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Garen’s head popped over the water surface

He shook his head, allowing the ice-cold water flow through his face down his cheeks, his right arm holding the wound on his left arm tightly. He shivered as he looked at the direction where Valerie left

He suddenly recalled, as he was in the totem storage chamber, his heart felt uneasy as he felt that as though Baldy was observing him in real time. That he will kill Garen when he leaves.

As he had guessed, Garen felt a lot better after he dumped all the totems to Valerie.

As his secret technique was trained to the pinnacle, his five senses have been honed to react to imminently dangerous situations. This was an effect of his innate extreme agility. It is also an ability that the Luminarists would never achieve, as this would require the senses of the body to be extremely sharp.

Even though the secret arts are not as powerful as a totem, it does have many benefits that the totems do not possess.

"Not running after taking the things, yet you still ran in to take more advantage, it would be baffling if you don’t die." Garen sarcastically said as he got out of the water. Without stopping, barely being able to get up, he ran towards the tunnel that would lead him out.

The aura of the ability almost finally mitigated the poisonous flame from the totem’s power. His body had also started recovering, but the ability’s aura had also proportionately been exhausted. Recovery became extremely sluggish.

Garen looked at the attributes beneath his vision.

The Potential points used to kill the Totem used were already been at 16 points, now it fell yet another point, becoming 15 points again.

At a critical time like this, if he were to depend only on himself to recover, it would require at least a week’s time. The injury this time was worse than the wounds received from Sylphalan in the previous world.

His body is a mess, internally and externally, his Qi was also unstable at a time like this.

He clenched his teeth and looked at the Body pane.

The potential point nudged, but it did not add onto the Body section.

He shook his head in disappointment. Enduring the pain inflicted by the wounds, he walked out of the cave, going into the tunnel leading to outside.

Suddenly he heard a vague scream of terror. As he paid attention, it was indeed Valarie's voice.

Garen stopped for a while and smirked.

"This Idiot."

He had to leave as soon as possible, after the explosion at Goth’s side, who knows how long he had before the next kinetic furnace would explode. If one decided to stay, it would not matter that he were a totem user, when a huge explosion occurs, and he’d be buried deep underground, gravely injured, if not dead.

The kinetic furnace was no ordinary thing, it was specifically used to refine a special silver ingot used in the forging totems.

The reason Obscuro Society was so strong was because they owned too many cutting edge techniques

Among them were totem raw materials, the core silver ingot, which was much stronger than the rest.

Garen held the red, round crystal sphere in his arms, and was sure that it was something valuable, even though he had no idea what it was. However, for it to be so heavily guarded, it had to be valuable.

He had a hunch that he had picked up treasure.

Enduring the pain, Garen picked up his pace and rushed out towards the exit.

Even though he was covered in injuries, he had to find a way to rendezvous with Goth and the rest. As to how he got injured, he did not plan to hide it.

As he walked along the tunnel, what he had originally already possessed had all been robbed by Valeria. This issue could be pushed to Valerie completely.

Soon, the light that shined from beyond the exit was visible. Even though the tunnel was not guarded by anyone, nor was it within the area of the lair, but Garen felt that it was best to get out of the underground and onto the surface.

He rushed out of the cave and he staggered onto the plains for a while.

As the sun shined upon him, the boils on his body burst, which invited another wave of intense pain.

He looked up to the sun, and the sun rays blinded him. His vision became blurry for a moment.

"I can’t take it anymore; the potential points have been used up… If I did not have the potential points to enhance my body in the moment for recovery, I would probably be finished by now. " On retrospect, he picked up his pace and ran towards the shade of a tree, sitting down on the grass, his back against the tree trunk, panting for air.

This shade was facing directly towards the exit of the cave. From the exit to Garen’s location was a trail of yellow puss forming a line, emitting a gross smell under the sunlight.

Garen quietly sat under the shade, trying hard not to let himself faint.

But his consciousness was being attacked by the waves of intense pain, his vision still blurry.

"What a huge loss!" He was angry inside. In the realm of secret techniques, I was unbeatable, even the final direct clash with Sylphalan only ended in a tie.

But when he is here, he’s been wounded all over by something as ridiculous as totem’s power. Secret techniques have close to no power to resist.

"I have to find a way to fight against the polluting nature of a totem’s power. The reason the totem’s power is this strong, is primarily due to its polluting nature. Aside from that, a totems’ damage and power are not too different from a normal situation.

Garen tried hard to stay conscious

He’d rather move to the other side of the tree; now with his back facing the cave exit, he could hide himself.

A breeze blew, rustling the leaves in its path. An oval-shaped leaf fell and touched Garen’s body; causing immense pain on top of what he was already experiencing now.

He slowly took out the crystal ball, resting it on his palm

As he focused his vision on the top, the crystal ball emitted a dim red light for a while. A few rows of words showed on the ball.

