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Suddenly, the red crystal ball slowly turned luminescent, just like a metal ball diffusing a ray of silver light.

At the core of the ball, a silver light shot out, and hit the rabbit’s head

In about 5 seconds later, the silver light dissipated, the crystal ball returned to its red color.

"Empowerment completed, Creature sample saved. Creature transferring… please do not move." The ball then shot a red light towards Garen

Garen only felt warm and fuzzy on the spot where the light illuminated on him, he felt comfortable.

Under the Skill Pane at the bottom of his sight, suddenly popped up an additional 3D icon of the totem, the icon is the indeed the rabbit who had fainted.

"Iron Rabbit: first form Living Totem, upgradeable. Evolution success rate: 81% (the weaker the original creature, the higher the success rate). Cost on potential points: 200%.

Ability: Knockback, Grass feeding."

Garen looked at the second ability speechlessly.

"grass feeding counts as an ability?" as he glanced the wild rabbit that just recovered, this little guy seemed to be stunned, being barely able to get up, shook its ears, then looked at Garen.

It jumped a round, then running to Garen, snuggling up to Garen’s legs to rest in a very friendly manner.

"so, this is the half living totem, creature totem, silver totem?" Garen held the rabbit up by its ears, and took a better look at it.

"I could probably evolve it, just to check out how it looks like after."

Finding a new source of potential points, Garen had laxed his usage of potential points.

In the war guild, he continuously took up so many missions, and so long as he had enough strength, he could then sneakily gain some potential points. Otherwise, its completion would have been extremely difficult., even to the point of possibly aborting the missions. Which was the reason why he still had zero potential point gain after so many missions,

He saw his current potential: 1594%.

After so many missions; some that had succeeded some that hadn’t, killed 3 form 1 totem users, which allowed him to rush to 94% progress.

"Only by being strong can you earn more potential points… let’s try it out."

He started focusing onto the Iron rabbit’s icon for three seconds.

The iron rabbit’s icon started getting blurry, the description behind the icon have also gone blurry.

Garen puts down the rabbit in his hand onto the grass, quietly observing its changes.


Suddenly, the rabbit stood upright, its entire body started showing serious signs of expansion and twisting. Its body started bulging with tough muscles.


The rabbit is suddenly howled like a wolf, from the size of a palm, rapidly growing into half a man’s height.

Its eyes are blood red, with green veins popping under the skin, protruding its fur up. All of its four limbs grew longer. As it stood on all fours it was as big as a horse.


It exhaled loudly from its nose, like the neigh of a horse. Its tongue protruded like a dog gasping for air. It squeezed around Garen in a friendly manner.


This rabbit pampered for a while, then it lifted its head and howled again.

Garen’s face twitched as he looked at the rabbit, he then looked at the skill pane, at the clear new totem icon.

"Howling Wererabbit, second evolutionary form of Iron Rabbit, second form creature totem. Can be evolved, evolution success rate at 54%. Potential point use: 300%.

Abilities: Exploding kick, plant extermination (extremely able to eat)."

Looking at this ability, Garen wanted to laugh, but was unable to due to the pain on his body.

The Iron Rabbit suddenly turned into a creature that’s half a man’s height, dog-like, wolf-like, and even more like a horse. Looking like a wolf in a rabbit’s skin.

However, during the evolution on the howling wereabbit, Garen realized that the totem’s light in his body is now much thicker. A layer of glass-like transparent totem’s light had been naturally covering his entire body.

"Luckily, totem’s light is still effective." Garen extended his arm to feel the totem’s light on his body, he nodded in satisfaction forcibly.

He had a thought, then the howling wereabbit sprinted towards the forest in a distance, quickly entering the forest.


There was a sudden quake in the forest, Garen was caught off guard and almost fell.

A huge shockwave emanated along the ground, much like an earthquake. He could vaguely feel, as if there was something exploding from beneath the ground.

Garen immediately turned back and looked at the direction of the cave exit.

There was a mix of hurried footsteps, fast approaching, soon three silhouettes came rushing out from the cave. It was Jessica, Andy and Goth. The trio were covered in wounds; Jessica’s left cheek had a long gash, making her look scary as she ran. Andy’s left arm was twisted and fractured, his forehead is full of sweat, but he bit his lips and endured it.

Goth was the last to come out, his face paled. He was even stumbling as he walked, sometimes he needing Jessica’s support to move forward.

As the trio walked out, they saw Garen, who was standing under the shade

"Garen! Let’s go!" Andy shouted in a rushed tone.

Garen did not hesitate, followed up to the trio, running in the opposite directions from the entrance, showing no signs of stopping.

Before exceeding 100 meters, it suddenly felt like the surrounding grass had all turned white. A strong light ray was shot from behind.

The three turned back as they were running.

