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"Unless I said something wrong?" The girl smiled, "look at your opponent who fights without strength, sloppy movement and shows no intention of killing at all. They don’t even treat you like an opponent, they’re just fooling with you."

"Shut up!" Rosetta growled, but was immediately cut across the chest on the shirt by Crimson Sand Sword’s chief, leaving a black mark on her shirt.

"Look at your embarrassed face," the girl smiled, "I heard you’ve taught - before, and with this level you’ve actually produced a pro fighter, so how do you really teach it? Hmm… let me think, did you teach it in bed?"

"Angela, are you looking to die?!" Rosetta couldn’t resist her anger anymore, she turned her back as if desperately wanting to leave the opponent.

In the blink of an eye, a red light shimmered in front of her eyes. Chi chi chi! Three times consecutively and the clothes on Rosetta’s shoulders tore. If it wasn’t for her Hardening Technique, that move would’ve caused her life because she made the mistake of triggering her emotions.

"I said it right? Are you angered by that embarrassment?" Angela showed an innocent face with her hand under her chin. "You weren’t hurt badly? This is White Cloud Gate’s Mammoth Secret Hardening Technique? However, why does it look so weak when compared to other secret techniques?"

"Poor bastard, the day Clark gets bored of fooling with you would be the day you die." Suddenly her expression changed, showing a sinister smile. "You looked so cocky, I thought you had such strong powers, but turns out you're just a disappointment. This is your White Cloud Gate’s Mammoth Secret Hardening Technique?"

Rosetta boiled with anger, but the more she raged, the more she was suppressed by the opponent. Not only that, the injuries on her body also increased.


With a loud "chi", a red sword stabbed into the front side of Angela’s toe and for a moment, it left the floor burning in white smoke.

A red light flashed by, Angela’s opponent retreated with a soft hmm, hugging both hands while wrestling her way out.

Clark slowly walked in from the side.

"The higher authorities did not pair me up with Rosetta because of her abilities," he explained faintly.

Angela was slightly startled but finally understood everything.

At the moment, the situation was unfogging before her.

Clark already injured a bunch of pros from the Crimson Sand Sword. The remaining party was left surrounded, defending themselves with guns.

The Black Mark Association’s King of Fist Leo stared at Behemoth Gate, as members of Black Mark Association and the Behemoth Gate did battle with each other. Besides this was the Sky Warrior Corbella, who were standing with the Crimson Sand Sword.

That black scroll fell in the middle of the arena. However, it was left untouched; nobody had dared to reach for it for fear of being killed by the surrounding fighters. The King of Fist Leo gave it a shot, but was immediately attacked, leaving him with no choice but to retreat.

Clark was the only one walking slowly towards the scroll, flicked it upwards with his toes and caught it in his hands as it fell.

As he held the scroll...


Suddenly, a great number of guns were focused at him, and with it, ten times the amount of extremely strong hidden weapons spun around at breakneck speed towards Clark. In it included a lot of grenades.

Everything erupted in a split second. The weapons rang in the same moment, leaving behind a single, unified, deafening boom.

At the same time, Clark’s surrounding lit up with piece of red sword shadow, an impossible armada of red lights burst at once.

As all the hidden weapons fired, a blanket of shadows was cast upon Clark’.

The arena was suddenly half empty, as if like bodies were rising and falling.

As everyone stared at the black figured shadow in the middle of the arena, they felt the same chill in their heart.

The Crimson Sand Sword sect’s five strongest Grandmasters of Combat all attacked at once, were all injured, and did not dare attack anymore. Now it did not matter how many fire weapons were aimed at them, he still did not feel half threatened.

No matter if it was Sky Warrior Corbella or King of Fist Leo, everyone stared at Clark with an unusually dignified look. They looked at each other, scarcely believing that he had come out unscathed after that exchange, still looking calm as ever.

"Any takers?" Clark asked softly while tossing the scroll.

The arena was silent. A hand trembled somewhere in the crowd.

Everyone around who opened fire including the hidden weapons experts were injured with the ricocheted bullets and weapons. They were all either injured or dead.

"The Crimson Sand Sword is now are all but rotten to the core…" Clarked sighed, "but it’s good. Let tonight be Crimson Sand Sword’s last memory. Such a rotten sword based sect has finally died by my hand."

He held his sword, walking slowly towards the present group members of Crimson Sand Sword.

"Clark!" Crimson Sand Sword’s chief shouted suddenly. "You don’t really think that is the secret scroll, do you? Still remember the King’s Cave?"

Clark squinted and held his steps, his eyes were locked on the body of two policemen who stood behind the Gate Master.

"What do you mean?"

The Gate Master of Crimson Sand Sword held his hand to his back and using his fingers, he drew a word on the hand of the small policeman: stall.

The male policeman Jia Ning finally understood. He knew now that the important moment has come. If they can’t force Clark to retreat, they all would have to die!

He summoned his courage and yelled. "The secret scrolled we retrieved in the King’s Cave was actually fake."

When he and his junior sister investigated that murder case, they were constantly chased after they got the secret scroll. It wasn’t easy as they stumbled back to the city, in fact they were almost killed by a hidden weapon in the police station.