"Thank you for using the Enpaler Derivator, please select your operating language."

Beneath it are rows upon rows of different languages; Canbria Language; Kovitan Language, Ender Language….

Canbria, Kovitan, Ender, are the three strongest empires among the hundreds of kingdoms within the East Continent, of which Canbria and Kovitan allied themselves to fight against a superempire in the West Continent. Although Ender is considered a strong country, its sphere of influence was significantly worse than the two before it, furthermore, it is a vassal of the Kovitan empire, while being much stronger than other countries. But due to its small size, it can only be a strong country; not a big country.

Garen only recognized these three languages, the rest of the countries seemed foreign to him. From top to bottom just seemed like a bundle of unknown words.

Garen’s thoughts sidetracked, and went back into focus onto the crystal ball

"Is this a touch interface?"

His index finger reached out, clicked onto "Kovitan Language" shown on the crystal ball.

The words disappeared, and reappeared with a simple interface

"Functional introduction: You are now using the General-Level specialized Derivator, dear esteemed General, please input your full name via voice, the derivator will use your voice pattern as an encryption."


Garen’s heart skipped a beat, he indeed found a treasure.

"Garen" He tried to calm his voice as he answered.

"Sir Garen, below are the functions of the derivator.

Function 1: This derivator will provide up to 10 totem control systems, you can use the derivator to control up to any 10 Silver totems, and cause no toll on the body.

Function 2: The derivator controls the totem’s nature, but only for empowering totems. The derivator is able to use a living creature’s core to be converted into a semi-living totem’s ability. Cannot control pure Silver totems. Please proceed with caution.

Silver totem: Using a living creature’s core to be converted into a controllable empowered creature totem. Be aware, the Silver totem itself will not be guided or controlled during evolution, it is completely dependent on the influence of the creature’s genes. Please choose the creatures to be empowered wisely. – functionality abnormal, please proceed to the fourth Obscuro maintenance center for a checkup.

Garen meticulously rearranged the messages shown on the crystal ball, using the up-down swipe motion of his fingers, he could browse through the content of the crystal ball, it is almost as convenient as an electronic touchscreen.

"This thing is indeed extraordinary…" Garen looked at the functions’ introduction, he suddenly understood something. "to be able to research a way to turn living creatures into semi-totems, Obscuro Society is indeed strong. No wonder, at the later point of the war, they dared to pick a war against the entire world., the reason behind it was this. One of these objects could control 10 totems, and those are additional totems that do not burden the user at all. Not accounting the user’s own core totem, one person can control more than ten totems, if these totems are form 2, or form 3 ultimate form…" Garen felt his body numbing as these thoughts run through his mind,

That is practically a single-man mechanized army, one totem user fighting against a Mech user.

He looked upon the crystal ball, he suddenly thought, everything on Earth had a barcode. He wondered if there is a barcode on this.

"Show derivator code" He tried using the voice enquiry function.

The crystal ball indeed showed a tiny row of numbers

‘Code: 0032gcr, your derivator is the 32nd piece in East Continent, There are a total of 10 derivators placed in the Kovitan Empire, please exercise caution regarding the functions.

Garen was shocked, there were actually ten of these in Koviten.

Keeping the crystal ball away, his heart had a brief idea. The derivator was a futuristic invention from the Obscuro Society, being able to additionally control the remaining totems, even though it would have been converted from living creatures. They were probably not as strong as real totems, but this would suffice, as quantity would make up for quality.

However, this thing is not a real totem… what he really needed, was a core totem. After fumbling for so long, having one would indeed increase his own abilities, but there was still no core totem...

He felt slightly helpless. He reached into his pockets and fumbled for a while, all of the totems have been dumped over to Valerie, those things should have a tracking signal, so he couldn’t have brought any out.

If he did not correctly guess the encryption correctly and unlocked the ball, he guessed the derivator would have a tracking unit on it, and it would have been stronger too.

"Only core totems can defend me 24 hours continuously without deactivating. Fuuuh…" He exhaled, the breath had a hint of blood’s. Suddenly his gaze was laid upon a bush.

"Perhaps I can experiment on the derivator’s empowerment ability…"

As he focused onto the bush, there was some rustling sound.

Swiftly, a greyish white rabbit came running out of the bush. This wild rabbit had cute drooping ears. Its butt bounced as it jumped out of the bush, it looked at Garen with curiosity.

"Come here, little one, come to brother." Garen let out a laugh "hehe", as he quietly picked up a piece of pebble


The pebble was shot out in an instant, it hit the little rabbit’s head, its power is just nice, just enough to knock it out.

Garen endured the pain as he walked towards the rabbit, picked it up, and walked back to the tree.

He took the crystal ball from the pocket in his clothes, and put it next to the rabbit.

"Do you want to empower the raw material?" The ball showed a row of words asked.


Garen replied surely.

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