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Garen sat to a side and didn’t speak. He was still quietly experiencing the changes to his body brought about by the enhancement to Agility.

The car continued to move forward. Not long after, Celine suddenly turned around to look out the back of the car.

"Someone is following us from behind."

Su Lin looked into the rear-view mirror and was slightly stunned.

"Followed? I don’t think so. I checked carefully before we set off."


The sound of an engine coming from behind the car got closer and closer.


The car was hit hard once. It started shaking violently and they were almost thrown off course.

"Damn it! We really are being followed!"

Su Lin had an idea. He hurriedly turned the steering wheel to evade the tailgate.

Wham wham!

Two more crash sounds. Two black cars flanked them from the right and left. The rear-view mirror broke off in the crash.

"What the…! Where did these guys come from?! My limited edition Bolshoy!" Su Lin glanced at the broken rear-view mirror with a pained expression. He was frantically turning the steering wheel in an attempt to escape from the flank attack.


A loud crash came from the side again. The right side of the car was instantly dented and almost hit Garen who was sitting in the back passenger seat.

"Find somewhere to stop the car!" Garen shouted in a deep voice.

"I’m trying to!" Su Lin was panicked too. In this kind of situation where the car was flanked, the cars behind would crash into them if they stopped. It would be difficult even for him to sustain such an impact.

If the timing wasn’t right, the car might even flip.

Wham! Wham wham!

Three consecutive crashes made the car shake violently; it started spinning like a top from the impact.

Garen and the others inside were dizzy from the spinning. Garen was relatively fine; Celine and Su Lin’s heads bumped onto some hard parts in the car.


The rear windshield broke with a crash. Garen shielded Celine with his body and held her down on the car seat. Bullets continued to strike the interior of the car and golden sparks could be seen from time to time.

"Damn it, it’s a light machine gun!" Su Lin shouted.

"Find a chance to stop the car!" Garen roared. The sound of the machine gun was too noisy; they couldn’t hear each other clearly.

"I’m trying!!" Su Lin replied loudly. He leaned over the steering wheel to steady it. Under these circumstances, Garen would probably be fine, but Su Lin and Celine definitely didn’t have such a strong peak Body Hardening Technique. They would be badly injured if they got hit a few times.


It was another crash. The black car to their right closed in on them. A man in black clothes pulled out a black rifle and aimed it mercilessly at them.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A cluster of bullets hit the silver car.

Su Lin stepped on the brakes as hard as he could, but the car—clipped by the three black cars—continued to spin and zoom forward.

Suddenly, a large hand reached in from behind and held his head down.

With a bang, a cluster of bullets broke the side window and flew over the large hand. A few bullets actually hit the back of the hand, and blood spurted out from it.

"Damn it, I can’t stop the car! What cars are they driving anyway? The horsepower is so big!" Su Lin started cursing. The brakes under his feet had been completely rendered useless.

He took out a handgun from his waist and wanted to shoot out of the car, but there was no chance.

Garen was just about to stick his head out and jump out from the broken car door when, with a bang, a cluster of bullets suddenly shot in from the hole on the door and hit him squarely on the body. The immense impact shook his entire body and he was shot back into the car.

"Damn it!"

Garen grabbed a piece of debris from the car door and flung it out of the car.

With a whoosh, the debris shot out spinning.


A cluster of bullets hit the car door debris and actually sent it flying backwards. It hit Garen’s chest with a bang.

Bang bang bang bang!!

A stream of violent gunshots continuously greeted Garen’s body; the impact completely prevented him from getting up. His body started to get warmer as the temperature rose; it was the intense heat generated from the impact and friction of the bullets.

Garen was completely pinned down as shot after shot of shotgun pellets forcefully struck his body.

"Stop the car!" Garen roared.

"The brakes have failed!" Su Lin punched the steering wheel hard.

Garen barely raised his head again when—


—another shot hit him hard in the face.

"Go to hell!"


He tore out the entire rear passenger seat and flung it at the black car to the side.

With a thud, one of the black cars on the right started flipping at the impact of the sofa and veered off the road, rolling down the sand dune by the road.

With a boom, the car suddenly exploded. The few men in black clothing who had just leapt out of the car were engulfed in flames.

The two other black cars were shocked and didn’t dare to stay too close anymore, backing off a distance.

"Are you alright?" Su Lin asked loudly.

Garen took a breath and was about to reply when, suddenly the edge of his eye caught sight of something behind them, and all his hairs instantly stood on end.

"Fuck! It’s a rocket launcher!" He didn’t have time to think beyond that; he merely felt a chill run down his spine. "Jump!"

There was a low roar.

He was the first to jump out of the left side. He rammed the car door off with a bang; Celine and Su Lin followed him out.


The silver car transformed into a ball of flames and exploded.

The three of them rolled for a distance on the sand. The black cars sped forward from the force of inertia before they halted to a stop a distance away.

Garen had just managed to raise his head when he saw a group of people alight from the black cars. Two of them were carrying rocket launchers and were already aiming towards Garen and the others.

A terrifying sense of threat surged towards him.

