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"No. I have never seen these items before. It looks like something from Ancient Endor, but I couldn’t match it with anything from that time period." The big bearded man said helplessly.

"White Eagle, do you feel better?" Dale Quicksilver turned her head around and looked at the last person in the team. He was no other than the closest partner and assistant, White Eagle.

At this point in time White Eagle had seemed like a drunk person. His face was pale, his eye sockets deep and his usual bright golden hair was unreflective. The only thing that remained positive was his sharp gaze.

He raised his head and looked at his old friend Dale Quicksilver. "I’m still alright." His voice was unbelievably coarse. "It’s just that I may have spent too much energy. The few men in black previously were rather troublesome."

Dale Quicksilver nodded her head and didn’t say anything further.

The group kept walking forward and soon the detective pulled out a small metal piece out of the human stone statue and passed it to the big bearded fat man.

"Have a look at this."

"The big bearded fat man took it and examined it in detail for a long time. Ultimately he shook his head helplessly.

"I’m sorry… This is way beyond my knowledge."

Lady Si Lan looked at the big bearded fat man helplessly. He was an identification expert that they specially hired. However, the items they encountered along the road was unknown to him and only a small portion of items that he identified were vaguely described.

Whenever they encountered something the first thing he would do was apologize.

If this kept on, no one would know when they would be able to find the opponent’s trail. One must realize that these stone pieces were clues left by the people who kidnapped the two children.

These clues were purposely left behind. If we couldn’t find the remaining clues, I’m afraid Silvica and Eve…

"If only Sir Kelly was here. There’s too little research going on in the Ancient Endor’s culture." She sighed.

"Yes. If only Kelly was here…" Dale Quicksilver stopped her sentence midway as she lowered her voice.

This trip to the island was actually baited by a mysterious man. Detective Dale’s daughter Eve and White Eagle’s son Silvica were kidnapped by a mysterious man. If they wanted to save them, they had to go on the island.

The enemy obviously had an unspeakable motive so they had no choice but to follow his demands.

In addition, the clues that would guide them forward were those black small rocks that were placed there beforehand.

"They purposely come up with a riddle for us to guess." Dale Quicksilver stopped walking with a calm expression. "This may be a game, a game where we don’t have any choice. The opponent’s strength far surpasses ours, so they get to set the rules. We have no choice but to follow them. Do not panic. If we do, we won’t have any chance to win anymore."

"But Eve and Silvica…"

"Relax. The kids will eventually go through some rough training as well." Dale smiled as she tried her best to not sound worried.

"Don’t worry Dale. I have a sword here so we still have the ability to protect ourselves." White Eagle comforted.

"That’s true…" Dale nodded.

"Let’s rest for a bit." The detective sat on a stone statue’s leg.

Everyone started sitting down without paying much attention to their surroundings.

"NIneteen years ago, my parents were burnt to death on this island…" The White eagle sat down as he took out a small exquisite copper necklace out of his shirt.

The pendant had the same style as a pocket watch. He opened the pendant to reveal a black and white picture.

"This is my father." he gentle stroked the surface of the glass that was protecting the picture. "Never in my dreams would I think of a time I would be stepping on this island again…" He had a complicated expression on his face as he grabbed the white sword tightly in his hand.

Pew pew!!

Suddenly, two ear deafening gunshots rang from afar.

"Let’s move!"

The team quickly got up and moved towards the source of the gunshots.

They passed through the stone statues and soon arrived at another empty field that was multitudes larger than the previous one.

There were already a few teams standing in the empty field. Each of them stood at the corners. There were a pile of corpses in black shirts, obviously the receiver of the gunshots that had pierced the air earlier.

Dale looked closely and saw that there were a total of three teams on the empty field, and they stood tall and clear.

Two of the three teams were confronting each other and the atmosphere was getting tense by the second.

There were two teams on the left comprised of werewolves, whereas there were three tall men with white coats standing on the right.

The werewolves looked unhappy as they stared at the three men in front of them. Although the werewolves outnumbered them, they were obviously holding caution.

"The leader of the werewolf clan sir Bedega secretly came to the island. Looks like you have brought quite a number of clan members as well? Are you guys trying to get your hands on the Black Smoke Pot?" One of the strong and tall men covering himself with a white shirt laughed. His black chest here was moving about with the wind and it looked strangely funny.

"The Weisman’s Major Generals had also secretly come to the island? If you can come here, why can’t we?" The black werewolf who seemed to be the leader replied with a cold shoulder. "Furthermore, even the clown king from the poker organization has come here himself. The grand occasion this time is much more stronger than the last time. Do you want us to give you a hand?"

"Capturing the clown king is the Weisman’s Major Generals’ mission, so you don’t need to concern yourself with it." The leader of the Three Major Generals said calmly. "We will also take this opportunity to kill that traitor Ghette.

