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A+ A- Chapter 269: Roll 1
Garen’s fist once again landed onto the yellow totem light and at the same time, an incredible amount of pressure was consistently applied onto the yellow light filament.
The two of them were in the alley. Garen’s tall and strong body kept revolving around the target, and every time he attacked, he would simultaneously avoid the attack from the golden leopard.
Within the alley of the white buildings, a grey figure was constantly moving around the man in white at high speed, and a dense knocking sound could be consistently heard.
Wayne started to panic as his tactics were ineffective against him and his leopard was not able to catch up to him.
"What do you want?!" He started to shout.
Garen didn’t react and continue to gently place his palms onto him.
As the palms were in contact with the yellow layer of light, a huge bout of air was pushed away and the surrounding dust flew about in the air. Garen’s shirt was flying behind as well.
He took a step back and twisted his hand.
He attacked the same location of the layer of light.
"West Phoenix!"
Garen placed his hands together and pierced forward.
Two enormous wings appeared from his sides. The wings were shapeless, transparent and kept producing a clear chirping noise as it followed Garen’s hands as he strike forward.
A small crack could finally be seen on the yellow totem light. The crack propagated throughout his body, and the yellow totem light was broken into pieces.
"No!! How is that possible??" Wayne was beyond horrified. He turned around and attempted to flee, but instead only saw garen.
As he fell to the ground, he stared at Garen with his big, bulging eyes.
"How dare you…!"
The yellow totem light was shattered like glass into pieces and fell to the ground.
Like a raw egg, once the outer layer of shell cracked, the yellow light leaked out onto the ground like a liquid. In a matter of seconds, the liquid became transparent and completely disappeared.
Garen was lost in thought as he saw the scenario.
"No wonder my attacks were ineffective. You used a layer of shell to hold of the impacts, and then absorbed the energy by using the liquid.. A rather interesting structure. It reminds me of

the structure of an egg."
"Don’t kill me… Don’t kill me!!" Wayne stood up in fear and attempted to ran out of the alley. The golden leopard was blocking Garen’s path and growled at him in rage.
Garen didn’t even look at the leopard and casually snapped his fingers.
A stream of white gas fired from his fingers and pierced through Wayne’s brain from the back, which resulted in the blood splattering about freely.
The golden leopard scattered and transformed into a pool of silver liquid.
"Thirteen hits." Garen muttered. "With my current strength, I would require thirteen hits to break the totem light of a form one totem user…"
His strength was slowly recovering back to its peak, and his strength would soon be the same as when he fought Sylphalan. With that amount of power, he could pierce through a tank with just a single punch, and would only suffer minor injuries from a shell. The only thing that could harm him was a highly explosive bomb.
However at this strength, he would need to hit a form 1 totem user thirteen times to break his defense. If not for his knowledge towards the tactic, it would be hard for him to avoid such a fool proof attacking tactic.
Garen estimated that he took about two to three minutes to win against this world’s trash soldiers, which would not even be thought as trash in the future.
He suddenly thought of something and set his sight onto the attribute pane. The potential points have increased to 1512%, which was also 15 points. It was increased from 14 points, close to 15, and had now became 15 points.
"This means that I only gained 20 to 30% of potential by killing a form 1 totem user. Killing off a form 2 totem user gives so much more than this."
Garen frowned as he walked towards Wayne’s corpse. He started to fumble about the corpse and found a black leather pouch and a small black note.
He opened the money pouch and saw thick stacks of rumbs mixed with a type of green banknote. These green notes were tai, and were this country’s currency for small change.
Garen didn’t even bother to look at the tai,and took out the crumbs and he counted them. There were about fifty to sixty

sixty thousands crumbs, and even a passbook at the very bottom. However, he couldn’t withdraw the money as he did not have the password.
He placed the note and money into his bag and proceed to cut off Wayne’s ear. He then drained the blood from it before placing it inside a black napkin. After that, he picked up the black compass which was on the ground and left the area.
As Garen left the alley, he soon heard a girl screaming from behind him. Someone must have found the corpse after the War Prison was deactivated.
Garen, who was very poor now, would even collect molten silver if the silver could be recycled.
He threw away the pouch that was in his hand and went straight to the War Guild.

