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Chapter 288: Chaos 2

"My God, Lala you’re already 18! You could have a kid at the age of 18 in many places! Still too young?" Vecil made a fuss. "Maybe instead of Aunt Vera not allowing, she already has someone for you."
"That is not something i can accept." Lala frowned. "That is why i chose to go to White Stream City to study law. Perhaps becoming an imperial lawyer is not a bad option." At least i can make my own decisions this way. She commented in her heart.
"I really envy you. It’s a pity I do not have talents like yours…" Vecil groaned. Suddenly, there was a loud commotion coming from the forepart of the squadron.
"What happened?" "Don’t know?"
"It looks like some people are blocking the road ahead."
A group of men instantly came down from the caravan to investigate. The women and children beside the caravan looked ahead, murmuring among each other to guess what happened.
Finally, a sense of interest stirred up in Lala’s heart. "Wesley, what happened up front?" She roared at her coachman.
"Thousand apologies my lady, there are some people blocking the road, looks like we have to wait for a while." The voice of the elderly coachman sounded.
As the carriage continued to moved forward, in a brief moment, Lala could see the episode upfront.
Right in front of the squadron, on the greyish-white carriageway, there was a young man and a young girl sitting on the rocks and the roadside. They stood up and directly blocked off the squadron.
Both of them were dressed in long, grey robes, covering their whole body. The man was bald without an ounce of hair. His eyebrowless face left a bone-chilling impression on others.
The girl tied her gorgeous blonde hair into a ponytail, and had a good figure. There was a glimpse of coldness in her pretty face. She followed closely behind the guy, locking her eyes on the caravan squadron. In her eyes, the over hundred people in the squadron were like livestocks that were waiting to be slaughtered.
Seemingly noticing someone was peering at her, the girl switched her glare and caught Lala’s line of sight.
In that instance, a cold shiver ran down Lala’s spine. She fervently retracted her head, hiding herself in the carriage. She could feel droplets of cold sweat as she swept her fingers over her forehead.
In the split second

their eyes met, she could feel an intense murder intent deep down in her counterpart’s soul.
"What’s wrong?" Garen gave Angel who was behind him a short glance.
"Nothing much." Angel shook her head. "What do you plan to do? With so many people present, war prison cannot be used. It is certain that the three totem users are hiding among these commoners, using war jail as a cover to escape Iron Tank City."
Garen laughed.
The crisp sound of hooves in the vicinity caught Garen’s attention as he looked towards the grass plains. A white-robed girl riding a beautiful white stallion was strolling on the plains, as if she so happened to bump into them. From the horseback, the girl ignorantly looked towards them, expressing curiosity on the happenings.
He returned his gaze towards the caravan.
"Since last night, how many have we killed?" He murmured to Angel.
"Maybe three…"Angel said with hesitation. "I can’t really remember."
"Forget it, lets go." Garen rushed forward, throwing out a black coin.
"Hey!" Angel was stunned. "Are you insane, there are so many people here!"
As the coin landed on the ground, it emitted a transparent ripple which expanded instantaneously. It swallowed the whole caravan and everything within a hundred metre radius into the cocoon, forming a enormous dome-shaped cage.
"Soon we do not have to consider this anymore." Garen smirked, seeing three grey-robed figures rushing out from the flank of the caravan squadron. He pointed to the front with his right hand.
A few grey blurs shot out of his back continuously, heading directly to the three figures.
Angel dashed forward, pointing vigorously. Thiry luminous green dots instantly formed out of thin air.
"Three times speed!"
The thirty dots converged into one, abruptly turning into a ray of green light, blasting at the black panther leaping out from behind her.
The black panther became a black line in the blink of an eye, rushing towards the three figures.
The black blur overtook the grey blurs, throwing one of the figures onto the ground.
The tree grey blurs formed three grey hawks, swooping down to capture the black python of the fallen figure. Strangely, after the python struggled for a brief moment, it speedily came to a halt, then stiffly hanging on the sharp claws of the hawks. The three grey hawks pierced at the python with their beaks, forming three bowl sized-wounds.

