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Inside the manor.

Su Lin stood by the window and crossed his arms, he was looking outside.

"They are here. They didn't even disguise themselves!" His eyes were filled up with excitement and expectations.

"Show me what you got, the former Royal Generals of Southern Sky Holy Fist Gate…"

As a Martial Artist, he wanted to observe and pursue higher-level skills.

Inside the changeroom.

Garen was putting on the tight black coat, but he suddenly stopped.

"The enemies are already here, and you are still wandering around?" he turned back and spoke in a cold tone.

"You should worry more about yourself and don't get killed by the former Royal Generals!" Yoda, the Eight-arm Dragon King, sneered and walked out of the shadow. There were eight heavy sniper rifles on his back, they looked like peafowl tails, and it was almost like there were wings on his back. People would feel scared just by looking at the man.

"I hope you know more than just talking." Garen put on his clothes, turned back, and left the room.

"Same to you!" Yoda stopped saying anything. He turned around and disappeared into the shadows again.

Garen closed the door slowly and walked toward the exit of the hallway quickly.

About several hundred meters away from the manor.

Under the sunlight, leaves were dropping down the tree.

Suddenly, several black projectiles were thrown toward the manor.


After the gunshots, those black projectiles exploded and turned into fireballs.

At the same time, the guards hiding inside the manor were hit, they groaned and fell to the ground. Fresh bullet entry wounds decorated their foreheads.


The alarm was triggered right away.


The gate of the manor was blown away by a fireball, the flame dropped to the guards behind it like liquid, and they started burning.

Those human torches groaned and struggled before falling to the ground.

Three black shadows flashed into the manor as the gate opened, they looked like three black strings.


One of the black shadows opened fire and multiple shots were fired within a second.

Snipers on the roofs were hit all at the same time and were all taken out.

Machine gunners started firing as well, but they were all dealt with after the first rounds were finished, and the only thing they actually did was making mud splashes.

Two teams of soldiers appeared on both sides of the building and were rolling to dodge the projectiles, but their foreheads were hit halfway and they died instantly.

Three black shadows stood in the middle of the manor's lawn. They were all wearing black cloaks. From head to toe including their faces, they were covered in black.

Dozens of soldiers followed them into the manor. They all had submachine guns in their hands, wearing green suits and masks. Those soldiers started trading shots with the guards inside the manor quickly.

"Proceed as planned," the first black cloak said in a hoarse voice.

"They are hiding at different positions, and they are far away from each other. Many guards are protecting them. I am not sure what they are planning, what should we do?" another black cloak said in a low voice. There was a lot of gun firing going, but they could still hear each other's voices.

"They are trying to hit us from multiple angles maybe. If they want to play hide-and-seek, we can do it as well. Let's separate from here," the leading black cloak said. "They were trying to distract us with the guards and exhaust us. They've probably already regroup. We need to move before more guards show up."

"Don't worry. The manor is huge. At this rate, it will take them several minutes until they can meet up with each other, and that's more than enough time for us," the last black cloak was a woman, and she said the words in a cold tone.

"Move! Fire the signal after you find the target!"

They moved toward three different directions before the final word left his mouth. Right after they left, a black grenade dropped to their wherever they just were and exploded.

Inside a stone house beside the river.

Su Lin's sister Aris was drinking flower tea with Garen beside a table.

One side of the stone house was open, and dock stairs were built beside it. Waves were hitting the white stone stairs occasionally, sweeping some green water plants to the shore.

Rays of sunlight hit the surface of the lake and reflected back onto their faces. The lake glinted in the sun, and it was glaring.

"I love afternoons, so relaxing…" Aris lied down on the wicker chair, her beautiful hair spread out on the white pillow, and there was a lazy but sexy expression on her face.

She used her slim fingers to block the reflected sunlight, "I want to take a nap…" her voice lowered down.

"Well, no more than half an hour. If you really want to sleep, I can wake you up when it's time." Garen sat on the side, sipping a cup of red flower tea. "We began the training several days ago, and you already got tired. Now I know why you can't even reach the entry level."

He looked at Aris, "You need the perseverance to practice Martial Arts, without that, it will be hard for you to get the hang of it."

"But I want to sleep…" Aris got familiar with Garen, and she was not acting like a gentle girl anymore, she always had a lazy but sexy look on her face.

