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In the middle of the manor.


Multiple machine guns furiously fired out a frightening rain of bullets.

The deafening sound of gunfire in the manor made everyone's eardrums ache painfully.

In the center, there was a two-story mansion.

Su Lin's father, General Crohn, stood side by side with a blue-bearded bald man on the second floor in a room with French windows. They quietly surveyed the scattered battlefield.

Both of them were dressed in black army general uniforms. They stood straight with their hands clasped behind their backs. Two calm, beautiful assistant officers stood behind them.

"This is not looking too good," Crohn said in an undertone as he looked over at the blue-bearded man. "Descon, perhaps we have to do it by ourselves."

"If the two leaders must personally take care of this, then it would already be a negligence of duty on their part." The blue-bearded Descon was emotionless. "Duskdune Shura, renowned as one of the top three assassination organizations. If they were to die facing these assassins, it would be a blessing for the Confederation."

"You are this confident in your subordinates? I heard that after I left, you managed to scout some new talents?"

"Not through scouting, it was through courting. You know that the guys at the special agent bureau joined because they had too much bad history with the state. Talented people without a bad record would never join." Descon explained, "The new recruit is an infamous, wanted outlaw from the Seluja Confederation, which makes this a good opportunity to test his skill. As the strongest assassination organization in the Stonecliff Continent, Duskdune Shura have already been encountered multiple times. It would be a good opportunity to gauge their strength."

"That's a good point," Crohn nodded, "but I am still worried about my son and daughter. Even though I sent some help there, I don't know if the help will arrive in time." A glimpse of worry flashed across his face. "Duskdune Shura's speed is remarkable."

"They'll have to face this eventually as it is their adventure as well. Without hardships, there would be no growth. As parents, the only thing you can really do is worry," the blue-bearded man exclaimed as he stroked his beard.

"All of your children are accomplished, but it is a pity. If Canou was still here…" His eyes dimmed down.

"That was an accident. Don't think too much, it's part of what we do." Crohn quickly changed the topic. "Oh right, New Pacific Corporation has recently announced that they conquered a route to the east. I don't know if this is real or not. Do you have any insider information?"

"Hmm… New Pacific have always been accountable to the Blue Parliament, so I can't intervene as part of the Red Parliament. But I have heard from Senator Taniyas that New Pacific did in fact established a relatively new sea route to the ancient east."

"Mhmm. The porcelain from the East, spices, and handicrafts are among the most expensive luxuries. With the establishment of a stable route, New Pacific Corporation would be the center of attention for a long time," Crohn exclaimed. "If it is possible to establish a trade relationship with the giant ancient kingdom on the other side of the sea, it would be immensely helpful to the Confederation!"

"Don't think too much yet and focus on solving the problem at hand." Blue-bearded Descon lowered his voice as he slowly turned around to the direction of the door. "Let's go take a look?"

"Lead the way." Crohn smiled and followed.

Pa… Pa… Pa…

In a dark yellow office in another part of the manor.

Su Lin spun around in a black leather chair as he played around with a silver pistol. The gun's barrel was extremely long and wide, while the metal surface looked brand new and gleamed with a bright, reflective, silver light. The handle of the gun was made of wood and featured an upright roaring brown bear carved on it. The letters "KZ" were engraved on top.

"This pistol is so damn sexy!" Su Lin could not stop playing with the gun.

Yoda, the Eight-Arm Dragon King, sat on a wooden chair beside the table with his legs crossed. He had a long-stemmed bronze pipe in his mouth as he continuously breathed out rings of smoke.

"As long as you like it. This is my specially crafted, upgraded version of the Seline Pistol."

"It uses Denuda bullets with engravings. Among special bullets that use purple explosive, its power is not to be underestimated."

"Purple explosive? Damn! You can even get your hands on these types of prohibited items and you have the audacity to say you live in seclusion!" Su Lin disdainfully glanced at the Dragon King. "With the addition of purple explosive, is this the type of bullet that's used to hunt devil girls as the rumor says?"

"The church has used this type of bullet to hunt down devil girls from what I know, so you could say that. It was different in the past though, so time may have changed a few things." He took a deep drag from his pipe as he jubilantly closed his eyes. "This gun's effective range is 800 meters, so you'll have to make the judgement. Make sure that when you use it, you don't shoot people that are lined up or you will have to bear the consequences when it penetrates multiple people."

"800 meters!!" Su Lin almost dropped the pistol on the carpet. "Are you saying this is a sniper rifle?!"

"No sh*t! If some powerful individuals wore bulletproof vests, the combination would be impossible to penetrate even with a sniper rifle. If I didn't have anything to offer, how could I be called the Eight-Arm Dragon King?!" Yoda answered in slight annoyance. "Be careful of the recoil."

"I already have a terrible feeling about this," Su Lin mumbled.

"The bullets are specially designed and can only be fired five times. Don't waste them as these types of explosive rounds are hard to find. This is a potent weapon designed to fight against powerful individuals."