sized-wounds. Eventually, the python became a pile of silver liquid, seeping into the ground.
As the python was obliterated, the black panther went right for the throat of the man on the ground. Within a split second, there was blood spluttered all over the ground.
The other two opponents turned pale when they saw the scene. They fell onto the ground and tried to scramble back.
"No...No!!! You cannot do this! The war guild has rules and there are so many commoners here! So many humans!" The girl on the left sobbed.
The guy on the right shivered as he tried to draw up an unknown tactic, but because of overwhelming fear, he failed after a few tries. Beads of cold sweat formed all over his face, eventually dripping from his chin.
"Weakling." Garren shook his head. He walk forward and grabbed the man by his collar. "A brat who just entered first form. Would catching him alive reap better rewards?"
"Why not think how to settle the matter at hand?" Angel pouted as she headed towards the carriage.
Garen looked at the caravan squadron.
Every merchant from the caravan were silent and the mouths of the kids were clutched to stop them from uttering any noise. The men held various kinds of weapons in their hands, while the women and children shut the curtains tightly as they retreated into their carriages. Around ten mercenaries nervously looked at each other as they drew their swords.
To them, looking at Garen and Angel was like looking at monsters.
Garen ignored them and lifted his head.
Suddenly, a massive flock of blue birds flew towards them from the south.
The blue birds were like a bunch of pimples and their reflection appeared as large black spots onto the ground. The sound of their chirps continued to ring in the vicinity.
"It’s here… Finally…" Garen mildly breathed a breath of relief.
His heart skipped a beat.
A grey hawk darted up to catch one of the blue birds with its beak. Then it swooped down and landed on Garen’s shoulder.
Garen took the blue bird from the grey hawk’s beak, retrieved the note strapped to its leg and gently opened it.
"Emergency from the south! Agac City requesting for assistance!"
There was a stain of blood on the sides of the note.
"We have to go." Garen whispered. He lifted his hands, and all three grey hawks took flight,

took flight, circling on the top of his head.
Unknowingly, one of the hawks picked up the black coin and held it in his beak.
"What should we do with these two?" Angel gave the two paralyzed totem users a glance. Their totems, a black wolf and a white hawk, was swiftly annihilated by the black panther in the fight.
Garen didn’t utter much, instead gave them a light kick on their thighs.
As a tremendous force instantly entered their chest,their heads snapped and blood started flowing out from their mouths, dying a quiet death.
"Let’s go."
"Garen looked at the attribute pane on the far bottom his vision, the potential bar has finally recovered to 15 points. He was initially left with only13 potential points after using them up on the howling wererabbit. But now with Angel as his aid, he no longer has to do much. Angel was the one dealing with enemy totem users, while he only had to deal the final blow.
Without lifting a finger, three totem users were killed in one night. Including this three, it would bring the total to six.
The potential points used on the wererabbit have been instantly recovered.
This time he returned, it would be the opportune time to try evolving the giant lizards. Garen was eager to see their evolved form.
"What are these blue messenger birds up to?" Angel had a gut feeling that something was wrong.
"Those are all distress messages. Most probably the southern kingdoms have fallen completely." Garen continued to withdraw the war prison without looking back.
"That's impossible! There are thousands of second form totem users under Ender Kingdom’s General Veron. All of them are elites!" Angel was struck with disbelief.
Meanwhile, Garen had already strutted to the front of the caravan squadron.
"We… We can afford to pay ransom!!" Their leader, a plump man pleaded with a shaky voice. "Do not kill us! Please…" He knelt on the ground.
"Both of you are hunters. The war guild does not allow the usage of the war prison amongst humans." A white-haired elder stood out among the crowd and spoke softly. He evidently knew a thing or two about the war guild.
"Laws are set by men. But they are no longer of use." Garen shrugged. "Heed my advice. Return to Iron Tank City instead of heading to White Stream City. Otherwise, there will be far worse things in store for you."
center style="margin-top:25px"> store for you."
He was warning them out of kindness. The Silver Totem army of the Obscuro Soceity would be arriving any minute. As swarms of Silver Totem flood in, running into them in the open would a nightmare. If that happened, it would mean certain death for these commoners as even Garen himself wouldn’t dream of staying alive. Only a sturdy city would have the capacity to defend.
Among these Silver Totems were all kinds of strange creatures, like a rare creature exhibition. It was indeed a horrifying sight. These creatures, with high contamination abilities were the result of the Obscuro Society’s unsuccessful breeding. On top of that, they were empowered by the Phantom Light, which amplified their ability by many fold.
"Let’s go." As he spoke, Angel had chopped off the heads of the three convicts, wrapping them with some cloth.
Two of them, one after the other, hurried towards Iron Tank City.
The people in the squadron could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Most of them were baffled, and ignored Garen’s advice. A minority of them who could see that Garen was speaking the truth, were willing to follow his words and leave.
"Go! Wesley, let’s turn back!" Lala, sitting in her carriage, was flushed with in inexplicable excitement and passion. There was finally some spark in her boring life. She believed her judgment, as she always did.
The bald man didn’t have a trace of lying. She believed his words.
"My lady…"The elderly carriageman hesitated.
"Turn around!" Lala raised her voice.
"Okay." Wesley helplessly agreed, slowly leaving the carriageway, making a turn on the grass plains.
"Lala are you mad? Do you really believe a word the weirdo said?" Vecil finally dared to speak again. She covered her head, hid at the bottom of the carriage, afraid that she would be noticed by others. As she lifted her head, her voice was as soft as mosquitoes.
"I believe him, and the big sea of blue messenger birds." Lala nodded solemnly.
Suddenly, the sound of crisp horse hooves could be heard outside the carriage.
Lala pulled open the curtain and looked out. She saw the white-robed young girl on the white horse following the baldy and the ponytailed girl in hot pursuit.
Lala could see from the young girl’s face that they had the same adventurous expression.
"Hurry up! Let’s follow the two people upfront!" Lala yelled.

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