"Ladies always need more sleep!"

She turned to the side and stared at Garen in curiosity.

"Master Garen, are you looking for a girlfriend now?"

"Nope." Garen shrugged, "Don't try to change the topic."

"But I'm really tired…" Aris started acting like a spoiled child, "I need to take care of my skin, comb my hair, read books, and work every day. I need to make sure I have enough sleep so my skin will stay elastic."

"But if you—"


Garen's words were interrupted by an explosion, and he heard the alarm right after.

He looked at the direction of the manor in shock.

"Don't worry. They are probably doing the military exercises again." Aris laughed nonchalantly, but the laziness in her eyes was replaced by some sharpness.

She stood up, left the chair and looked at the direction of the manor. Aris had a glance at a pattern on the stone house's right side corner, and the pattern rotated by itself without making any noise.

He finally came… Duskdune Shura.

Aris slowly combed the hair to the side of her face with her fingers and tied it up. Although there was a smile on her face, her eyes were not laughing at all.

"Master Garen, let's move. If we don't go to the special soundproof room, the military exercise will bother us. It's usually very noisy."

"I'm fine with that." Garen stood up.


A strange light sound came from outside the door.

The pattern at the corner rotated again, and Aris stopped moving after seeing the change.

"That's was fast!" Her pupils contracted a bit. The rotation of the pattern meant the enemies were already here, and Colonel Moen, the one in charge of her safety, was already fighting them.

Also, it meant that the enemies had already surrounded them, and Colonel Moen wanted Aris to stay in the house and wait for further updates.

The original plan they had was meeting up in a certain location after the alarm was triggered. They were not so far from each other, and it would take them several minutes to reach the place.

However, the enemies were fast, and they were already here before Aris could move.

"Actually, I'm still tired. Let's sit down and have some more rest." Aris smiled and sat down slowly.

Garen sat down as well, he narrowed his eyes and knew something was wrong.


Colonel Moen slowly returned the spiked chain back to his hands.

The end of the chain was pinned to a green masked man's throat, stained with blood dripping down. The chain shivered and returned to his hands like a silver snake.

After the chain had returned to his hands, he glanced around.

There were more than ten dead bodies of the green masked soldiers lying on the ground beside the lake, their heads, throats, or hearts were impaled by the chain.

Blood was all over the ground, and the yellow shore almost turned red.

"Sir!" two soldiers in brown suits ran to Moen and saluted him, "All enemies have been eliminated! What are your orders?"

"Good," Moen looked at them, "How's the situation in the manor?"

"Everything is proceeding as planned," the soldiers answered immediately.

Moen was going to say something else, but his expression suddenly changed and rolled to the left.


The two soldiers fell to the ground after getting shot in the heart.

Moen fired two times without looking, he then quickly rolled again and stood up.

The enemy was right behind him after dodging the bullets. The enemy changed his position as Moen stood up, and he managed to stay behind Moen the whole time. 

Moen turned around again and fired four times with the white pistol in his hand, he was aiming at all the possible angles the enemy could hide.

He quickly backed off after firing his pistol and dodged two bullets from the enemy.

"Silenced pistol? There is more than one enemy here!"

He kicked some sand into the air and threw out a black grenade sneakily.

He jumped forward and started rolling again.


The grenade exploded behind him, sand on the shore was blown into the air and dropped down like rain.

Moen quickly got up and threw his chain toward the front.


The thorns on the chain were blocked, wrapped on the silencer of the black pistol.

In front of Moen, there were two twin girls that looked exactly the same. Their eyes, hair, and tight suits were all green, and they both had beautiful faces. 

"How did you manage to stay alive?" one of the twin girls said in a deep tone.

"Don't worry. Let me deal with him, and I'll let him know, me, Master Sayman, is the No.1 in the green team!"

A tall man in green cloak approached Moen from the side.

"The Royal Generals will know how brave I am." The man named Sayman had a strange expression on his face, and it seemed like he was expecting something.

Moen backed off and returned the chain to his hands.

He had a serious look on his face and waved his hand.

Teams of soldiers in brown walked out of the bushes, they all had gun in their hands, and there were about a hundred of them here.

They surrounded the twin and the man in the middle.

"Kill them all!" Moen ordered.

He quickly moved backward and stood behind the soldiers.

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