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"Yea… That's him!" His voice was shaky, but calmed down after taking a deep breath. "Brother… It was him who almost killed me last time! It was very close!"

He stepped back and hid behind the mature-looking man.

The two looked identical, but his brother had an aquiline nose and looked cunning. Garen stepped forward with a smile on his face, and Delai Xima stepped back in fear.

"No! Don't come any closer!" Although the young man looked more mature than before, he still remembered the horrifying experience Garen had given him that day. He tried to run but he was so nervous that he tripped over himself.

"Huh? Am I scaring you?" Garen smiled and grabbed a glass of black wine from the table at his side.

The room was silent, and most of the people were staring at Garen, but he did not seem to care.

"I'm Delai Ando. I think you have heard of me before." The mature-looking man did not even look at his brother who was hiding behind him. "I'm here to make you pay for what you did to my brother last time."

Garen glanced around. His plan was to come here and finish whatever was left on his uncle's side, and he really did not want to waste his time on these people. However, they had great power in their hands, even his uncle had to think twice when dealing with them. 

In the end, it was a good opportunity for Garen to learn of their backgrounds.

"I'm not going to take over my uncle Anjer's business. However," Garen said, seeing the surprised looks on those men's faces, "I hope someone will at least explain to me what is going on here?"

"I saw you talking with my father not so long ago, didn't he tell you about it?" Delai Ando stood in front of his brother. "Didn't uncle Pang Di mention it to you? I don't trust you. You're doing everything you can to try and take everything from me, and you don't even know about it?"

Delai Ando stopped for a second and sneered. "I don't know what you are planning to do, but uncle Pang Di won't allow it to happen. Also, I still need to make you pay for what you did to my brother."

"Alright, what are you going to do?" Garen stared at the man in front of him curiously.

"You will know after the party." Delai Ando sneered again.

"Why wait? Show me what you got!" Garen stood up and tried to grab Delai Ando.

Garen was extremely quick, and no one had expected him to start a fight right here and now.

He was aiming at Delai Ando's neck and made it look very easy.


Two men kicked Garen in the back, but they did no damage to him.

Another two men blocked Garen's path, but they fell to the ground after he touched them with his palm, and Garen grabbed Delai Ando easily.


A black pistol appeared in Delai Ando's hand, and he pointed it at Garen's forehead.

"You want to fight, huh? You are dead!" There was a grim look on Delai Ando's face, and he turned off the gun's safety.

The situation got intense. The young men in the meeting room had no idea what they should do at the moment, and no one talked. They did not want to make Delai Ando angry. If he pulled the trigger, the people in the large meeting room would definitely hear the noise, and no one would be able to take the responsibility if that happened.

"You are as foolish as your brother," Garen said in a light tone. He startled Delai Ando with the shockwave from his hand, and the man dropped his gun to the floor.

Delai Ando felt like he had just lost all his strength, and Garen could see how shocked he was from his eyes.

"How dare you!" Delai Ando yelled.


Garen hit Delai Ando's right arm with his palm, and broke the man's bone. Everyone in the room shivered after hearing the sound of bones breaking.


Delai Ando screamed in pain.

"Let him go!"

Suddenly, someone tried to stab Garen's right arm with a black dagger.

It was Delai Ando's body guard. Although it was a fight between the Young Masters, Garen had went too hard on Delai Ando. The bodyguard thought if he did not act now, Garen would do something even worse to his charge, and he would be in trouble after.


The bodyguard's wrist was hit by Garen, and he dropped the dagger to the ground right after. He backed off immediately, but he still lost his strength and fell to the ground.

On the other side of the room, the young man named Vaeneris started to clap. He was smiling, and it looked like he was praising Garen. He and several other teenagers were protected by more than ten bodyguards in black suits. They formed a circle around the teenagers.

Garen had no idea when they had entered the small meeting room.

Delai Ando's face was pale, and Garen just dropped him to the ground.

"Who are you? Vaeneris?" He slowly walked towards the young man.

Vaeneris's expression changed, but he quickly calmed down and backed off a bit. The bodyguards seemed nervous when Garen moved toward them and moved even closer to the teenagers.

"Garen, Mr. Anjer's situation is bad, and he does not have much time left in this world. Our fights here will not affect the right of inheritance."

"He is dying?" Garen scrunched his eyebrows.

