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"The legendary emperor who ruled the ten countries for nine generations??!!" Zhaoxing Qin was stunned. "How is that possible!? That was just a legend!"

"No. I’m sure of it. It’s definitely that man. I saw that his left ear had a ring gap!" The old man kept swallowing his saliva as he was too scared to look away from the Argent Mirror.

"According to the legend, the Evil Emperor Anshela’s left ear was wounded by a woman under orders. The wound was formed as she pierced his ears with all her might with a sword! I’m very sure of it! It’s definitely him!" The old man was about to panic. "Damn it! How could a legendary person actually exist!!?"

"Maybe you’ve mistaken him for someone else…" Zhaoxing Qin was very skeptical as she didn’t believe that a legendary person would appear in the Argent Mirror.

"Oh?" The deep toned voice of a man penetrated through the glass and entered the observer’s ear. "There are still people who recognize me?"

"Quick! Activate the sleeping gas!!" The old man quickly rushed towards the trigger on the right. "Stop the experiment now!! Now!!"

"At this moment, Zhaoxing Qin and Julie sprang into action, the severity of the situation having dawned on them. As their faces went pale, the both of them rushed towards the trigger as well.


A telekinetic wave was as dark as ink exploded from within the experiment room. Zhaoxing Qin and Julie suffered were shellshocked from the explosion and dropped to the floor, having completely lost their sense of balance.

"Hmph!" The man in the mirror gave a cold hmph as the King of Nightmares' veins had started to travelled throughout her body from her head.

Garen and Andrela had no idea what was going on at this point. A few seconds had passed as they saw Zhaoxing Qin and Julie collapsed to the ground.

"What’s going on?!" Andrela’s raging aura started swelling up and held his sword by the waist with his right hand, preparing to attack at any given moment. They did not hear the old man’s whispers, and were still in the dark even then.

"Looks like the experiment has failed." Garen sighed. "Zhaoxing Qin, I don’t care how you do it. Tell me what to do now!"

"Stop… Stop the experiment!!" Zhaoxing Qin’s body was still numb from the shock inflicted by the telekinesis. It felt like her organs had completely rearranged themselves inside her body.

"Stop the experiment?" Garen started, his right fist.

At this moment, the King of Nightmares, who was in the experiment room, jittered her body and all her veins disappeared in an instant. She seemed to have calmed down.


Suddenly, an ear-piercing scream erupted from the King of Nightmares. Within the shrill voice was the voice of another male, layered on top of hers.

"I hadn’t expected to be able to return to this world…"

"Over my dead body!" The King of Nightmares raged as she shouted.

"Now, this isn’t your decision to make." The man started laughing.

A force field started to engulf the whole experiment room.


The highly enhanced telekinetic crystallized glass was smashed into a million shards by Garen’s fist. He then walked towards the King of Nightmares without any expression.

"You!!" The King of Nightmares' male voice seemed to be surprised as if she was about to speak out.

Garen’s right hand instantly flexed outward and he threw a punch with his golden white colored hand.


Two fists collided into each other.

Hmpf! The opponent cried out as she retreated back to the experiment room and immediately dashed sideways. Kaboom!! The wall behind her was punched through by Garen’s fist.

"Hah! Divine Statue - Thunder Sprint!!" Garen shouted as he raised his left hand. In an instant, his hand was glowing white in color as he attacked from a completely still posture and landed a punch of the King of Nightmares' left shoulder.

Another explosion was heard and the King of Nightmares was sent rolling on the ground and crashed into the wall. She screamed out of pain and collapsed to the ground.

Garen walked towards her with his expanded, beast-like right arm which was at least half a meter thick. With this very arm, he grabbed the King of Nightmares by her hair and pulled her up.

With a fist, Bam!

The King of Nightmares' body arced.

"No!!! I don’t want to return!! Never!!" The male’s voice came out from the King of Nightmares' mouth.

Bam! Another punch!

"I am the almighty Evil Empire Anshela."


"Garen!!" Andrela shouted as he couldn’t bear it any longer.

"I know what to do!" Without even looking at Andrela, Garen took the King of Nightmares up and throw her against the wall.

After a thud, the King of Nightmares laid still on the floor and was completely silent.

Hit after hit, pound after pound, the King of Nightmares was completely defenseless against the onslaught, and was in rough shape.

Finally, her gaze changed back to normal. She laid on the ground and stared at Garen, unable to utter a word.

The whole interaction lasted less than 20 seconds in the experiment room. In this short amount of time, Garen managed to put Anshela, who had taken over the King of Nightmares' body, down onto the ground.

Zhaoxing Qin and the others who were outside of the experiment room started to gradually recover as they got up from the ground. They sluggishly set their gaze upon Garen who had just taken down the King of Nightmares who was in the experiment rom.

No. The one who was taken down was Anshela who had taken over the King of Nightmares' body.

