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The young man gently closed the door and went back to his study desk.

He knew that his reputation wasn’t good in his household, but that wouldn’t stop him from achieving his dream.

He had truly fallen head over heels for Miss Aquarius since the day he met her. He would give anything! Even his life!

As he thought of this, he suddenly felt that he was possessed by an ancient poet and had instantly entered the realm of a great poet who would sacrifice his body for love. He was drunk on the feeling of inspiration.

"I wonder what happened with the document Miss Aquarius wanted me to take from her father." He suddenly recalled with bliss. Miss Aquarius would definitely be extremely moved when she saw the tremendous effort that he had invested in her. She would eventually fall in love with him deeply, throw everything behind, leave this world together and become the perfect romantic love story.

Knock knock.

Someone had gently knocked onto the door.

"Cia, have you slept?" A clear female voice came through the door.

"Big Sister Sofea, is that you? Please come in, the door isn’t locked." The young Cia immediately stood up with a hint of happiness on his face.

The door clicked and was pushed open.

A tall beautiful girl came into the room.

"How many times do I have to tell you! Call me big sister Hathaway!" The girl had golden hair tied in a ponytail. Her skin was fair, face as sharp as knife and she gave off a British, glamorous vibe.

"Okay…. Big Sister Hathaway." Cia nodded his head. "Oh right, Why are you here at such a late hour? Do you need anything from me?"

The girl walked a full circle of the room and eventually set her gaze onto the white paper on the study desk. "Where’s the Astronomical Edict I gave you last time?"

Cia was stunned and shook his head as he smiled innocently. "What Astronomical Edict? What are you talking about big sister? When did I ever taken anything from you?"

Hathaway squinted her eyes and stared at her most beloved younger cousin.

"Brother, I won’t say a word if you use the Astronomical Edict for yourself. However, if someone had egged you on..."

She had risked her life for the royal family to obtain two Astronomical Edicts. This was the culmination of 10 years of hard work. She had been taking care of Cia, the only male child in the whole household, since young, and he had been loved by many since young.

She didn’t mind giving her one Astronomical Edict. However, if it was someone who had instigated it…

"No one instigated me." Cia kept shaking his head. His reaction was an immediate denial. "I didn’t take something called the Astronomical Edict! Big sister you have to believe me!"

Hathaway was quiet for a moment and reached out her hand to caress Cia’s hair.

"Whatever. I don’t get to use that thing anyway. Please don’t do it anymore."

"I really didn’t take it!" Cia was still denying it.

He didn’t really understand what the Astronomical Edict represented and of how important that item was. To her cousin , that item was her reward and proof of her lifetime of hardwork. It was considered an ultimate pardon, an escape no matter how serious the crime was.

"Also, you lost two manors during your gambling session, didn’t you?" Hathaway changed the topic. "Do you know how valuable those two manors were!? This is especially so for the manor in Varian. You have lost them just like that."

"I will win them back sooner or later!" Cia answered hatefully and immediately feared his cousin the moment he saw his cousin’s angry face.

When he was ten years old, he was bitten by a strange poisonous snake. It was Big Sister Hathaway who saved him with a mysterious antidote from an unknown source. When Hathaway found out that her cousin was poisoned, she disappeared for a day or two without leaving word behind. The ever so healthy and resilient girl came back with a severely injured body, her strength having decreased tremendously. She resigned from the Royal Knights and enrolled into the Royal Department to become a Lieutenant.

The Astronomical Edict was actually her reward for her contributions and hard work as a Royal Knight. Now that Cia had taken away one of her Astronomical Edicts, he started to feel bad for her.

"I will make up to you some day, sister…" He replied softly.

Hathaway released all her anger the moment she saw her brother’s ignorance towards his recklessness.

"I don’t want your compensation! You have to understand the danger of gambling!! How much of the family wealth have you lost for these past few years!? You have lost so much of uncle’s fortune! If you keep going down this path, no matter how wealthy your family is, you will definitely lose everything!"

Her voice was getting louder and louder as she felt more and more angry towards him.

"Sis… You have to believe me! I will definitely win back everything!" Cia replied immediately.

"Are you still thinking of gambling!!?" Hathaway couldn’t resist anymore and slapped Cia’s face with all of her might.


Both Cia and Hathaway were stunned.

Acacia was the only male child from his family and was pampered by everyone in the household. Even his father Sissas was reluctant to hit him.

And it was the first time Hathaway couldn’t hold herself back and gave him a slap.

At that instant, both of them were rooted.