At the entrance of the tunnel, and its surroundings within a 50-meter radius, was engulfed in a pillar of light shot from the ground, shooting up to the sky.

A deafening ring was heard, severely vibrating the trio’s eardrums. The surface of the ground had also been vibrating severely due to the vibrations. The soles of their feet were starting to numb.

The white light pillar had a diameter of several tens of meters, piercing the group, tearing the sky, illuminating everything around it in a bright white ray,

The soil, boulders, trees, creatures, all had disintegrated in the white light, as though it was completely broken down.

The trio continued continued running for several hundred meters, only then did they dare slow down, and slowly come to a halt.

For a while, they looked at the light pillar piercing the sky, and found themselves speechless. Only feelings of shock and dumbfounded-ness were interlaced, not knowing what to say.

Goth sat on a patch of yellow-green grassland, pressing his hand against his chest as he gazed blankly at the direction of the white pillar. His thoughts were unknown.

Andy patted Garen’s shoulders, placed his backpack and sat down. He also seemed not to be in the mood to talk.

Garen’s whole body was charred black. A set of torn clothes were all that remained on him. He took out a set of clothes from Andy’s backpack and put it on.

"What happened to you guys? How did you guys become like this?" he asked in a low tone.

"That wasn’t a bandit’s lair at all. It is a totem user’s base!" Andy replied in a low-spirited tone, "we ran into the totem users inside, then… if it weren’t for Goth, I’m afraid nobody would have survived."

Jessica nodded silently at the side, looking at Goth, his eyes seemed to be complicated by something.

Garen realized this, and understood that something must have happened between this trio that is hard to explain, there’s finally some development between Jessica and Goth.

"What bout you? How did you turn out this way? It’s as though you were burnt by fire." Andy looked at Garen.

The light pillar then dimmed, slowly become thinner, and then completely extinguished. The golden sun rays shone once again, covering the white light that engulfed the sky and earth.

At the location where the the white light was, a crater of several tens of meters was left behind. It was pitch black, with green smoke around the edges.

Garen looked at the crater, and exhaled in relief. He could feel that the howling wereabbit was fine, obviously it had also run to safety. He suddenly felt that the wererabbit had an urge to eat. It actually got hungry, letting it feed on grass in its surrounding, while keeping itself in hiding. Only Garen got back into focus, and answered Andy’s question.

"Ï was hit by a fireball casted by a totem user… I don’t know what flame that was, but thankfully the temperature wasn’t high, otherwise I would have been dead…" Garen forced a laugh.

"I’m guessing it’s that black lion’s fireballs, it can spew two kinds of fireballs; a red one, which he could shoot as many as it wished, and a green one which had a long interval between attacks. Its destructive power is much greater, and has some corrosive effect."Andy explained, "Goth withstood about a hundred of those."

Garen was shocked and looked at Goth, who was sitting on the ground.

This young man, who is wearing a red bib, had a sad looking face as he sat on the ground. His pose had a seductive, sexy vibe, as he crossed his legs, showing a slender, beautiful curve.


Garen and Andy turned away, trying hard to resist the urge to puke.

"Goth, can you close your legs and slant them… you’re not Jessica, thanks." Garen can’t help but to say.

"But my legs are injured." Goth lifted his head with puppy eyes.

" Even if you’re injured, don’t put up this gross pose!" Andy choked Goth’s neck and shook it.

"I’m warning you! Don’t choke me! I hate people choking me the most!" Goth shouted as he struggled.

"Like I care! Argh!! Fuck! Don’t grab me **!! You bitch! Grab me!! Grab me!!"

The two rolling into a lump, Jessica stood on the side, red faced, turning her head away from them.

Garen squatted, gazing blankly at the direction of the light pillar

"What was that, just now?"

"Kinetic furnace, it is something created by an organization called the Obscuro Society."

Jessica answered quietly.

"Goth finally exploded the furnace, then everything, everything exploded."

Garen quieted for a while, and then asked.

"What happened to Goth’s body?:

"His talent erupted, Black Continental Bird could suddenly move…. And transformed into a huge bird!"Jessica talked as she recalled, "then… then… he stood in front of us…" She did not continue speaking, but she looked at Goth who was brawling, her lips revealed a hint of gentleness.

"Perhaps all of us were wrong." Garen also looked at Goth. "He is not some sort of garbage, but a real genius."

"You have also discovered my uniqueness, hahaha." Goth happily laughed, "Do not idolize me too much! I’m born to be the legendary hero! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

This brat’s bib strap fell off, with one hand on his pants, another pointing towards the sky with a finger.

On the ground was Andy who was howling in pain from the fractured arm.

Four of them had their head lifted towards the sky.

A few blue birds flew past quickly, slapping their wings, into the clouds and against the strong wind.

On each blue bird’s feet, was a white paper scroll tied onto it. On one of the scrolls, had a little bit of blood stain on it.

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