The clean meeting room was in a mess after the fight. Wine, broken glasses, chairs, tables, bodyguards and Delai Ando were all on the floor.

Delai Xima hid himself in a corner, his face pale as he looked at Garen in fear. Delai Ando had passed out due to pain, and several other teenagers were staying as far from Garen as they could, not wanting to get involved in this.

"I will inform father about what just happened here. He broke his relative's bone! Let's see how he can get the inheritance after the rumor spreads!" a young man with grey hair said in anger. He stood right beside Vaeneris, staring at Delai Ando's broke arm with fear in his eyes.

"Westin! Are you alright?" The door of the meeting room was pushed open, and several people rushed in. One of them was Pang Di. He rushed toward the young man with grey hair and started to check on him.

Garen did not really care. He glanced around and saw that none of the bodyguards that followed the people into the room were strong. Most of them were just amateur gunmen.

Garen's uncle walked through the door with a calm look on his face and went directly to Garen.

"What happened? Are you alright?"

"I'm good." It was acceptable as long as no one was killed in the fight. That was the bottom line for a fight between family members.

"Uncle, just tell me the truth. How's your condition right now? I heard about your illness already," Garen asked in a light tone, narrowing his eyes.

Anjer looked at Garen with a bitter smile on his face.

"How did you know? I'm not sure actually. My doctor told me I have half a year left."

"You never told me before."

"I really had no idea about my condition." Anjer was searching through his memory. "About half a year ago, I was diagnosed with body hypofunction. I don't even know why I suddenly became ill. Well, that's not for you to worry about. Let's go upstairs."

Garen nodded, and he started to check the clothes and accessories his uncle was wearing. He found a black jade ring on Anjer's left first finger.

Garen was a bit confused, and he touched the surface of the ring after seeing it on Anjer's finger. His expression changed as some soothing light Qi flowed into his body. Although it was weak, the flow was stable. However, it was too weak for Garen. It would take the ring years to increase Garen's potential meter by ten percent, and that was not helpful at all.

The ring was an Antique of Tragedy, and its surface was coated with a sort of isolation paint. If Garen had not touched it, he would never have found out it was an Antique of Tragedy.

"Uncle, how long have you been wearing the ring?"

"This one?" Anjer wondered why Garen suddenly asked about the ring, but he still answered right away, "Two or three years maybe, why? I think I purchased it from a secret organization."

Garen immediately thought that it might be the Golden Hoop.

"It can't be…" There was a strange look on his face. "But if it's not in the special location it originated from, it wouldn't do any harm. I think I got this point right. This ring…" Garen started to think.

"Uncle, do you know if anyone did something to the ring after you obtained it? Or did the ring change after you started wearing it?"

"You think this ring makes me ill?" Anjer was not convinced. "Nothing happened to it I believe…"

Garen scrunched his eyebrows, ready to speak, but he was interrupted by Anjer before he could say something else.

"It can't be the ring, but I will take it off if you think it's the problem."

Anjer was happy that Garen was so thoughtful.

"Sure." Garen smiled. In the whole southern area, the Golden Hoop was in charge of selling the Antiques of Tragedy, so this ring must be from them as well. Although Garen was not sure if the ring was the reason why his uncle got sick, it was still better for Anjer to stop wearing it.

Right after Anjer took the ring off his finger, Garen could feel Anjer's Qi start to increase, and it was much better than before.

"That's the reason then…" Garen was surprised.

"Uncle, I actually like this ring a lot, would you mind giving it to me?" Garen asked.

"If I give you the ring, will you take over my business?" Anjer laughed.

"You are still young, uncle, I will take over when you really want to retire. To be honest, I think the doctor wrongly diagnosed your illness. Their equipment could be faulty, and they probably need a new set."

"I hope so…"

Garen looked at the ring his uncle handed over to him, and he knew Anjer felt much better after taking the ring off. He felt relieved after proving his assumption.

Garen left the meeting room with Anjer since he didn't want to spend more time playing with the teenagers behind him. There was one thing he needed to do before leaving, though, and it was arranging another date to meet with that young girl. 

Garen needed to help Su Lin first, and it was his priority at the moment. Also, he needed to tell his family about what he was doing. He would have to lie about its dangers since he wouldn't want them to worry too much about him.

Garen needed to find a new excuse.

He had no idea how he should explain everything to his family, and he almost got a headache only thinking about it. He was uncertain of how long he would be away from home this time, too. 

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