Su Lin felt the weight of the hefty pistol in his hand as a frightened feeling emerged in his mind.


Beside the lake, a red flare exploded in the sky.

Fallen Confederation soldiers in yellow uniforms were scattered across the beach. The blood followed the trail of bodies and gradually drained into the lake. A majority of the lake was already colored red.

The twins in green stood quietly at the river bank. Although both of their arms were slowly bleeding, their eyes were full of defiance.

The man named Sayman tried to catch his breath standing in front of the twins with his gaze locked on the Confederation Colonel Moen.

"Woo… So it is you! Silver Snake Moen! You became a pawn for the Special Agent Bureau! I didn't imagine this!"

Colonel Moen's body was full of bloody cuts that looked like they were inflicted by a dagger like weapon. His yellow uniform had already been stained a red color.

The battle was too fast and was decided in a matter of seconds.

The twins had wielded two guns that, at a glance, looked like assault rifles and fired rapidly. Each bullet was incredibly accurate and wiped out the hundred elite soldiers.

But it was not without repercussions. Both of their arms suffered grievous wounds and they could no longer use weapons.

Moen and Sayman's clash immediately resulted in them using their strongest moves as they wanted to finish the opponent in the shortest time. Unfortunately, because Moen lost focus due to losing his soldiers, he was cut despite being equally skilled compared to Sayman.

"I didn't think it was you either." Moen sneered, "Black Feather Blade Sayman, it's a pity, but you all have to die here."

He already heard the hasty footsteps of additional soldiers coming to his aid.

This place was surrounded by soldiers already.

"I also feel pity. If you had joined Duskdune Shura, you wouldn't have died here." Sayman suddenly squinted his eyes as he smiled.

Moen paused slightly as he wanted to say something.

Suddenly, he felt that someone was standing behind him. Then, he felt a sharp pain in his chest as the world began to spin around him. He flew out and crashed on the beach.

"How is this … possible!"

Moen did not understand. When his body was spinning in midair, he saw a figure in a black cape standing behind him.

He was a Special Agent Bureau Colonel that could defend against bullets! The keys to guarding against gunfire were strength and acuity in the five senses. Then, to change position and finish the enemy before they could even pull the trigger.

With such powerful senses, Moen only realized his opponent was behind him when the enemy was inches away.


Moen's body crashed on the beach as blood began to emerge from his chest. His eyes widened as if he did not understand why. The man in the black cape stood at the same place.

"You all are too slow."

Sayman and the twins did not dare to respond as they lowered their heads.

Rapid footsteps were approaching, but it was not confederation soldiers in yellow. Instead, it was masked killers in green.

Two middle-aged individuals, a man and a woman, led the way while wearing a different uniform, but of the same green color.

"Marshal, we have taken care of the situation," the middle-aged man reported as he came to a standstill. He confusedly looked at Sayman and the twins. "What did you guys get yourself into?"

"We met the Silver Snake from before," Sayman answered in a resigned tone as he pointed at the body not far away. "He is a Colonel of the Special Agent Bureau. If it was not for the Marshal's arrival, we would have been in trouble!"

As they were talking, the black caped man walked to the small stone house.

From the time that the assassins started attacking to Moen's death, it all had happened within half a minute. These rapid actions did not take much time at all.

In the stone house.

Aris sat quietly on a deck chair as her eyes occasionally glanced at the flower pattern on the wall. Just when she had sat down, the sound of gunshots began to reach the room.

She was hesitant about whether she should leave immediately by herself or wait for the Colonel's return.

The secret tunnel could only be opened once before it was locked down. This design was to prevent the enemy from chasing.

Within half a minute, the gunshots died down.

Aris knew that there were hundreds of soldiers hidden outside. Although she heard some screams, the only logical explanation for everything suddenly ceasing was that the enemy must have been eradicated! Even Duskdune Shura could not resist a force comprised of Colonel Moen along with a hundred soldiers head on right?

She glanced at Garen on the side as he poured another cup of tea.

"Hmm? Is the drill over?" Garen lowered his voice.

"No, not this fast." Aris smiled as she was just about to explain to him.

Suddenly, the stone house's door gradually opened.

A figure in a black cape stood silently in front of the door.

Aris's pupils suddenly contracted as she felt her body freeze. Without thinking, she stomped her right foot as a dresser suddenly opened, exposing the dark underground tunnel passage.

"Go!!" Aris loudly screamed as she jumped into the passage, but she did not hear the sound of Garen following.

"Sorry, no traffic through here."

She heard Garen's calm voice.

Garen slowly stood up as he directly faced the open door with his body blocking the closing passage.

"It is you, Divine Marshal Garen," another voice said in an undertone.

Aris's eyes popped. "Brother Garen." All of a sudden, she realized what her brother, Su Lin, had intended.

The intruder slowly lifted the cape exposing a face with pink pupils.

"Now let me see, Divine Marshal and Royal General, who is the ultimate conqueror!"

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