The King of Nightmares, who had showed signs of personality disorder and mental breakdown was brought back to normal conditions?! Zhaoxing Qin, Julie and the others witnessed Anshela, who was controlling the situation like a great devil beaten by Garen into submission in the experiment room.

It was like an adult hitting a small child. Even the pure and innocent Julie couldn’t watch the horrible state Anshela was currently in.

Fortunately, the King of Nightmares regained control over her body, but she was so badly injured she was left unable to speak.

"You alright?" Garen reached out his hand and picked up the King of Nightmares. He walked towards Andrela with a wry smile and threw the King of Nightmares into his arms. "I will let you take care of the rest."

"You scared the hell out of me. I really thought you’re about to kill her!" Andrela helplessly hugged the King of Nightmares. From her eyes, Andrela could see that even though the King of Nightmares was severely injured physically, at the very least she wasn’t in any mental danger anymore. Furthermore, the injury on her body was not considered a big issue to the King of Nightmares, even though Garen had in fact pulled his punches.

"How is that possible? Do I look like someone who couldn’t control his strength?" Garen stared at him. "If I hadn’t reacted any faster, It would be so much more difficult to call her back when that man got used to the King of Nightmares’ body." He read about this from a book. Since the King of Nightmares wanted to attempt to absorb the Argent Mirror, he collected a lot of information so that he could understand the overall situation better. With his learning pace, which was inconceivable to a commoner, as long as he met the condition of having a maximum point in intelligence, he would obtain photographic memory and the ability to understand the information instantly.

"Alright, I will carry her inside to rest." Andrela quickly brought the King of Nightmares into their room.

Zhaoxing Qin, Julie and the two old men slowly got up from the ground at this moment.

"That was a shock wave used to target at telekinetics. Fortunately the shockwave didn’t affect either of you since both of you didn’t possess any latent ability in telekinesis."

"Indeed. I doubt I would have such an easy time if that guy got used to his new body." Garen agreed as he nodded. "Luckily this incident is threatening but not dangerous. The King of Nightmares shouldn’t have any sequelae from being forcefully brought back, right?"

"The absorption process of the Argent Mirror had been interrupted, so at least half of the personality had been absorbed back." Zhaoxing Qin shook her head, as if she was still in pain. "However, Anshela should still be inside the King of Nightmares’ body. As long as she is careful not to be mentally excited, she should be able to slowly eliminate his consciousness. However, some essential memories are lost forever.."

She finished with a tone of pity.

Garen, too, nodded in regret.

He was able to fight against Anshela with ease because the King of Nightmares' consciousness was fighting with Anshela to regain control of her body back. Hence Anshela was unable to fully control the body or use any telekinesis.

The most important thing to note was that the King of Nightmares was a novice and had little latent ability in telekinesis. To be able to produce a telekinesis shockwave was considered amazing. When Garen rushed in and forcefully interrupted the absorption process, it was equivalent to throwing a punch directly into a living being’s brain.

These few aspects must be met. If the opponent had successfully control of her body, the Evil Empire Anshela would reborn. Being a person who stood at the pinnacle of all telekinesis practitioners during the ancient era, only God would know what damage he could cause in this generation.

"To be able to cause so much damage to us with the King of Nightmares' little ability. If it was Sylphalan who absorbed the Argent Mirror…" Zhaoxing Qin’s face started to turn pale.

Although Sylphalan had absorbed one Argent Mirror, albeit a weaker one, he would definitely be someone very hard to deal with as the consciousness inside the Argent Mirror had a lot of telekinesis secret techniques.

"Master…" Julie held Zhaoxing Qin as she was very worried.

Speechless, Garen looked at the old lady as she was definitely afraid of Sylphalan. Unlike Garen and the lots who practiced martial arts, who would feel excited as they could see themselves being stronger in the future than being scared when they encountered a strong opponent.

"Alright, since the absorption process had been interrupted, everyone should take a rest. We will gather again when everyone has recovered and move on based on the King of Nightmares' status." He suggested.

"I guess that’s our only option." Zhaoxing Qin was standing on her own as she told Julie to help the remaining two old men.


It didn’t surprise anyone that the absorption of the Argent Mirror had failed. What was surprising was everyone finally understood the troublesome side of the Argent Mirror when Anshela’s consciousness appeared before them.

This item was just like a pandora box, where countless of treasure and secret techniques were stored inside it. One might possibly released an evil and horrifying being once one opened it. Anshela might have successfully reborn and took over the King of Nightmares' body if not for Garen and Andrela. He might even be a telekinesis practitioner stronger than Sylphalan.

Garen and his team finally understood the pros and cons of the Argent Mirror.

After recovering in the basement for some amount of time, Zhaoxing Qin observed the King of Nightmares everyday. Once she confirmed that there were no major issues, the crowd finally felt that they had placed down a boulder from their shoulders.

Garen, Andrela and the King of Nightmares had wasted too much time here as they had their own matters to settle.

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