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Inner City. Central Treetop District.

In the luxurious dark brown study room, a man with a golden beard stood next to the window, silently looking at the towering spiral tower. The tower felt like three spikes drilled out of the ground and intertwining each other.

The white light shining from the top of the spiral tower reflected upon the skin of his face, showing a hint of silver luster.

The forehead of the man showed a deep frown, and his face showed a maturity and vicissitudes brought upon by time. On his muscular body, flaunted a set of dark, golden body armor.

"No news from Leah?" The man asked in a deep tone.

Behind him were four men and women wearing luxuriously, standing quietly. No one dared to speak out.

"How long can the resources within the inner city last?" The man turned around and looked at his own four trusted subordinates.

"Lord Duke, the inner city has plenty of resources. It would suffice for a year or two, but with more and more creatures outside, I am afraid…" A fat aristocrat stood up to answer..

"The Governor Leah has gone missing for fifteen days, there may have be some meddling done by the Obscuro Society." A middle-aged woman said in a deep tone, "The key now, is that as long as the stationed General Tyrone and the Duke work together, defenses should be able to hold for a long time; enough to wait until the RAL’s reinforcements arrive. "

"I'm afraid the Royal Alliance is too busy saving themselves." A thin man gloomily said.

Suddenly a burst of footsteps came from outside the study room.

The door was opened without permission. Then entered the adjutant of the Duke, called Vignal, who has always been a matured middle-aged man who now looked pale and panicky.

He quickly walked to the side of the Grand Duke and whispered a few words in his ear.

Suddenly, the people saw that the appearance of the Grand Duke had also changed; his forehead frowned a lot more suddenly.

He glanced around his audience.

"Gentlemen, I'm afraid we're going to usher in a bad fight." His voice was heavy.

Boom! ! !

As the voice faded, the spiral tower on the left of a gorgeous courtyard, suddenly burst into a sky of flames.

The fire suddenly swept the entire area equivalent to the size of a football field, the entire white courtyard was engulfed. Crimson fire almost instantaneously engulfed the white light of the tower.

Everyone seemed to hear the roar of the air in the distance; anger, helplessness, hopelessness, sadness.

No one had ever known the roar of human beings alone could contain so much meaning.

Everyone unknowingly stood up.

"That's ... General Tyrone's mansion ...." The fat aristocrat only felt the dryness of his own voice.


General Tyrone was assassinated by his own biological son and adjutant, and finally his totem exploded, bringing his son with him.

One of the three strong pillars in the city had fallen.

The news spread like a hurricane across the inner city, everyone heard the roar from the mansion. Such sadness, helpless, unbelievable consternation, served as a remembrance to everyone

Now, there was only the Grand Duke .....

At a white courtyard in the Queen’s District.

Goth was wearing a white bib as he sat in fornt of the white bed and looked at Jessica. This usually quiet girl suddenly looked pale, as if she was scared sick.

"Why were you so careless to catch a flu and not realise it until you catch a fever, and you say I don’t pay attention to my body." Goth held Jessica’s hand carefully, his eyes full of tenderness and affection.

So many days within the inner city defense corps, the two people shared their difficulties, and have established relations with each other.

Jessica shook her head, just laughing.

"Every time I say that, you gave me that look," Goth said, in dissatisfaction, "You're always disobedient."

Jessica put up a pouty smile. "As long as you accept your father's apologies, I will listen to you."

"Could you not mention this? So annoying." Goth scratched his head in distress, "Mom’s the same, you too. Didn’t I say, I'm not blaming the old man."

"Can you say you do not blame him with this attitude? You haven’t even called him father once." Jessica shook his head. "No matter what he had done to you, after all, he has since repented. He is your father, and no one can replace that."

"Can we stop talking about this?" Goth gently smiled, he was defeated. "Forget it, you rest first, I’ll go to back work."

He got up, covered the quilt for Jessica, kissed her on the cheek, and stepped out of the ward.

Upon closing the door, standing outside at the end of the corridor was Andy. He looked tired. His eyes were deep and he looked very gaunt.

Goth ​​came to him and the atmosphere suddenly became heavy. No one first spoke, the both of them just stood there.

Andy took out a cigarette, lit it, only taking it down until the cigarette burned to the butt, he took a deep breath.

"How long can Jessica last with that illness?" Goth whispered.

"The doctor said she has only six months left," Andy said hoarsely.

The two fell silent again.

The scarlet red cigarette on Andy’s hand continued to release a faint white smoke.

"Is there any other way over there?" Goth whispered again. His face lost the relaxation and calmness that he had when he was with Jessica.

"My father searched all the doctors, the Luminarist, and the medicine professors." There was no such thing as ... "Andy lowered his head and said, "Stay with her. My father is waiting for me, I will go out first. "

He turned to exit the corridor.

Goth looked at his back. "There is a way," he said, "rest assured, she'll be fine."

Andy paused, moving on and quickly leaving the corridor.

Gothic pushed his back against the wall alone. What went through his mind was unknown, but the touch of loneliness and determination on his face was apparent.


Outside the hospital, opposite the shadow of a white cylindrical building.

