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"Hmph!" Andrela scoffed, and turned into a shadow, appearing in front of Julie,"go away unless you want to die!"

The Argent Mirror was one of the trio’s objectives, he wasn’t going to let anyone else get it.

"The Argent Mirror is related to the Will of the Origin, if you acquire the secret technique in it you will also learn of the method to disassemble the Will of the Origin!" Julie explained hurriedly.

"Will of the Origin? What’s that?" Andrela asked with suspicion.

"It’s something evil and destructive. It can transform a person’s mental willpower and enhance physical limits. I don’t have time to explain. How about this, let’s work together. You want the secret technique, I just want to disassemble the Will of the Origin, so we can team up. How’s that?!" Julie answered rapidly.

Andrela studied the girl’s expression, and by the looks of the people behind her in such a dire situation, they had no reason to lie.

"We will be in charge of keeping the mirror!" with a quick swing of the tip of his sword, he threw the Argent Mirror into the air and caught it with his other hand,"give me a means of contacting you."

Julie hesitated.

"Give it to him Julie!" the old woman yelled from behind her.

"Fine," Julie revealed a red card and threw it at Andrela.

Andrela caught it, and was about to respond before suddenly turning around and dashing towards Flamingo in distress.

At the same time, Garen’s calm expression dropped as well, he stomped his feet onto the ground and took off in the direction of Flamingo.

Flamingo had turned mad of sorts, the Sword of the Sprites in his hand suddenly turned into a drizzle of red raindrops, pouring like a hurricane towards the King of Nightmares.

What was even more mysterious was that the runes on the sword itself suddenly lit up in a blindingly bright red light.

"Peacock!!" Flamingo jumped, and his body suddenly split up into three different shadows, each headed for one of the trio.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The trio each took a step back, their bodies all hit by an unknown attack.

The King of Nightmares scoffed coldly, and lifted up a single piece of rock with the tip of his leg, with a loud bang it shot towards seemingly empty air in the sky. Mid-air, it suddenly collided with something that turned out to be Flamingo who was moving so fast that he had turned invisible until he was hit by the rock.

At the same time, Stephen snapped his fingers.

Loud roars could be heard from around the perimeter, over a dozen smoking rockets suddenly flew towards Flamingo.

Over a dozen shocked, but professional soldiers calmly lowered their rocket launchers, and proceeded to fire at Flamingo in frenzy with their sidearms.

They were unfazed by Flamingo’s aura of suppression at all!


Suddenly there was a loud screech and rumble in the sky, a big ball of blinding yellow light shot through the sky. Along with it came a circle of white smoke that spread across the entire arena.

Before that settled, an invisible pressure seemed to press down from the sky.


The pressure spread about like invisible bubbles across the entire battlefield in the direction of the trio.

The ground started shaking as well, causing the houses around to shake as well, the air twisted and turned, and even the fire was breaking and burning over and over again.


Flamingo landed from the sky, and calmly knelt beside a silhouette that appeared out of nowhere.

The silhouette was wearing a black cloak, he slowly lifted up his head, pulling off his cloak’s hood to look at Garen.

"Long time no see, Garen."

"Sylphalan... you actually showed up."

Garen stood silently in the middle of the chaos that was erupting, looking at the cloaked man with a plain expression.

Garen slowly lifted up his arms.


An aura as large and powerful as the pressure that had struck started spreading as well.

With him as the epicenter, everything within a radius of a hundred meters was now covered in wild winds in the color of white gold. The white gold air flowed around furiously, before gathering into a giant upper body humanoid that looked just like Garen.

This monstrous giant was made out of white gold, it had a height of tens of meters, so tall that its shadow alone covered over half of the arena. The aura formed giant looked like an exact copy of Garen’s upper body, it looked down on the crowd below with eyes that were filled with black space and infinite stars.

"Heh, heh. This is good, each of us gets one to fight." A slim man with a black beard jumped down from the upper floor. With a loud crash, he landed on the ground; as he landed, he emited a blue aura around him that formed an opaque mermaid that stood meekly between Garen and Sylphalan’s.

Boom!! Boom!! Boom!!

Multiple blasts of mental blows reverberated in everyone’s head.

Behind Garen, Andrela and the King of Nightmares had respectively formed their auras. At the same time, Flamingo released his massive red peacock aura again.

With Sylphalan and Garen at the heart of it all, an invisible aura faced a white gold half humanoid. Further away from them were the four smaller, and varying colored, smaller auras.

At this moment, no matter how little Andrela and the King of Nightmares wanted to admit, or how little Flamingo and Griffith understood, everyone had to admit that in this arena, only Garen was capable of fighting Sylphalan.