Without second thought, he grabbed the petite Celine and jumped out a few meters in a side leap.

Boom boom!

A large amount of sand and dust was blasted into the air and sprayed down all around like raindrops.

Garen grabbed Celine and rolled down a sand dune, finally avoiding the sight of that group of people.

They kept on rolling for quite a while until they were dizzy before stopping motionless at the base of the dune.

"Pfff! Pff pfff!"

Spitting out the sand in his mouth, Garen rolled over and stood up. He picked the dizzy Celine up with one hand and slapped her across the face a few times.

"Wake up! This isn’t the time to faint!"

Celine’s face was red hot from the slapping, but it managed to wake her up.

"You bastard! How dare you slap me?" She struggled to break free from Garen’s grip, but to no avail. After that bout of rolling, she was dizzy and weak, completely unable to exert any force.

Garen stood up and looked up at the peak of the dune.

"This is the first time I’ve been chased into such a miserable state!"

"Bastard…they’re after me. I’ve implicated you in this!" Celine coughed for a few times.

"You stay here! I’ll go check on Su Lin," Garen said, and immediately started to climb the dune.

As he reached the top, he saw Su Lin walk towards him, also covered in sand.

"Are you hurt?" Su Lin asked loudly.

Shaking his head, Garen walked towards him.

"Where are the people who attacked us?"

"They’re all gone." Su Lin pointed towards the distance. Two black dots could be seen in the distance: it was the two black cars escaping. "They were obviously after you or Celine. They targeted all their firepower at you! Damn, even the KTR rocket launchers are out! I’ve only heard of this being the new product developed in Weisman, I can’t believe they dare use it blatantly in such a place! My 36 million dollar limited edition Bolshoy!"

Su Lin was obviously very irritated, with the pain of losing his car shown across his face.

"This is not the time to be worried about your car! Alright, I don’t think they were after me. They should have been going after Celine."

Garen carefully recalled the situation earlier. It felt like all the firepower was directed at Celine.

It was indeed like she said: those people were after her.


Suddenly at the bottom of the dune, a piercing metal clanging sound came from where Celine stood.

Garen and Su Lin looked downwards. They saw Celine and a person in black clothing fighting each other. In a distance, there were three other figures cloaked in black rushing towards Celine.

"We have to save her!" Su Lin said in a low tone and rushed down the dune.

Garen was slightly slower, but followed behind.


Celine’s petite face was serious. She did a back flip and landed on the sand. There was something in her hand that seemed to be capable of forcefully resisting her opponent.

"You again…" With a tiny hand, she gently pulled from her waist a silver belt—more than two meters long—and flicked it hard. The silver belt produced a series of crisp cracking sounds and transformed into a straight, hard rod.

Two whooshing sounds were heard, and two metal blades appeared at the tip of the rod. The belt had transformed into a trident-like exaggerated weapon in the blink of an eye.

Celine waved the trident around, and drew a few silver lines in the air with it.


At the sound of a gun, a cluster of bullets hit her squarely in the back.

Clanging sounds could be heard from the collision. The yellow sand around them strangely sprayed up and a large amount of bullets were repelled and hit the ground. The yellow sand and dust enveloped Celine.


Not far from Celine, a young man with long, white hair pulled out two daggers from his thighs and ran straight into the sand without hesitation.

"Stop the other two."


The three figures clad in black nearby turned around and leapt at Garen and Su Lin without hesitation.

The white haired youth dashed towards Celine: his footsteps on the sand became more and more rapid, faster and faster.


A black mark suddenly appeared under his leather boots where he stepped on the sand. 

The youth instantly combined his daggers into a short knife. Celine's petite figure reflected on the blade.

"One flash!" the young man shouted as he rotated his body and slashed a silver-white mark with the blade.



A bang was heard.

The yellow sand scattered from the shock, turned into a rim of yellow stripes, spread out in all directions, and gradually dispersed.

The white-haired youth who was holding the short knife, was elbowed hard into the ground.

The sand and dust dispersed to reveal Celine holding the trident.

Her head of copper-brown hair fluttered in the wind. It was as if Celine turned from a child into a mature teen. She gripped the trident in one hand, and covered her chest with the other. Her legs were long and her waist was slim; her pale translucent skin had a jade-like luster when it reflected the sunlight.

"Neptune Fist, Myriad Water Jasper Technique!"

Celine was overlooking the white-haired youth from a height; her eyes seemed to contain the roaring and rolling waves of a vast ocean.

She flipped the trident pressed on top the youth's head.


Blood spurt out from countless wounds on the white-haired youth's body. He had a look of disbelief in his eyes.

More than a hundred wounds tore the skin of his entire body. All his arteries burst and blood squirted out, as if overwhelmed by some immense pressure.

"You…actually…are able to…" Before he could finish his sentence, he fell backwards and died.

Celine retracted her trident and concentrated her gaze on the weapon in her hand. The turbulent shade in her eyes quickly calmed down.


She quickly covered her mouth, but still could not prevent a mouthful of blood from spilling out. The viscous blood dripped from the edges of her palm.

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