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"No problem." Garen nodded. "Before that, I need you to help me locate Senior Sister and Senior Brother. Also, I need to make sure the situation in Huaishan City is under control. There are still some things I need to take care of."

"Sure, I can help you with that. I will talk to the authorities. You don't need to worry about anything after those mice are dealt with." Su Lin smiled, he was in a good mood.

"We need to finish Manleyton Corporation and Bouvini off. I'll send you some people to do the management if you want. Also, what about your uncle?" he continued.

"I will handle it," Garen said with a light tone. He was much stronger than before, and with the help of Su Lin, he could easily handle all of those issues.

However, Garen had never told his sister and parents about what he was doing. They thought that he went on a trip with Master Fei Baiyun and had no idea how bad the situation was.

Su Lin knew Garen had made up his mind. "Finding Rosetta and Farak may take some time. They just disappeared without leaving a trace."

"It's fine, just keep searching while I am away." Garen knew it was impossible to find them in a day or two.


The dishes finally arrived. There were several Asian style pan-fried dishes served with rice. Although the flavor was average, the food was to Garen's taste.

Su Lin was efficient. He led his special army to Manleyton Corporation, accused them of Antique Scalping and arrested whoever was left there. Someone had passed a message earlier to several elites of the corporation, and they escaped before Su Lin's team arrived.

Ten days later.

In a deep forest outside Huaishan City.

The last force of Manleyton Corporation was surrounded in a mansion. There were many gunshots going on at the place. Su Lin and Garen stayed behind the guards, surveying the white mansion from a distance.

"Our people are having trouble breaking in. It is probably the last force Manleyton Corporation has, and there are many elites inside it. They are doing a pretty good job of defending their position." Su Lin smiled and looked at Garen. "How about we just wait here until they decide to surrender? I don't want to lose anyone in my team."

"I will do it myself I guess." Garen looked at the rifles sticking out of the windows and shook his head.

He did not wait for Su Lin to respond and just walked straight toward the mansion. His body kept inflating while walking, so Su Lin ordered his soldiers to stay out of Garen's way.

"Is this guy trying to die? He's not even wearing a bullet proof suit. Who the hell is this guy? A superhero? His body is inflating?" One of the young soldiers behind the tree said in a light tone, mocking Garen.

"Shut the hell up!" Another soldier beside him slapped the young soldier's head. "You're talking about Master Garen. He's one of the three Divine Marshals from the Southern Sky Holy Fist Gate. He can easily deal with those punks."

"Tsk, I don't think he can resist bullets." The young man was not convinced, but he decided not to argue with the leader and lowered his head.


Garen did not hear their conversation. He kept on walking toward the mansion's gate.

"It's Divine Marshal Garen!" Someone inside the mansion yelled in a shaky tone. He sounded desperate and scared.

"Bring it on!"

"We can't just sit here and wait!" several others yelled.

Suddenly, the place became deathly silent.

There were no gunshots going on anymore.

Garen stood in front of the white iron gate, but he could not sense anyone pointing a rifle at him. After becoming a Grandmaster of Combat, Garen's sense was keener than before, and he could easily find the people that weren't hiding their intention to kill. To him, it was as easy as finding a shining dot of light in the dark.

Su Lin's soldiers stopped firing after the mansion became silent. They were confused, and some of them were trying to peek inside through the windows, but did not see anything moving. It seemed like the Manleyton Corporation's last force had already given up.

"What's going on? They surrendered?"

"I don't know, they aren't firing anymore."

"Let's wait for orders."

Garen stood in front of the gate quietly, his body still inflating to 1.9 meters tall. Although he was still weaker than in his final form, his defense was already incredibly high.

It was quiet.

Sunlight penetrated the leaves that were falling from the tree, and the wind blew them away. After the gunshots stopped, Garen could hear birds twittering and insects chirping.


Several dry leaves dropped down from the tree again due to the wind. Garen slowly reached out to the handles of the gate.


As Garen's fingers touched the handle,Manleyton Corporation's force started firing again.

