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Chapter 186: Expo 2
Although this was not the first time for the two of them to saw his transformation, they couldn’t help but stare with a surprise look on their faces.
"Who are you trying to change into this time?" Andrela asked cautiously.
"You got thinner Drela…" The King of Nightmares became a middle aged woman with a well developed body and reached out his hand to touch Andrela’s face.
Andrela was stunned. His face immediately turned red as his veins started becoming visible on his forehead.
"Don’t expect me to give you any quarter you if you become my mum again!!" Andrela was furious.
The King of Nightmare’s laughter could be heard all these while inside the car.
It had been actively noisy inside the car during the journey as Andrela and the King of Nightmare would argue against each other over the smallest things.
The car finally arrived a double story motel before the sky darkened.
There were a few sparse cars and carriages parked in front of the motel.
They disembarked and let the valet take care of the parking for them. The first floor of the motel seemed to have an air of liveliness as they entered.
The space of the first floor is similar to the typical bar. Although there were few patrons, the whole of the first floor was full as each of them took a spot.
ost of the customers were passers by on the first floor of the black ceilinged hall. Some of them were whispering to each other, while others were drinking alcoholic drinks in small amounts. There were even some that were looking at a map.
There was a saxophonist trying his best to play a not so melodious piece of music on the half oval stage on the first floor.
The trio looked all around them but still couldn’t find any spot to seat down.
"Why don’t we just chase one of them off and take that?" the King of Nightmares suggested.
"We are already in Ansela’s territory. Ansela is famous for its strict law. If you do not want to be targeted by the sheriff, it’s best to not make any rash moves." Andrela softly said. "It will expose our position if we make any big moves."
Garen, who had also knew about it, agreed as well.
"Let’s get back onto the road after a quick bite then. There’s no need to delay our journey to the city. If we really can’t find a seat we will just have something in the car."
"Fine." King of Nightmare shrugged. He was now in the shape of Ralph.
A girl suddenly screamed beside Ralph.
Garen and Andrela looked over.
What they saw was a beautiful woman in a full body white dress covering her mouth with her hand as she stared at Ralph. The tomato sauce that was on her hand splashed all over Ralph’s shirt as they collided into each other.
"I’m sorry! I’m sorry!!" The girl kept bowing down as she apologized. Judging from the material of her dress, it was obviously a high quality product. With a silver white belt over her waist that was knotted in a flower from her left side, it enhanced her body figure even more.
"It’s ok, forget about it." Ralph frowned as he clearly made way for her earlier. He didn’t expect that the girl also tried to gave way as well, which resulted in both of them making the same gesture and collided into each other. "Be careful when you walk next time."
"Y...Yes." The girl blushed as she nodded.
Ralph’s shirt was made out of a special material. The tomato sauce quickly came off from it with just a slight gesture. By using a piece of tissue and wipe off the leftover, his shirt looked good as new again.
Three of them looked at the girl as she walked back to her seat. Those three youngsters who looked somewhat cultured and polite looked at the girl immediately started a conversation the moment she sat down. Surprisingly, the heart of the topic was Stephen Ralph.
Those three thought that their voice would be overwhelmed in this noisy motel. What they didn’t

know was that Garen and his team had extreme senses and could hear everything clearly.
Among these three fellows who were not more than 15 or 16 years old, one girl and guy looked slightly frivolous and the white dressed girl was smiling happily on her seat.
"That man has class. He didn’t say anything to me even when I poured tomato sauce onto his shirt. Judging from his attire, I suspect that he must be some young master from a big household. That gaze…" The girl’s personality changed from innocent and elegant to lustful.
The guy from a side replied: "Stop dreaming. They’re are about to leave. Only I would want such a pitiful animal like you. No one can sell you off no matter how they try."
"What do you mean by that!"
"Can you finish your food quickly and stop showing off your love in front of me?" Another girl in a green checkered shirt paired with white jeans said. With short and pale yellow hair and bangs, she gave off a clear and refreshing vibe.
The most eye catching thing about her was that she had a squirrel, smashing a big walnut onto the table beneath her elbow.
"We still have to get on the road after we’re done eating. We need to reach Ansela tonight."
"Understood." Both the guy and girl responded in sync.
On Garen’s side, Andrela had pulled the King of Nightmares away and he was the only one left behind. After glancing at the three youngsters, they walked out after buying their food and drinks.
