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A- Chapter 214: Gathering 4
Boom Boom Boom!!
The rockets exploded on the sea. The fireworks were extraordinarily beautiful during night time.
Garen flicked his toe and fired off a water arrow to hit the rocket launcher.
The explosion occurred just right in front of him and he had no choice but to defend himself with one of his hand until the debris stopped flying around.
"How are we going to tackle this?!" He looked at the others and realized that the King of Gun, Nikon had already taken out his small pistol and aimed at where the projectile came from.
A red light flashed from the pistol as it produced a faint sound and was completely silent after.
At the same time, a sharp silver ball landed on one of the clowns who were on the hill. They immediately reached out their hands on attempted to grab the ball.
The small ball exploded into countless thin needles in every direction.
Silently, the whole group of clowns collapsed into the ground, pierced by the thin needles.
"Let’s go. Their grand performance is no match for my mere shot." Nikon blew the gun’s muzzle with a calm expression.
Two of them sprinted out as everything settled down.
After striding on the surface of the ocean for awhile, he finally reached the beach. Technically, he was stepping on the water instead of pedalling with his legs as he ejected himself away from the surface of the water by stepping on the water with enormous power.
He was not an expert in QingGong as he was already drenched from head to toe the moment he reached the beach. He looked very pathetic with his torn shirt drenched with cold water.
As he landed, he saw that Palosa, the King of Nightmares and the others were already waiting for him. It was obvious that he was the slowest on the water.
"You look pathetic!" The King of Nightmares said helplessly. "It’s such a pity for the new shirt that I just bought. I had taken a long time to pick out these shirts and it’s already ruined."
It wasn’t just him. Andrela and Nikon’s shirts were more or less the same. On the other hand, Palosa was the only one whose shirt was perfectly clean. He even had the two briefcases with him on his hand. He looked like an old tourist who was about to travel around.
"It’s the Three Major Generals from Weisman! They have already arrived!" Nikon gripped his teeth. "This time I will kill all of them myself!!"
"Do you want to move out on your own or join us in our venture?" Palosa asked coldly.
"I have other things to attend to, I won’t be going with you." Nikon shook his head. "We shall part ways here."
As Nikon finished his sentence, he sprinted back to the sea and started helping the soldiers to get onto land.
"Let’s go as well." Palosa turned around and went deeper into the island.
Garen didn’t say a word and followed Palosa behind. Four of them were completely silent throughout the whole journey as they explored the island.
The surface was completely deserted, filled with nothing but black rubble and stone. The smoke that kept coming out from between the stones had reduced visibility to only a few meters.
The four of them left the beach and went into the inner part of the island. It was just like a normal road, save for the mist.
The mists that surrounded them stretched across the horizon, and everything was covered in white.
Palosa found a big stone, squatted down and opened his suitcases to reveal some food and drinks.
"Let’s eat something. We’re probably going to be staying here for the night."
Andrela and the King of Nightmares sat down separately and took a fried biscuit and mixed it with milk.
Garen took a fried biscuit as well. He surveyed the surrounding environment as he nibbled on his snack..
The surroundings and the sky were completely white, whereas the surface was filled with black rubble. On

top of this they could only see three meters ahead of them, as if the four were stranded on a deserted island out at sea.
He grabbed some pebbles off the ground and pinched them gently.
The stones were squished into black powder and revealed a honeycomb shaped structure within the stones. The inside of the stones were very hot; about thirty of forty degree celsius.
"The landscape here is very strange and the geothermal temperature is unusually high. The smoke seems to contain some sulfur in them." He whispered.
"Although the Smoke Island has plenty of secrets, we won’t be in in danger as long as we don’t enter the ancient ruins. I heard that there were tourists who got lost in the mist and died falling off a cliff, even though the number of these cases were rare." Andrela explained. "We should be fine as long as we take extra care for the enemies on this island."
He took out a leather paper from his shirt and opened it slowly to reveal a map.
"This is the general layout of the Smoke Island mapped by the older generations. It’s not very useful but it can be used as a reference."
They gathered and examined the map carefully.
The map pictured a very long island and was separated into Southern Territories and Northern Territories. These two territories even had locations that were annotated with a small dot and names by the side.
"There are a few popular scenery spots that were marked from one to nine and all of them are different types of statue forests. Which one should we pick?" Andrela asked. "Tomorrow will be the full moon and we need to fulfill the two requirements if we want to enter the ancient ruins."
"The first requirement is to have a telekinesis expert, which is me." The King of Nightmares replied lazily."
"The second requirement is the key." Garen continued the conversation. "The question is, where is the key?"