"It’s a fake? So where’s the real one?" laughed Clark. The long sword in his hands gradually turned cold, returning to its original black colour. "Since you brought it up, then you should know it too, don’t you?"

"We’re not lying. Actually… Actually it is tied to a treasure map!" Jia Ning started panicking.

"Treasure map?" Clark frowned. He knew about this secret scroll. He was particularly interested in this scroll that was leaked within the sect, as to why so much attention was given to a Secret Scroll of Secret Technique that wasn’t considered strong. What secrets did it hide that would constitute the mobilization of a first class fighter like him?"

You need to know that to convince this level of Grandmaster of Combat to make a move, the resources that cost them was definitely not a small number.

"Why don’t you explain the origin of this treasure map?"

The small policeman Jia Ning tried his very best to calm down and maintain a confident front.

He just heard someone behind whispered to him that Clark’s Behemoth Gate’s members have an enemy that would rush over tonight, so all he needed to do was stall for a bit. Who knows, the situation might take a good turn.

This was the Gate Master’s meaning and arrangement.

Although he was panicking, but he still tried his best to slow down his heart beat.

"This treasure map is actually related to one of Behemoth Gate’s big secret!"

"Big secret?! You’re saying Behemoth Gate’s big secret?" A ridiculing smile appeared on Clark’s face.


The fine sword on his left hand blurred for a moment. Suddenly, Crimson Sand Sword’s fist master groped his neck and fell sideways to the floor, showing a small piece of rock wedged in his neck where red blood was oozing out. The boxer struggled a few times and eventually, stopped moving.

"Tell me. If I find out that what you say is untrue, and that you were lying to me…" Clark easily drew a few sword shadows.

Everyone in the arena, including the Black Mark Association’s fist master and Holy Fist Gate’s Divine Marshal, did not seem to care. The him now is already headed towards becoming a pro fist master who’s at the pinnacle of the art. The average level of a Grandmaster of Combat does not even exist in his eyes anymore.

In here, he’s the strongest of all!

"Treasure… The Treasure Map is real!" Jia Ning shouted as beads of sweat formed on his forehead, "it is hidden in the secret scroll! Unless you assume that Behemoth Group would really waste all those resources on a Secret Scroll of Secret Technique that is not considered the best?"

Clark’s expression changed but that statement confirmed his initial doubt.

Seeing that Clark started to hesitate, Jia Ning quickly added.

"Hidden inside the treasure map is what was once the rare treasure that was buried by the Behemoth Gate! It can bring your martial arts to the next level! This was the secret I chanced upon in the King’s Cave!"

Clark frowned, though it wasn’t only him. Even the Black Mark Association and the Sky Warrior Corbella seem to be convinced.

Originally Behemoth Gate’s actions were a little suspicious, but with the small policeman’s stall, everybody started doubting.

"Where did you hear this from?" Clark asked.

Small policeman Jia Ning was scared by his aggressiveness that his head was full of sweat. Under intense pressure, he involuntarily wanted to speak the truth.

"I… I…"

Clark laughed, "Tell me, are you lying to me." He lifted his long sword, and slowly walked towards the direction of the Crimson Sand Sword group.


At this time, a majestic transparent wave quickly flew in from the courtyard outside.

Moo! A huge elephant cry came from the courtyard.

Everyone in the courtyard felt their bodies sinking, as deep and huge as the sea being over the courtyard.

With a click, the courtyard was hit.

A strong, muscular shadow of a figure stood in front of the door.

The air surrounding his body seem to twist and move, as if a huge transparent mask was on him. A huge pressure, like waves was heavily pressed upon everybody in the courtyard.

At the same time, a faint sound of soldiers running came from the outside. Shortly, the Crimson Sand Sword sect was surrounded by rows of armed soldiers.

"We finally found you, Rosetta…" Garen slowly walked in through the main door, dressed in black leather shoes, expression cold as ever. His eyes quickly fell onto the girl behind Clark.

"Southern Twelve Gates’ most powerful ones, Garen Lombard… is finally here!" the Gate Master of Crimson Sand Sword let out a sigh of relief.

Clark turned his head to look at Garen. The relaxed smile he carried before vanished quickly.

"White Cloud Gate’s is here to cleanup, Behemoth Gate’s members stay, everyone else may leave," Garen’s voice echoed softly in the courtyard.

Rosetta looked like a miserable mess, she looked at her junior across the courtyard while panting heavily. That teen who was once a weakling, had now grown into an undefeatable fighter.

The two of them exchanged glares for a short while, and memories of the past seemed to flash between them.

"Where’s second senior brother? Where’s the boss?" Garen’s face returned to a peaceful expression.

"I knew you would come," Rosetta started catching her breath and stood up straight. She was about to say something else, but was stopped by Clark.

Clark’s face was filled with excitement, he slowly lifted up his long sword.


He violently brandished his sword in intimidation.

"As soon as I kill you, I will be able to advance to the next level!"

His eyes started to glow a mad red.

Garen looked at him


A great amount of energy gathered around Clark, and crushed him.

Ka Cha!

Clark’s face turned into fear, the ground beneath him cracked, as he took a few steps back from the attack.

The whole courtyard fell to silence.

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