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The sun draws to its end, the air stank of fear and sweat. as the night was finally coming up a young teenage boy was dreading on what to do.

Kazuto sat in the closet petrified to even leave this place. His auntie and uncle would beat him at every so little thing he did, all he wanted to do was flee. He heard the words of his uncle in a bitter tone yell. "Kazuto! Come out here now!"

Kazuto kept silent. He hadn't known why he was being beaten or what he had to do for it to stop. All he had known was that his uncle had been fired from the military for the consumption of an illegal substance and from that time on he would all ways see the hate in his uncle's eyes against almost everyone except for Kazuto's auntie. He didn't know what type of twisted and sick relationship they had had but he did know that she much rather enjoyed seeing her nephew being whipped.

The thought of never being loved by anyone brought him to tears each time, his parents had died when he was only three and had to live with his auntie and uncle. The more he thought about it the more he began to be upset and at this moment it was the wrong place and the wrong time because Kazuto started to think about all the horrible things and why he would deserve this, the rage and sadness roared inside  himself  as the tears began to come much faster the child began to sob loudly and uncontrollably, his father had now been led straight to him. As Kazuto's uncle's footsteps drew closer Kazuto was unable on what he should have done.

The closet door swung open and an enormous amount of chills flew down Kazuto's back. He felt his uncles large hairy chilly hands wrap around his foot. He tried to grab onto something before he yelled at the top of his lungs.

No-one was there to help him... He was all alone about to take a punishment he didn't deserve. He turn't round to look at his uncle's eyes but all he could see was a cold and unsympathetic dull black eyes which made his soul shiver. Kazuto's father struck his hand attempting to punch Kazuto in his face. Kazuto's eyes closed hoping it would decrease the damage when all of a sudden he re-opened his eyes and everything had stopped. "W-Whats happening.." He said confused.

A small voice whispered into his ear."Do you think your uncle  deserves a punishment for all the torture...?"

"WHO ARE YOU?!" Kazuto yelled.

"Answer my question..." The voice said in response.

"Y-yes.."Kazuto said as he looked down.

"Very well then...." the voice said before it faded away with the very last word.

Time had unfrozen

Kazuto's uncle punched Kazuto in the face and he was sent flying backwards. Kazuto would slowly stand up and look at his face, blood started to fall down his face as he would then look at his uncle while breathing heavily. "I HATE YOU!" He roared. And at that moment he felt the rage building up inside of him. He bent his head down." SO WHY DONT YOU JUST DIE?!" Before his eyes turned red and his body had been engulfed in blue flames but within second the flame went out.

Kazuto looked around himself, he then opened his hands to see a blue flame in his hand. he stood there amazed for a bit.  His uncle looked astonished, he was absolutely lost for words, his uncle slowly moved back as he would try and reach for a bottle.

His uncle would then run forward and attempt to hit  Kazuto on his head but he caught the bottle and smashed it against his uncles head and his uncle instantly fell to the floor. Kazuto then stood  on his uncle back."You can't hurt me anymore." Kazuto said as tears fell down his eyes.

Kazuto's uncle gulped."You're a monster.."

Kazuto looked down. "I guess I am." He said as he would kick his uncle to the floor before he bent down and burned him to death.

Kazuto stood there for a bit, had he really killed his uncle? Was this the end of his reign? Was he safe? He looked around. Where are was his aunt? Had she seen what had happened? Kazuto shook his head, he needed to kill her. He then dashed up the stairs looking for his aunt he had heard the bedroom door shut and he would then run to the door. He kicked the door down he began moving in closer he heard her say.

"Kazuto..? What are you doing here..? Wheres your uncle?" Kazuto had then moved forward and whispered. "Dead." 
Kazuto's aunt's eyes widened as tears fell from her eyes. "You..." she said with her words going off trail. She slapped Kazuto. "You're a murderer!" She screamed.

Kazuto stood there, he smiled."Well, who's to blame for that?" He said as he would then let the fire appear in his hand. 
"I wish you died instead of your parents!" She said with her voice breaking.
Kazuto then would turn around a walk to the door before he threw a small fireball at his aunt.
30 minutes later. 
Kazuto's tried to use his flame again but nothing came, he was now calmed down while he was cleaning up the blood on his face the thoughts came to his mind. What.. Have I done?! D-Did they really deserve to die?  What if the police find out?! How am I going to survive? All these thoughts raced through his head but he knew one thing for sure. He had to run, Kazuto took his uncle and aunties 
money and changed into some new clothes before he ran into the pitch black night.

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