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Chapter 4054: 4054
Chapter 4054: Life or Death (4)

It was an eventful night .

After Su Yu disappeared, Huo Mian disappeared; now even Qin Chu disappeared, too .

Their friends were frantic with worry; Tang Chuan sent audio messages in the chat group almost every day .

Gao Ran knew something about the case but didn’t say a word about it .

Wei Liao and his wife Jiang Xiawei were worried about their three friends, but like the others, they could do nothing but pray for their safe return .

After getting married again in a low-profiled manner, Wei Ying and Shen Mingxi had a peaceful life .

The first thing Shen Mingxi did after getting back together with Wei Ying was attacking the Ye Family’s business, cutting off its funds .

Meanwhile, Ye Zhaoyang had holed up and didn’t dare to show his face in public ever since he was beaten senseless by Shen Mingxi .

Afraid Wei Ying would feel uncomfortable living in his old house, Shen Mingxi bought a new one and moved in with her . This house was not far from Sky Blessing Court where Huo Mian’s mother lived .

Everyday, Shen Mingxi went to and from work regularly while Wei Ying did her business during the day and came home early to cook for him .

Their life was very happy .

“Ying, did you transfer money to Tiantian again today?” Shen Mingxi asked Wei Ying during supper .

“Oh . She told you?”

“No, but she’s still young and doesn’t have a bank card of her own . She’s using my additional card, so I can see all the transfers on her card . ”

“Oh, I see… It seems nothing escapes from your attention . ” Wei Ying smiled prettily like a happy little woman .

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“Ying, don’t transfer money to Tiantian again . She lacks nothing . I had just transferred 100,000 yuan to her one month ago . She’s a child and I wonder how she spent the money so fast . Today you gave her 50,000 yuan again . You can’t do that again . ”

Shen Mingxi doted on the child, but he didn’t want to spoil her, making her into a spendthrift girl .

“Tiantian called me, saying a child in her class got leukemia and is raising funds; she donated 50,000 yuan and won praise from the school’s leaders . Her teacher even made her the class president . I think doing charity is a good thing . ”

Wei Ying didn’t think she did something wrong . When Tiantian called her Mom sweetly on the phone, her heart almost melted .

After all, she was a simple woman and didn’t transfer her previous grudge against Huo Yanyan to the child . Instead, she had felt guilty and was even better to Tiantian after Huo Yanyan died .

“I don’t think she dares to lie about the donation since a simple investigation would find out the truth . But I wonder if she donated money to help her classmate . ”

“You mean…” Wei Ying was surprised .

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“I’m afraid she has another purpose . Tiantian doesn’t care for children of her age . ”

Ever since Tiantian’s previous violent behavior in Singapore, Shen Mingxi had been cautious .

“Are you sure? She’s only a child and can’t be so scheming… Let’s not think the worst of her . ”

“Ying, let me handle her life expenditure . Don’t give her money without telling me . Because she’s young and has lots of things to learn, we must be careful with her education . ”

“Okay, I got it, Mingxi . ”

As Wei Ying lowered her head looking a bit sulky, Shen Mingxi felt bad .

He put his hand on the back of her hand and said gently, “Ying, let’s have a baby of our own . ”

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Hearing his words, she looked stunned, thinking she had heard it wrong .

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