Regardless of the outcome, the both of them were on the same level now. This was proven simply by the sheer scale and force of both their auras, this was made out of pure energy, not just mental strength.

At this point, everyone that wasn’t a high level martial arts practitioner such as the pedestrians and policemen around the area, were all starting to get knocked out by the sheer force of the auras enveloping the atmosphere.

Only those who stood further away from the actual battle could roughly make out what was going on in the expo hall.

While normal people couldn’t see the aura forms, they were still intimidated by the way the six of them stood facing each other. The tension alone was a clear enough indication of the impending dangers.

The passed out policemen and onlookers were good enough evidence that this was beyond their logical comprehension.

In the hall, the old man looked at Garen and the lot afar with a perplexed face.

"Fuck me, could this be….the legendary...subsonic boom attack?! This is too much! Where is the government? Where is our beloved government? In this key moment why isn’t my dear government coming out to save the world?!" he was starting to utter gibberish,"just a quick shiver, and everyone around us has fallen, is this also the mythical Tiger Body Shake? The air of a king?!"

"What is this so-called Tiger Body Shake?" Ophany asked innocently.

"Small children who don’t know anything shouldn’t ask stupid questions!" the old man felt light headed now,"No, no, no, I must stay calm," he used all of his might to shut his eyes, and rubbed his temples in hopes of calming himself down.

Very rapidly, he led his small group of bodyguards and Ophany to hide in an even more obscure spot away from the epicenter of the battle. As the old man stared at Garen and the black cloaked man, he knew just how much danger they were all in; he was only joking in hopes of relieving the fears of the people around him.

The university student Ophany didn’t seem to be aware of how thick of a situation she was in,"Old Sir, I think we should try to sneak out of here!" she whispered.

"It’s no use, if we touch whatever’s covering this place, we will fall and die." the old man said as he pointed to a seven or eight people who had fallen without a sound while trying to sneak out of the area.

Ophany felt a chill run down her spine.

At this time, the old lady and Julie’s group had all moved to a corner to rest. The two old man whose heads and bodies had been separated also had their parts moved to a corner by Julie.

Studying the monstrous energy facing each other in front of her, the old lady’s face started to lose colour.

"It’s him...Sylphalan...he has finally come. Julie, if you see an opportunity you must help Garen! Who knew that the seed planted by Gregor so many years ago would grow into such a powerful being today." her gaze turned to Garen, while she was still hesitant, she couldn’t help but admire him,"what a pity. If Gregor was still alive today, he would be so proud and relieved to see how powerful this one has become."

"Teacher…" Julie’s face was red,"if I go, what will become of you all?"

"Don’t bother with us! None of us know for sure what that madman will do. If they start fighting you must try to help Garen whenever he needs it. He’s the one whose skin just turned into white gold!" the old woman desperately explained.

Julie clenched her teeth, seeing how serious her teachers were about this, she forcibly nodded.

The powerful auras were still facing off each other, pushing against each other ever so slightly, stirring up a mental hurricane between the streets and the hall.

Garen raised his right arm with its palm facing upwards. He lightly clenched the air. Boom! A bubble of white air blew up in his hands.

"I’ve finally caught you…" his whole body was like it had been dyed, as it glowed in white gold color,"this time, I will avenge the Elder properly."

Sylphalan was shocked to see their auras facing off each other as equals as he looked up at them,"I haven’t seen you in a while, and you’ve already grown to this level. I must say I do regret not killing you, but just a bit."

"You sure you can kill me?" Garen scoffed. He swung his arms about casually, as he did so, the Divine Statue behind him too followed suit in his actions,"today, we will settle all our scores once and for all!"

Garen lifted up his right hand, aimed it at Sylphalan’s group and made for a grab.


A circle of shapeless aura exploded on the spot where Sylphalan stood.

"Let’s go!"

The three villains jumped up in response, avoiding the explosion by flying in the opposite direction.

"Trying to run?" Garen reached his hand out again and aimed at the three of them, forcing them to disperse with another grab.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Like grabbing insects out of the sky, the giant Divine Statue kept going after Sylphalan and his two followers’ shadows.

"Attack!" Andrela bellowed, and dashed out with the King of Nightmares.

A black cross sword flew towards Griffith.

At the same time, the King of Nightmares casually, and soundlessly appeared in front of Flamingo.

"This is not a good place to fight," Flamingo commented coldly, as he looked up at the massive Divine Statue.

"I don’t think so," the King of Nightmares swung his arm, releasing millions of paper shreds. The shreds were like snow, floating across the sky in a beautiful dance, causing Flamingo to go into a daze.

Both Andrela and Stephen each caught up with their opponents and flew away to fight them respectively.

Leaving behind only Garen to face Sylphalan alone.

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