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Chapter 4141: 4141
Chapter 4141: Mian, It’s Mom (11)

Pudding didn’t know if her gut feeling was right .

She wanted to find an opportunity to tell her father but didn’t dare to .

She didn’t want to hurt her father because she doubted her mother .

However, Pudding could feel that her mother had been strange after coming back from Yunnan .

Her whole being was weird, but Pudding couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong . Anyways, that kind of feeling was really strong .

In secret, she searched through a lot of information on her phone, including jinxes and evil curses .

She also searched up demonic possession and other supernatural possibilities .

She thought that if she had a chance to see her grandmother, she would ask if there were any powerful healers in the city .

So she could check out what was wrong with her mommy .

It didn’t make sense that her father couldn’t sense what she was feeling .

So, Pudding was very conflicted…

However, she didn’t dare tell anyone .

At the same time .

On the other side of earth .

At the Ocean Palace .

Huo Mian slowly walked up and finally made out the shape of a woman sitting on the throne .

She couldn’t tell what she looked like, as she was wearing a crystal mask .

This was the first time Huo Mian saw a crystal mask in her life . It must’ve required top talent to create .

Seeing the mask made Huo Mian think about Leila and her golden mask .

They must be connected in some way…

They both wore masks, so they must be allies .

“Child, you’re here . ”

The voice was beautiful, but the call towards Huo Mian made her confused .

“Who are you? Why did you bring me here? What do you have to do with Leila? Where are my friends?”

Huo Mian had too many questions and asked four in a row .

The woman only smiled, then she began walking down the steps .

Every step, the golden accessories on her clinked . She had on a queen-like cape, it was gorgeous and eye-catching .

It looked like a dream, not reality .

“Mian, do you know who I am?”

When Huo Mian heard that, her pupils contracted . She didn’t know why the woman would say such a thing .

“Mian, you’ve always been bright… I heard that when you were young, your intelligence was far higher than the average child . Since you’re so smart, why don’t you guess who I am?”

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“Do we know each other?”

Huo Mian was puzzled .

“Don’t you think I look familiar?”

The woman stared into Huo Mian’s eyes and smiled .

The crystal mask covered half of her face, but Huo Mian could see her nose and mouth .

Staring at the face, Huo Mian felt a wave of familiarity rush in .

She searched through her memory, trying to remember where she had seen the woman…

However, after a while, she couldn’t recall anything .

“I don’t care who you are, stop playing tricks . You didn’t go through all that trouble to get me here to just feed me food . ”

Huo Mian knew that they must’ve had a motive .

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She didn’t know what it was exactly, but she felt that it could be connected to Professor Lu .

She heard Yan say that there was something extremely important in her father’s hands . That was what many were after .

Ian hunted down Yan for years for it .

After hearing Huo Mian’s words, the woman raised her hand and slowly took off the mask .

Huo Mian paused her breathing when she saw her face .

There was a voice beside her ear…

The woman said in a soft voice, “Mian, I am your mother . ”

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