"I don’t think you can fully understand the overall situation even if you, The Glorious Chancer are the one who’s going to face it, right?" The leader of the werewolf clan said. "The clown king and the Immortal Palace have formed an alliance, and he is now considered as one of the Immortal Palace. It won’t be easy for you guys to deal with him."

"Is that right?" The Glorious Chancer’s face slightly twitched and didn’t say another word anymore as if he was in deep thought.

Dale Quicksilver and her team had entered the area without drawing anyone’s attention. These people were obviously the calefares on the island so it wasn’t worth people taking precaution against them.

This meant that those experts who were very cautious would measure their strengths. They would simply ignore them if they were no threat to them.

Soon after their arrival, more and more people started to gradually gather here.

This was the entrance of the ancient ruins in the Southern Territory. To open the ancient ruin entrance, one must slot in the key into one of the stone statues. Even if you had obtained the key, you had to come to this place if you wanted to enter the ancient ruin.

Waves of powerful figures started to enter the empty field. There were elites from the Federation, special forces from the Tulip and a few unknown groups with unknown backgrounds. What was strange was that these people were injured and came in small numbers. Furthermore, they didn’t seem to be in good shape as well.

"Looks like they have been ambushed as well." Dale Quicksilver whispered to Si Lan and White Eagle. "The Weisman’s Three Major Generals and the leader of the werewolf clan are currently on the field. The clown king shouldn’t have the guts to appear. Even if he is one of the Immortal Palace, he won’t come out without any forces. Although the situation looks very tense, this is the safest place to be at the moment."

"The Weisman’s Three Major Generals have been open towards their actions. As the strongest team in the field, they should be able to control the situation." Si Lan nodded in agreement. "White Eagle, are you still able to hold up?"

"I’m fine…" White Eagle’s veins started to become visible on his face, as he held the white sword tightly in his hand. There were black runes flashing faintly on the sword’s body. "I still can resist it…" He grit his teeth as he whispered.

The three of them looked at White Eagle.with concern as he might not be able to suppress his negative emotions.

This sword is the legendary Rune Blade that had a mysteriously terrifying power. They wouldn’t have been able to arrive on this island without this sword. However, enough strength and will is required to be able to hold the Rune Blade.

White Eagle made up his lack of strength with his unfaltering will. If not for this, he would have not been able to sustain it at all.

"So we will just camp here? Until tomorrow?" The fat Identification Expert whispered.

"There’s no need for that. The key should be here by now, with the Three Major Generals or the leader of the werewolf clan. From now on until the next full moon, everything depends on the participants’ skills. However, to be able to obtain the key from the Three Major Generals and the leader of the werewolf clan…" Dale Quicksilver shook his head. "When they appear here in the flesh, they are also sending a message to the clown king that if he wants to the key, they are right over here. You’ll have to come and get it yourself if you’re brave enough!" She paused for a while. "At the same time it’s also an announcement to the others. The key is with them, and as long as if you’re not afraid of death, you’re free to try and get it from us!"

"That’s crazy!" Lady Si Lan gasped. "This place is filled with elites from all over the world. Even the special forces from Tulip have arrived."

"This is the behavior of the Weisman. They are able to behaved so because they are trying to take over the world." Dale Quicksilver nodded. "Now we just have to see if there’s anyone brave enough to attack. We don’t know who was the one who kidnapped Eve and Silvica so everyone please observe carefully."

At this moment, a group of men and women with red shawls over their heads quickly entered the district. A woman with red eyes, who seemed to be the leader, glanced around and finally set her attention onto the Weisman’s Three Major Generals.

"The Glorious Chancer, it’s good to see you again." The girl placed her right fist on her chest and greeted him with a bow.

"Elysha, are you here for there key as well?" The Glorious Chancer asked calmly. His had a small black moustache just above his lips which gave him a rather stern look.

"The real battle starts after the entrance of the ancient ruin is opened. It’s too early to say that yet." The red eyed girl replied.

"That depends. Only those who have the key on their hand has the right to use the Black Smoke Pot. Even if you’re the first to arrive to the Black Smoke Pot, you will not be able to use it." The leader of the werewolf clan butted in. "Elysha, has the Demon Hunters Alliance decided to participate in this fight?"

"You should consider yourself lucky to be in the White Lion Camp. I will kill you without any hesitation if you were from the Black Lion Camp." The lady said with a calm tone.

"You can always try." The werewolf leader couldn’t help but to laugh.

The situation had gotten more and more intertwined. The Demon Hunters Alliance, Werewolf Clan, Weisman’s Government and the clown king were four power houses and obviously the current major players. Each of them has the strength to annihilate all of the others present.

Some had decided to retreat after witnessing such a dire situation.

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