A tall man dressed in black robes was quietly looking at the exit of the hospital. He stood by as people walked past him. A team of patrol soldiers was constantly passing him by, and occasionally some totem users, but no one found his presence. People seemed to think of him as the air, no one gave him a second glance.

"Let's go ...." he whispered.

He gently stretched out his right index finger. A pale red light appeared on his fingertips; the ball of light slowly suspended, up and down.


With a soft spark, the man in black robe disappeared instantly from the place he stood.


Behind the original man in the black robe’s position, a silhouette in gray robe slowly came out. The face under the hood was indeed Garen.

He quietly looked at the location of the black robe that disappeared.

"Here ... finally ..."

He smiled at himself.

"Maybe Goth and then rest thought I was dead."

He saw the whereabouts of the black robed man just now. If he hadn't felt the presence of the other party, he estimated that, like the rest, he would have brushed it over.

He recognized the logo on that black robe. That was the Obscuro Society insignia; only they would wear black robes all year round in order to distinguish themselves from totem users of other organizations.

He did not intend to act directly with the Goth and others. With the help of his Secret Techniques, he was able to hide in the darkness, in a way that was not found by the people of Obscuro Society. This way, he could get the most benefit at this crucial time.

For example, if there is a clash between Goth and Obscuro Society, it would be the best opportunity for him to wait. If he followed Goth, not only there was there a chance he would be exposed, he may also be targeted for close surveillance. It was estimated that there was no way to get the most out of the situation.

Garen pulled his hood down and covered his face. He was not sure what motivated Goth to embark on the road to heroism, but now the tentacles of Obscuro Society had emerged.

He came out of the villa into the underground passage of the War Guild, going straight into the inner city. The objective was to use another method to keep up with Goth’s progress.

Standing in the shadows, Caldon quietly watched the hospital entrance and exit. Soon, Goth's figure came out from the exit. He looked calm, his eyes with a faint trace of anxiety.

Garen quietly kept up with him. Slowly releasing his Qi, closely following his tracks.

They quickly walked along the street; Goth quickly walked into a bistro. He came out shortly after, and walked directly toward the inner city’s border line.

On the frontier defense, there were dragon guards in the sky; the ground had dense frontier defense totems, each of them large black wolf-type totems patrolling back and forth.


Totem users guarded each exit, all black panthers totem users. They looked like they had amazing speed.

Gode ​​took a white badge and showed it to the totem user guarding at the exit, took back the badge, and directly crossed the border line, walking into the tunnel within the castle walls. Both sides had rows of guard soldiers. They were unable to fight in the frontlines, but good military qualities made them great at detecting signs of danger.

Goth looked at the door. Garen was also following along, mixing within the people entering and leaving. He took out the badge from the War Guild to be shown to the totem users guarding the borders.

This man with a small white beard looked at the medal. The three lines marked on top showed this person’s rank in the guild was three. His face suddenly revealed the expression of respect.

"Sir, please keep your badge, are you going out hunting again?"

"Yeah." said Garen simply.

Most of the people coming in out were refugees who had been rescued, as well as those totem users who got rescued. Few people went out, and all the totem users who go out would be respected by many.

People who dare to go out in this environment were those who were willing to sacrifice themselves for the stability of the inner city. It was worth everyone's attention.

Garen walked in the door while he basked in everybody’s attention and respect.

The figure of the front of Goth was out of sight, but his spirit could detect his position. Garen picked up his pace and followed closely.

As he exited the doorway, the ground littered with carcasses of unihorn lizards, the pile of carcasses were surrounded by the stench of flies around them, the buzzing sound from the flies are very annoying.

Gallon quietly keep up with Goth. Along the way, he saw carcasses of new monsters appearing on the ground from time to time. There were dead babies, unihorn lizards, and also a kind of leopard monster who walked on two legs.

This monster was earthy yellow in color, like a shrunken version of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. There was a triangular cone on its head, while its forehead has a hole that sprayed acid.

Garen looked at this new monster, which had yellow acid on the edge of the round hole in its forehead. He dabbed the liquid with a small stone and a sour, smelly, yellow smoke suddenly appeared on the stones. The dabbed surface of the rock immediately showed a coke black burnt surface, popping up many small yellow bubbles.

Garen tossed the stone aside and continue to keep up with Goth.

He realized that the direction Goth was heading to was the most famous hospital in Iron Tank City - David Jones Hospital, who specialize in treatment of many rare diseases. However, it was now a dead zone.

"Jessica is ill, and he here to find medicine?" Garen had his doubts.

Within the deserted dead white city, the streets, Goth and Gaen advanced quietly forward, in front of the is a steeple-like building which seemed like a church.

The white spire church was not damaged at all, only darkness ensued from beyond the open door, constantly blowing bursts of chilly wind. In front of the stone floor were a few beaches of dried blood.

Goth, ​​softly, suddenly hid behind a stone on the right.

A large group of unihorn lizards suddenly flew over the sky. These lizards were actually all red lizards, their body size was almost double the average, monstrously huge.

They glided across the ground, swept up a strong gust and rolled up a large swathes of yellow dust. Shadows flew past the shelter of Goth and Garen. Only when there was completely no movement, the two slowly come out from their hiding place.

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