas flown directly, and the ground formed a deep hemispherical crater, forming a crater more than 20 meters across.

Only at that moment of the explosion, the movements were was be completely silenced.

Numerous all the The dust gradually settled, dispersed, and in the middle of the pit, Goth held the woman's neck with one hand, pale, and managinged to support the body.

"Tell me, where is the medicine?" He asked hoarsely. "Otherwise I’ll kill you!"

The wWoman kicked her feet, heris face purple, almost to suffocation.

"I ... I do not know .... important things are kept in the hands of Lord Ansella! Don’t not kill me!

Gothde ​​lookeds grim, holding the womaen who lost the power to resist., He suddenly he saw her struggling, begging, actually crying outright directly, tears on her in the face flowed out two clear traces of water.

The totem user in front of him was is not exactly that flirtatious an enemy, but was more like an ordinary young girl, no more than twenty. watching the age of only twenty at most.

"Do not kill me, beg you, don’t do not!" The girl cried splinters.

Looked at her pleading eyes, Goth’s heart softened, and he gently put her down.

"Where's that Ansella?" He whispered.

"In ... .. Behind the black wall in Copenhagen, the place where the shadow of the sun has left a mark. dark sun was marked, wait until nightfall to find him!" The girl quickly told telling what she knew, "Wwe are led directly by him, he knows tThe most, it was this is by his request that I came in contact with you! It’s none of Not my business!

Gothde ​​went silent for a while.

"Scram." His face showed e was calm on his face. Keeping the blackfield birds, he and finally saw the girl's six silver horn monitor lizards., none no one survived, all had turned into mercury.

He then Then he turned to leave directly out of the church.

The Blonde girl looked at Goth's silhouette vanished outside the church., Hher eyes flashed with a trace of hateful expression

"Go, go, just best to die there! It’s just as well, then I Just I can easily complete the task!" Her heart fiercely curseding.

When Until Goth's figure completely disappeared outside the church, the girl managed to get up and looked at the gloomy five black gemstone rings on her hand., She suddenly gritted .her teeth.

"Don’t you want to save your the little lover? If you managed to save them I i’d not won’t be called Sallora! And that Andy, too. The world would be better without you! as well, should have just kill them all!"

Her face was filled with deep hatred. deeply hateful, and Ffive well-developed totems were destroyed, a devastating blow to any totem user.

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