"So what!! Isn’t it just a piece of Astronomical Edict that I took? How dare you hit me!!??" Cia’s cheek was completely red. He soared his chest and continued. "Let me tell you something Sofea Hathaway! No matter how much I have lost, it is my family’s problem! All these wealth belongs to me in the future. How much I have lost is none of your business!? I have the successor of the Trejons Household! You are nothing but a Royal Family’s Lieutenant. What right do you have to control me!?"

"You!!!" Hathaway was completely furious to the point where she was completely speechless as she pointed at Acacia with her finger.

Never in her dreams could she imagine that the cousin she had pampered for her whole life would say such hurtful words to her.

Sadness, disappointment and rage were bursting and blending in her heart at that moment.

Without any hesitation, Hathaway turned around and left the room and slammed the door.

Acacia was clasping his left face as he gently tapped his cheek.


"It’s so painful!" He took a few steps back and reached out his hand to take a red medicinal oil from the book racks. He applied onto his face, and it was very effective in reducing swelling.

He suddenly recalled that this item was gifted to him from Hathaway.

"I will never use anything she gives me ever again! Never!!" He grabbed the glass bottle containing the red medicinal oil and threw it onto the ground with all his strength.


The small bottle shattered into millions of pieces on the ground, the red medicinal oil was spilt across the floor.

"Even Father has never even hit me before!!" Acacia was walking back and forth in the room in a rage. The sky outside was overcast with the faint rumbling of thunder. It seemed like it was about to rain.


Suddenly, thunder cracked loudly above his head.

Shocked, he stepped onto the red oil and slipped. He immediately fell backwards and onto the ground.


By chance, the back of his brain landed on a sharp piece of broken glass.

In an instant, his body arched upwards and his eyes rolled, and he gradually stop breathing after a few moments of struggling.

At this very moment, A ray of white light came into the room from the square window.

The white ray, which was in a shape of a butterfly was as big as a fist, passed through the tightly shut window and circled the room in a delicate manner.

It soon noticed Acacia laying still on the floor.

With a click, the white ray disappeared and diffused into Acacia’s forehead.

After a while, Acacia who was laying down on the floor opened his eyes. His vision was a complete blur, as if he just woke up from a long sleep.

He slowly got up from the floor, only to realize that he had been laying in a pile of faint, red-stained wooden flooring with glass shards strewn everywhere. It was very uncomfortable as the glasses were prickling his butt.

He touched the back of his back and noticed that his hair was rather cold, and there was a blood clot as well. The injury had completely healed.

Cia stood up and looked around his surrounding.

"I guess… I’m in a different location now…"

He took a deep breath and gently gripped his fist and what he sensed was a weakness that he had never felt before.

He felt chills all over his body, which was most probably due to him laying on the floor for a long period of time.

Ah chiu!

He couldn’t help himself but to sneeze. As he sneezed, the snot started dripping out from his nose.

"Who am I…?" He kept griping his fists tightly and released it afterwards.

"I am Acacia… No! .. I am Garen Lombard!!"

His vision started to clear up and and he started to feel an anger that he had never experienced before.

Knock knock knock.

"Master,can I come in and clear up the room now?" The female servant asked carefully from outside of the room. She had been waiting outside for a long time. She was probably waiting for her master to cool down before she dared to come in and clean up. She would be scolded by Acacia and her salary would be partially deducted if she came in the wrong time.

"Forget about it! You should leave first. I don’t want to see anyone at the moment!"

Garen shouted as he copied what Acacia would say from his memory. It was a sentence that was most frequently used by Acacia. Hence, all he needed to do was to follow his words.

It was a language that resembled Portuguese. Garen was slightly familiar with the language’s overall structure from Acacia’s memory.

Afterwards, he started to recollect his disorganized memories in his brain.

Although Acacia’s memories went all the way back to twenty years, most of them was forgotten. However, as it was very difficult to digest everything, he had no choice but to read the main contents of the memory.

This world was similar to the last one, both of which was of primarily western culture. However, this world had barely just entered the steam era and was far behind compared to the previous world in terms of technological advancement.

While this world’s overall structure was ruled under a dictatorship, the country’s property had already started blooming.

This body originally belong to a person called Acacia Trejons. He still had a long surname after that and he was the only successor in the Trejons Household.

This whole planet was separated into two major continents, namely the East Continent and West Continent. There were many island countries in between these two major continents.

The East Continent had hundreds of countries, and the Great Kovetan Kingdom was one of the three strongest countries in this continent.

Kovetan had a total of thirty two districts. This body’s family household had established their presence in some areas of the Lush Forest district which was located in the south of the country.

Among the Trejons Household, there were only five main members in this generation. They were Acacia’s parents, Acacia himself, his cousin Sofea Hathaway and her sister, Danielle Hathaway.

Acacia had never once stepped out of the Lush Green District his entire life.

His household was located in the center, and the surrounding cities were all within his activities’ range.

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