"It’s most likely located at the statue forests. The Three Major General from Weisman who ambushed us just a while ago will most likely head there as well." The King of Nightmares said casually. "I will have them pay for destroying the brand new shirt that I had just bought."
Garen was unhappy as well as he lost the Golden Seal and Golden Sword Throne for no reason. These were Antiques of Tragedy that had valuable potential points embedded in them and they disappeared for good because of the enemy’s actions.
A playful laughter emerged from the mist, not too far away from them.
"Who’s there!" Andrela sharpened his gaze as his hand started to glow silver in color.
WIth a clank a clown in a red and green shirt slowly emerged from the mist. He wore a red mask and his cheeks were ripped opened from the mouth to the ears, as if he had a very huge, bloody mouth. He approached closer as he threw the knife which he was holding away from his hand.
"It’s very fortunate to meet someone who had been ambushed by the same people." The clown spoke with a very hideous voice. "We were attacked by Weisman’s Three Major Generals as well. Our fleet has been destroyed and we are going to take revenge."
"Oh? Do you know where they are?" The King of NIghtmare took out a white pear out of thin air and gently bit into it.
"Of course. Those people are about to obtain the key. Their intel is too accurate." The clown’s obvious emphasis was strangely warped. The key was obviously the most crucial item to enter the ancient ruins but he seemed to be celebrating this disadvantageous moment. "What do you say? Do you want to go?"
"You have informed quite a few people, right?" Garen asked softly.
"Of course. How dare they attack people who want to board the island? The Weisman’s Government would think that they are unstoppable if no one teaches them a lesson." The clown replied with a sharp tone.
"How many people do you have?" Garen continued his questioning.
"Do you think I would answer that question of yours?" The clown laughed.
"That’s true. However, what makes you think that we will trust you?"
"Because you have to. Whoever wants to obtain the key would not miss this opportunity. They are in the North. Walk this way and I will be your guide." The clown smirked as he said. "We all have a common enemy. We will deal with the key after we deal with them."
He lead the way and walked in the direction he spoke of earlier.
Palosa was motionless and no one could make out what he’s thinking with that poker face of his.
The remaining two had a smile on their face and did not seem to be moving as well.
On the other hand, Garen squinted his eyes as if he smelled something fishy going on. He started walking in the other direction the clown was leading.
"You’re going in the wrong directions." The clown turned his head around and looked at him. "Follow me. It’s over there."
"Should I ask you where I should go?" Garen furrowed his eyebrows and continue walking forward.
The clown rushed back and stood in front of Garen to block his path.
"You can’t walk over here. You should follow me instead…"
"What do you mean?" Garen started to become serious. "You better move out of my way."
"Little fella… This road must not be taken… Or else… I will be very angry~~~" The clown in the mask started to laugh strangely.
"Are you going to move away?" Garen started to smell something faint from this directions and his tone immediately went cold.
"If you want to be killed by me, I’m fine with that." The clown’s tone started to change as well.
"To die by your hand? Hehe, let me see how do you plan to kill me!!" Garen said furiously and attempted to capture the enemy with his expanded hand.
An invisible aura started to shroud the clown like a greenish black iron claw latching onto his face. The invisible wind pushed the surrounding white mists as it moved towards the sides like a wave.
The clown screamed in a high pitch. As he attempted to avoid being caught via moving quickly in a strange manner, his sleeves were loosened and revealed a lot of black hand grenades in them.
Both of them retreated and the fiery explosion exploded in between them as the bright explosion pushed away from the surrounding white mists.
"Divine Statue - East King Hand!!"
Garen’s gaze sharpened, became a black figure and instantly rushed out to capture the clown with both of his hands. High pitched noises were screeched from the air as his palms brushed across the air.
A transparent wall was formed in front of him. The wall was created by multiple layers of air vortices and it headed towards the clown like a giant boulder.
The clown screamed as he turned away, attempting to escape.
The clown’s body was separated into half and his blood rained down on the surrounding.
Garen’s hand was still 2 meters away from his body.
"Couldn’t even last one attack." He sighed as he walked slowly towards the clown’s head and stepped onto the useless clown’s brain.
As he flicked his leg, a silver card flew into his hand.
The card was made of metal and it had a picture of black and white ghost printed onto it.
"It’s the clown’s card." The King of the Nightmare approached him slowly with a hand covering his nose. "The Clown King had ten underlings with different personalities and each of them has as a different nickname. You must be one of them. I heard the clowns’ body were either filled with poison or traps and they’re all proficient in poisoning others. It’s unfortunate that you’d been torn into 2 pieces before we can see your skill."
He looked at Garen.
"Killing people with airflow through space. Have you reached that realm, Garen?"

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