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Chapter 122: Assassination 4

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"I don’t know actually. There’s no one to compare them to. They are strong for sure, and we probably don’t need to do anything this time." Su Lin laughed breezily, "I heard about the Spy Agency when I was very young. The Spy Agency is a special department in the federal government, and its members are all very strong. They’re in charge of solving the special cases all around the country."

"Sounds good." Garen nodded, "It’s great if the only thing we need to do is watch, also, when will the disgusting old gunman get here?"

"Disgusting old man? You mean Yoda, the Dragon King?" Su Lin was speechless, "He said he’d rather take actions alone. He will be here when he thinks it’s necessary."

"I hope he’s not just too scared," Garen scorned. 

"…" Su Lin had a bitter smile on his face, "Well, I will assign everyone’s tasks, you go take care of my sister, and I will stay with Yoda. What do you think?"

"Sure, I am a ‘Martial Arts Coach’ anyways."

"That was not just a name… I actually wanted you to teach Aris some things." Su Lin shrugged.

"She’s too old for that." Garen shook his head, although he was only 17 years old, the Secret Martial Arts made him look like he was more than 20 years old, and he had a mature-looking face.

"Just do whatever you can." Su Lin knew age was the problem, "I’ll go check on Yoda. Tomorrow is the deadline marked on the black card, Duskdune Shura had their rules, and they will take actions anytime between the second to the seventh day you receive their black cards."

"Got it."

Garen skipped a stone, and it bounced off the surface for more than ten times. He stood up after watching Su Lin leave the lake and walked into the manor.

"I haven’t improved since the meeting…" He felt a bit disappointed.

Garen’s progression slowed down after he became a Grandmaster of Combat. Without obtaining new Antiques of Tragedy, he could not increase his attributes and level up his skills.

At the moment, Garen could only practice the low-level Secret Martial Arts he acquired a while ago.

Th Firestream Fist and the Dark Iron Palm, he could probably increase the levels of those two Secret Martial Arts. However, the accumulation of venom for the Dark Iron Palm was way too slow. Garen raised his hands and looked at his palms.

Unlike the other parts of his body, his hands looked a bit dark.

Garen looked at his skill bar, "Dark Iron Palm: Entry level not reached."

He had no idea how much venom he needed in order to reach the entry level, based on the normal training duration of low-level Secret Martial Arts, Garen knew it was going to be hard.

The Firestream Fist was also about the hands, and its progression was slower than Dark Iron Palm. Garen had not yet reached the entry level of Firestream Fist as well, and he really could not tell the difference between now and when he just started.

He was a bit nervous, but he calmed down quickly. Garen needed to stay calm to reach his full potential.

"I can’t increase my attributes, and the low-level Secret Martial Arts are not progressing well… Should I go to other sects to collect some Secret Martial Arts that are easier to learn?" Garen scrunched his eyebrows.

After the battle with Andrela, Garen knew he had already reached his limit, and he needed some special methods to help him reach the next level. His plan was to collect low-level Secret Martial Arts from different sets, but he knew Su Lin’s matter was urgent, and he needed to help Su Lin first.

Garen thought he could at least level up the Firestream Fist and Dark Iron Palm but, although he spent a long time on them, nothing happened. He started to think the problems were on the Secret Martial Arts themselves because he had already done everything he could. 

"Maybe I need special talents to level up those Secret Martial Arts?"

He closed his eyes and stared at the skill bar. There were no special signs behind Firestream Fist and Dark Iron Palm.

"If that’s not the reason, then there must be missing pages of Secret Martial Arts I obtained, and the books in the Dojo are not complete. There must be some key requirements for those two Secret Martial Arts, just like the Explosive Fist Arts and White Cloud Secret Arts, I needed to consume the Body Quenching Pill which was not written in the book. Such requirements are probably passed on by word of mouth." Garen recalled how fast he had learned Boulder Martial Arts and Iron Body, he was sure the Body Quenching Pill helped him a lot.

"I need to find the missing pages quickly, those low-level Secret Martial Arts can be found everywhere. I need to visit other sects after the things here are done."

About the sects that were holding Secret Martial Arts, Garen remembered the new organization founded not so long ago, Southern Sky Holy Fist Gate, and he was one of the three Divine Marshals there.

"I’m a member of it, and I think it’ll be fine if I want to check the normal Secret Martial Arts stored there. The Southern Sky Holy Fist Gate was the combination of many different sects, it must have something valuable in its library."

