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Chapter 280: Reward 2

The crystal ball was held in his hand, and a dim red light was emitted from the ball.

Inside, just like liquid, a row of words appeared.

"Please enter your voice pattern to unlock."


"Unlock successful, Esteemed Sir Garen, your control mold’s upper limit is 9. Empowered creatures are set as animals. The controlling rights have been changed."

Beneath it was an automatically generated data form.

"Main totem’s light strength: Normal first form. (the current silver totem that was controlled by you will provide the same intensity as a regular totem user’s totem’s light. Note: this only calculates the Derivator’s silver totem’s light intensity, it does not factor in your personal totem’s light’s intensity/ In order to test it, please proceed to Third Obscuro to undergo a defense evaluation.)

(Detailed level analyses were done in comparison to the Obscuro Society’s data center, the data center needs to be refreshed once every two years to ensure validity, logic, so that you can accurately determine each totem’s positioning.)

Garen understood, that this normal first form, if it was evaluated by Obscuro society, should be rather accurate.

Normal first form, means, among form 1 totem users, the howling wererabbit will provide himself with additional totem light, with its defensive capabilities equivalent to a regular form 1 totems, perhaps there would be slight differences, but it would be generally the same.

"Howling wererabbits are form 2 totems, but it only gave me a form1 totem’s light. Looks like it is caused by the rabbit itself. It is too weak. Perhaps I can choose a stronger creature to empower the next time."

He started planning.

"The burden to evolve a silver totem wouldn’t be as burdensome as evolving one’s own totems, but it needs to feed on excretions. Its actual combat power would also not be comparable to any actual totems." Garen looked closely at the differences between the silver totems and traditional totems.

"A rabbit’s silver totem only needs two potential points to evolve into second form, but my neon butterfly needed 5 potential points, and its success rate is scarily low, with only 21%. By right, the neon butterfly should not be that much higher level than the rabbit. So I suppose it is the fundamental difference within the totems itself."

Garen exhaled in relaxation.

/> "When my body is fully recovered, I will go take a look at the market, see if there are any rare animals that I can buy to be used as silver totems. Since there are already appearances of reversion creatures, after my silver totem evolves, it can be disguised under the reversion phenomenon. There shouldn’t be any problem, since Luminarists have already been evolving all kinds of creatures anyway."

Garen remembers that there was a large wild animals market in Iron Tank City, that specialized in selling multiple kinds of animals, either being sold as meat or as pets.

The iron tank was divided into five areas, the five-fan shaped areas formed perfect circle, which formed the entire Iron Tank City’s area.

Noble’s Area, Mercantile Area, Commoner’s Area, Slum area and the largest Iron Tank Area.

The mercantile Area had two pet markets, which specialized in providing different kinds of pets to the merchants and nobles of the Noble’s Area. There was also an illegal market within the Slums Area. Some hunters caught their own animals to sell, but that depended largely on luck.

Lastly was the Iron Tank Area, which housed the largest wild animals market. There was also a weekly beast fight show. Garen heard about this from the owner of the grain and oil that he had just gotten to know.

Iron Tank Area was messy; schools, hospitals, government institutions, factories, wholesale markets et catera, you could virtually get everything in here. The entire Iron Tank Area takes about half the surface area of the city. Inside held the most luxurious dining restaurants to the poorest slums.

Compared to the expensive inactivated totems, these wild animals were much cheaper. Garen could definitely afford them with his current income.

As he set his mind, Garen started to closely research on the derivator on his hand.

This thing was like a touchscreen computer, new interesting functions kept popping up from time to time.

As he studied more about the derivator, Garen accidentally accessed some stored information within the derivator.

This Derivator was used by a General-level, according to the ball. Beneath that was a Field-level, which can control up to 5 silver totems.

Above the General-Level, was the Commander-level, which could control up to 20 silver totems.

He thought about how the imminent war was, how overwhelming the amounts of silver totems

totems would be. Obviously, Field-level derivators were much more common compared to General-level or Commander-level ones. Plus, after the empowerment of the creatures, if the creatures died, it could immediately empower another creature, there were no restrictions on time.

Unlike traditional totems, in which you would need at least a five-year buffer period.

After staying in the hospital for a whole week, Garen was considered to be fully recovered.

The majority of the burns he suffered have healed, leaving behind a large scar, while Andy and Goth were not as fast as he was, needing to stay in the hospital for at least half a month.

Both sides of their family would sometimes come over to visit. Jessica’s was not badly injured, but she always came by to take care of both of them. Goth’s mother also came a few times, caring for Goth together with Jessica.

Before Garen was discharged, he had gotten along quite well with Goth’s mother, as well as Andy’s siblings and family.