Garen rushed forward, bullets were coming toward him from all angles. The noise of gunfire suddenly returned, and he could barely determine where all the gunshots were coming from. Garen crashed through the white iron gate with his fists. It broke into pieces and collapsed inward.

Garen was locked on by four enemies, and they kept firing toward him.


Garen was in the line of fire, but he kept stepping forward. He travelled more than ten meters after three steps. A one-eyed man had a submachine gun in his hands right in front of Garen, and Garen hit the man in the face.


The man's head exploded, and he dropped his gun to the floor. Garen did not stop. He found the other three and finished them all, then looked for more targets. Although his speed was slower than the best Martial Artists', he was still much faster than normal people.

The bullets did no damage to Garen. It was like they were hitting a steel plate.

Finally, Garen found the last elite of Manleyton Corporation. The man was choking with tears in his eyes. He saw Garen coming for him, the horrifying shadow getting bigger and bigger in his sight.

The elite had a crazed look on his face, and he was laughing.

He quickly took something black out of the pouch on his waist.

"Let's die together… heh… together…" The man pulled the ring off the grenade and held it in his right hand. Garen stayed calm. He chopped off the man's right wrist with his hand right after he figured out what the man was trying to do.


The man's right arm detached and flew to the corner, blood splashing all over the ground.


The grenade exploded, and mud was everywhere. Garen could smell the gunpowder in the air.

Garen took the man by his throat and lifted him up. The crazed man took out a pistol and kept shooting at Garen's chest.

"Grasping at straws." Garen broke the man's neck without applying a lot of force. He put down the body carelessly and walked inside the patio.

There were still people shooting at him from the second floor, and some were even throwing grenades at him.


Garen only blocked the grenades that went close to him. Although there were explosions all over the place, the further ones were of no threat to him.

Garen stood in front of the mansion and pulled the lock out of the door with his fingers. He then pushed the door open and entered the mansion. The gunfire inside stopped, and Su Lin's soldiers started firing to suppress the enemy.

Several of Su Lin's elite soldiers followed Garen, splitting into two groups after entering the building. Garen stood by the entrance and looked at the second floor.


A bullet hit his eye lid, and it sparked a bit. Garen had closed his eyes right after seeing the enemy was about to fire. The scene made the soldiers around him speechless. No one had ever seen anything like this before.

"I want that one alive," Garen spoke in a light tone.

"But…" The lieutenant's voice was shaking. It was not the fear that made him shake, his body was just naturally reacting to danger.

Garen did not wait for the lieutenant to finish his words, he just entered the first floor of the building.

He saw a large living room first. Everything was white here, and he saw several religious sculptures in the room. On the left, there was a spiral staircase that was connected to the second floor.

The soldiers that had entered the building with him were already fighting by the stairs, judging by the sound of gunshots he could hear.

Garen did not stop, he kept going upstairs.

Before he could reach the second floor, the staircase collapsed, and lime was blown into the air. Garen fell to the first floor. He raised his head and looked at the second floor.

He saw several people, Cynthia among them. The elite bodyguard captain of Manleyton Corporation was hurt, and there was blood on her face.

"I'm done… I am Assassin Bichurin… I can't just die like this. This place is narrow, and there is no audience. There is nothing around here! I didn't even find a worthy opponent…"

There were only four enemies guarding the stairs and the windows.

The leader was a middle-aged man with a scar on his face. He finished his sentence and drew his scimitar. He was ready to engage. 

Cynthia had no expression on her face. Although she was hurt, she looked calm and was even whistling.

"I am so dead… Divine Marshal Garen of Southern Sky Holy Fist Gate… I knew it! I knew I should not have stayed with you guys! Wah…" A tall handsome man was crying like a baby and trembling in fear. 

"Kaiser, you weak ass bastard! Why don't you find a way to deal with that monster if you have the time to cry!" The last woman in black yelled, holding submachine gun in her hands.

There were bodies everywhere on the second floor. The blood was dripping off the stairs, and the fishy smell in the air made people sick.

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