Ten days later…
Garen was sitting quietly in the main hall of the War Guild, which was filled with the warm, yellow light.
He had a malt wine in his hand, and he would occasionally have a sip as he scanned his surroundings in the main hall.
In the past ten days, he had accepted another five hunting quests. Adding in the rewards he had obtained from killing Wayne, his total rewards added up to sixty four thousand rumbs, which was a fairly high amount.
All of his targets in all five quests were form 1 totem users.
Garen understood well the situation and position he was currently in. Due to his unique aura and secret martial arts, his strength had exceeded this world’s Master-level, and was on par with the form 1 Luminarists.
He gently touched his scar that was on his left side of his neck. It was a scar left by his second target. The target knew how to use Tactics, and they had been very mysterious as it could be activated by a word syllable. At that time, Garen took a huge hit by this surprise attack.
However, The Divine Statue Technique seemed to activate its effect well. Garen wasn’t split into half from that fierce attack, and only injured his neck. As the opponent was stunned by this feat, Garen managed to win this near-disastrous battle due to his speed.
Garen gently touched the scar on his neck. It was difficult to recover from the attack of a Tactics of the totem light. He required

He required two days to fully recover, even with his Divine Statue Technique’s recovery speed.
He had an epiphany after fighting so many form 1 totem users.
Among them were different tiers; he had tried to obtain intel from the other Hounds after he suffered.
A typical form 1 totem users could be separated into two types.
The first one was a normal totem user. This type of totem users knew nothing and could only rely their totems and some basic Tactics to battle. Their strengths were heavily determined by their strength of totem and their battle strategy.
The second type was the one Garen met yesterday. There were the specially gifted totem users.
A form 1 user called Judra had a typical White Headed Black Hawk as his totem. What’s strange was that Judra seemed to have some of the totem abilities as well, which was superhuman vision.
He had already noticed Garen from afar and cunningly hid himself among the crowd.
These types of gifted totem users were very valuable and their strengths were beyond this world. This bastard Judra even had two Master-levels as his bodyguards who would protect him for 24 hours everyday.
At the same time, there were three other form 1 totem users approaching Garen as well.
Garen had no choice but to retreat and gave up on this mission.
He knew his limits as clear as day.
He could still manage if he were to go against one form 1 totem users. To fight against multiple at one go was too much for him.
The biggest threat to him was the totem user’s ability to possess Tactics. Although not all totem users were able to use Tactics, the totem users from the Obscuro Society seemed to have many who could.
The Tactic that was completely ineffective towards the totem users, but was the ultimate weapon to fight against the Master-level commoner. This was the difference between using a normal attack and a totem light.
Garen knew his place, which was equivalent to the form 1 totem user.
"Fifty four thousand… With the addition from the previous battle it should be almost time… The potential points have reached to 16 points. At this phase, it’s about time for Goth to explode."
Garen stood up and scanned his surroundings.
There were a lot of quests recently, and quests recently, and the originally cramped hall had become rather empty. Even the big bald man who was casually having a conversation with him was nowhere to be seen.
The Hounds duo that he obtained his intel from had their battle number written on the revoked blackboard. Clearly they had died on their previous mission.
The totem user who had partnered with Garen was also killed as well.
"The war is getting closer and closer… There are ten more days left before the movement spreads out, and the items that I have collected can be sold for a fortune. With the addition of rewards that I have collected during this time, I should be able to obtain some intel on the high level totems from the Obscuro Society. Naturally, everything starts after Goth moves out." Garen understood. "It’s time to see Goth and the others."
Goth was one the traditional heroes who were hardworking and gifted. He was very stubborn and couldn’t care less about other things except researching the Blackfield Birds. In addition to his gifted talent, his strength would eventually go beyond everyone’s imagination.
Garen’s objective was Goth’s key battle during his explosion.
During the battle, they had exploded one of Obscuro Society’s Totem Processing Associations. What was originally a simple investigative mission became a high risk confrontation mission.
What Garen wanted was the huge amount of totems that were yet to be activated from the Phantom Light totem light during this explosion. According to the images from his memories, the totems from the Phantom Light were just normal totems. However, there were still some high grade totems as well, and there was even a factory unit that was completely unaffected by the explosion.
If Garen could successfully obtain it, it would definitely result in a a huge leap and increment in strength.
He will then use the money and resources in his hands to fill in the intel that he lacked. He would then pick an outstanding core totem and evolve it using by his potential points. This was the plan that Garen had in mind a long time ago.
After sorting out his series of thoughts, Garen walked out of the main hall with a cheap grey robes which covered his scar on his neck.
Next, it’s time for him to participate in this risky quest.

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