Garen suddenly had the urge to go to the Southern Sky Holy Fist Gate.

"Also, White Bird Holy Fist Palosa is there, and I want to see how strong his legendary Fist Arts really are!"

The Holy Fist!

His Fist Arts were remarkably strong that people considered him as a saint.

If it was called Holy Fist, it must be much stronger than average Secret Martial Arts.

White Bird Holy Fist was one of the top Fist Arts Masters in this era, and Garen felt excited that he had the chance to actually meet Palosa in person.

"After this is done, I will head to Southern Sky Holy Fist Gate!" Garen made up his mind.

For the next several days, Garen trained with Su Lin’s Sister Aris every morning and taught her some basic training techniques. Those techniques were developed by the elders, and they could be applied to almost anyone.

Those techniques were the foundations in the Mammoth Gate, people would not be able to practice them properly without being coached by someone from the gate, and they were mostly used for exercises.

Every single action mentioned in the techniques were important, and Aris needed to meet the standards of those actions. The techniques could help Aris strengthen her body and avoid injuries during the training.

Garen was coaching her and made a special plan for Aris. He considered how much exercise Aris could do per day, and how strong her body was at its current state.

Garen decided what she ate every day, and he also crafted the medicine used to treat general injuries for her. Also, Garen was trying to apply mild venoms on his palms in order to level up Dark Iron Palm, he used things like poisonous insects and plants. However, nothing worked.

Garen was sure the Secret Martial Arts he obtained had missing pages, and he needed something else to help him meet the requirements.

He also practiced Firestream Fist every day based on the standard techniques, he knew he was progressing, but it was so slow that he might as well ignore it.

Garen thought it would take him years to reach the entry level at this rate, and it seemed Firestream Fist also had some special requirements for him to be able to speed up the process.

Five days passed, and he did nothing besides coaching Aris.

Finally, Su Lin sent Garen a message on the last day of the deadline.

On top of a hill not so far from the manor.

A middle-aged man dressed like a noble stepped on the leaves that dropped from the trees, he was surveying the manor and the lake.

The man’s blonde hair was a bit dark, and it spread out over his shoulders. His pupils were pink and beautiful, and they were almost glowing under the sunlight

The man had a black whip rolled up in his hand. He looked like a nobleman that was about to go hunting.

"This is Crohn’s manor?"

"Yes." A man with mask appeared behind the tree on the right. He was wearing green, making him hard to be detected in such environment.

"Crohn and Belfatalia are two of the top commanders in the south, and they are both Lieutenant Generals. I think they already know we are here because there are people from the Spy Agency currently in the manor."

"That Spy Agency?" the man in green wondered. "How much did they spend on this? I heard about the infamous federal agency a long time ago, and I never expected to actually see them in person. Is Director Wellington here too?"


"Let’s wait for everyone to arrive then. All of our member are here this time. Whatever, I am not the one giving orders now, and I will let Duskdune Shura worry about all this," the man said in a light tone.

"Wellington…" another deep voice came from behind.

"The last time I saw him was 30 years ago." A man in a black cloak appeared from the shadows.

"You are here? Duskdune Shura. What’s the plan?" the man with pink pupils leaned to the side and asked.

"Nothing special. We go in, take out the target, and leave," Duskdune Shura spoke in a light tone.

"Are you kidding me?"

"I will do it myself this time."

The man with pink pupil hesitated, he wanted to say something, but he decided not to.

"Let’s wait for everyone before going in. Crohn ignored my offer, and that’s what he will get." Duskdune Shura stared at the manor down the hill.

"Actually… I have a question," the man with pink pupil said. "Is it really worth it? You need all of us to join this mission just for the thing you talked about?"

"You don’t understand. I will explain after everything is done," Duskdune Shura responded.

The man stared at Duskdune Shura, and the atmosphere got heavy. He spoke again after a while.

"Fine. I hope you have a good reason for this."

"I will do whatever you tell me to do. That’s what I promised," a cold female voice came from the top of the tree.

A lady with green hair was sitting on the branch, she was wearing a white eyepatch, and her other eye was open.

"You won’t be disappointed," Duskdune Shura muttered, "let’s move."

He started to head down the hill.

The man with pink pupils followed him in the back, and many green shadows were moving from both sides of the bushes, but they barely made any noises.

"Golden Sword Throne… Duskdune Shura, I hope you don’t lose yourself," the lady on the tree mumbled.

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