The valet had already filled up the car with petrol. They got in the car after paying the bill and was immediately on route to Ansela.
The whole journey was filled with silence. Just as they almost arrived the outskirts of Ansela, their car broke down.
"What happened?" The King of Nightmares, who was half awak, asked as he felt the car slowing down.
"The car’s not functioning and I have no idea what went wrong." It was the first time Andrela faced such a problem. He reluctantly stopped the car by the road side and got out of the car to inspect it.
Garen, who was sitting at the back of the car, could even see the white smoke coming out from the hood. The whole car was filled with the pungent smell of petrol.
He got down the car and stood at the slanted grass field which was just beside the road.
"What happened? Can it still move?" He looked at Andrela who had just popped opened the hood to inspect the engine of the car.
"No idea. I don’t know how to fix it either." Andrela shrugged after some inspection.
"I have a lot of clothes on the car; I don’t want to carry all of it and walk into the city." The King of Nightmares complained. "This car is so useless! It can’t even run for any long distance at all!"
Andrela could only pity him.
Garen started to miss Su Lin as he stood at the side of the car. If Su Lin and his limited edition car was here, this problem would have been unlikely. Even if there was, he was an expert in fixing cars.
"Although three of us are masters in martial arts, you can’t just expect us to carry our luggages and walk to Ansela right?" The King of Nightmares leaned against the wall as he started to light up a cigarette. "Why not we hitch a ride?"
"That’s all we can do." Andrela started to pack his own stuff.
Among the three of them, the King of Nightmares brought the most stuffs such as clothes, accessories, makeup, and a mysterious toy box. Andrela and Garen brought minimal items as they only brought washable clothes and boxes to store their money, which was in Picardi’s currency.
Garen stood at the side of the road as he tried to wave down a car.
With his height of 1.8m and muscular body paired with a strict face. The cars did not stop at all. In fact they flew past even faster.
"You won’t do. Let me have a go at it." Andrela pushed Garen aside and stood by the side with a smile on his face. However, it was the eye patch that made him even more domineering during night time. Even his smile started to look like an evil grin.
The driver immediately stepped on the pedal when he saw Andrela’s face. The carriage sped off like a sharp arrow.
The next few cars which passed by was the same and Andrela’s smile started to become stiff.
"Let me try." The King of Nightmares sighed as he walked to the front from behind.
He was dressed properly like a gentleman, which looked much more normal than Garen and Andrela.
After a few cars passed by, a big horse cart with four carriages finally slowed down.
The carriages were all in white and there was an initial ‘KL’ on the carriage.
"Can we hitch a ride?" The King of Nightmares asked the old man.
"Get on!" The old man pointed to the back with his whip.
The trio finally relaxed as they did not have to use their last resort, which was to snatch a car by force. Although the trio were good men who followed laws, they were not messing around during this trip. The Argentism had a lot of eyes in Picardi. They would be the first to know if anything happened.
All of the compartments were big and enclosed. As the trio pulled opened the curtains, they saw the three youngsters sitting inside the adjacent carriage.
"Hi handsome uncle." The white dress girl greeted the King of Nightmares with a smile. "It’s not a small problem to have your car break down in this area. It’s fortunate that you met Sophie’s driver."
"It’s you." The King of Nightmares let out a seductive smile. "Thank you for your help. We might have to walk to the city if not for it."
"There’s no need to thank us. Yali accidentally poured tomato sauce onto you earlier. We will repay you by bringing you along for the ride." The golden hair boy smiled as he said from one side. "Furthermore, you should thank the driver; the girl over here."He pointed at the girl with his mouth."
The girl in pale green checkered shirt laughed.
"We should help each other when we’re all on a trip. You don’t need to thank me." A small, well fed squirrel was climbing onto her shoulder. "My name is Katyusha. Where do you three want to go? I will send you guys there."
"Coconut Tree Hotel at the Northern region of the city. We have booked a room there." The King of Nightmares politely replied.
"Coconut Tree Hotel? I’m gonna ask just because I’m curious. Are you guys going to visit the ancient artifacts expo?" The girl asked.
Garen and his team sat down and the King of Nightmares nodded as he heard the question.
"Yes. We’re here just to visit the ancient artifacts expo. I heard that they will showcase a lot of legendary treasures. We are also a hobbyist collector so we can’t miss this opportunity."

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