However, this time, he was primarily standing on the sidelines, as the main force was still Goth and Andy. Comparatively, there were some barriers now.

Garen did not mind, either, so long as he was still in the squad, he will still get Goth’s protection. In the future, the mission difficulties that he could execute would also rapidly rise.

Seeing that Garen got discharged earlier, Andy and Goth unanimously wanted Garen to submit the mission to the guild. The mission this time had appearance of a totem user, the grade will definitely rise a few levels.

Luminarist Hiring Guild

In the spacious and quiet hall, Garen stood near the mission submission counter, looking at the young lady employee behind the counter.

Garen took out the Andy’s mission medal, and passed it over.

"Panther Group received the reconnaissance mission. Have the investigators for the post mortem team set off for the location? What is the rank of the mission at the moment?"

The female employee received the medal, flipped over the thick note book, She quickly found a record.

"Yes, Panther Group received a reconnaissance mission, to investigate a bandit’s hideout, There are three other small squads who received. Due to the abnormal changes to the mission five days ago, the difficulty is now Hard level.’’

she lifted her head and

head and looked at Garen.

"You are the representative of the Panther Group ?"


The female employee looked at the medal, took the pen and recorded something.

"Alright, follow me, your reward is behind."

Garen walked in through a small door to the side, following the employee into a small room inside.

Inside the room was a huge object, all of them were covered with a black cloth. He was unable to see what was inside

The employee walked as she spoke.

"This time, many missions had increased difficulties, so the rewards were added proportionately by the management. Your mission as well, many good items have been appended."

She took out a checklist, and gave it to Garen.

Garen took it and read. The appended items on top of the existing list did look good indeed.

Among those, were two inactivated White Dragonhawk totems that have attracted Garen’s attention.

White Dragonhawk was the strongest totem in Iron Tank City. The market priced it at nine hundred thousand, yet it couldn’t be purchased. It is the most ferocious bird totem among the animal types, and also a Grand Duke’s family totem. Even outsiders could hardly nurture an evolution to its highest form, but if it could even reach form 2, it will be abnormally strong already.

With feathers as strong as steel, speed as fast as lightning, claws with unparalleled sharpness and immense special ability.

The Grand Duke’s family had a form 2 White Dragonhawk, it had a special ability called the Tearing Roar.

Similar to the supersonic attacks of a bat, but much stronger. A normal form 1 totem cannot defend against it at all; this kind of roar was launched down from high above the sky, once reaching the ground, it can break a similarly-leveled form 2 totem user’s totem light. The vibration would quake the user until he bled out to death. The power was commonly known among form 2 totem, and an extremely strong one.

This stemmed from its strong foundation.

Totem nurturing, in practice, had uncountable changes, just like the evolution of a creature. By satisfying different requirements, the evolution pathway would also be different. However, based on the foundation of the White Dragonhawk, no matter how the evolution went, it will not be any worse off.

It is one /> It is one of the best foundational totems.

The White Dragonhawk does not normally appear in the market, this kind of top tier totem is an imitation of an already extinct creature called the Dragonhawk. Only Iron Tank City’s ruler the Grand Duke’s family has control over the production of the White Dragonhawk.

Now, it is obvious that the two White Dragonhawks were a special rewards from the Grand Duke’s family..

Garen’s heart got excited.

He’s got the ability that can forcibly evolve a totem, and unlike the other totem users, the totem will not self-destruct if the evolution failed.

The failure of evolution via potential points will not harm the totem itself at all, this is clearly described by the symbol on top.

Once he got a totem as strong as a White Dragonhawk, he could then use potential points to force an evolution to form 2, completely unrestrained by the Grand Duke’s family’s knowledge on its evolutionary pathway.

"This White Dragonhawk totem is given by the Grand Duke’s family right?" Garen spoke softly while pointing at them.

"Yes, those who got the White Dragonhawk totem, can spend money at the Duke’s manor to purchase some basic nurturing knowledge. There are also some different educational materials, all can be bought at the Duke’s manor." The female employee nodded as she answered. "This way please"

The two of them walked through the hall, taking a turn into a quiet wooden corridor, down the corridor and soon reached the entrance of a wooden door.

The employee took out a bunch of keys, looking for a corresponding number.

Garen was prepared to take the rewards, after distributing them, he would go to the wild animals’ market to take a look. He should be able to get some interesting creatures to empower.

About the two White Dragonhawks, One of them would definitely go to Goth, but the other one, Garen was thinking if he can exchange something to trade it from Goth.

White Dragonhawk is highly demanded in the market, it could even be used to trade for a basic unit factory. To Garen, no matter if it was a core totem, or a unit factory, they were both indispensable treasures.

Goth’s core totem is the Blackfield Bird, it is a totem that’s even above the White Dragonhawk, he does not need this totem at all.

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