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Chapter 3864: 3864

“What’s going on?” Han Yueyao was confused .

“You’re getting popular… It’s a good beginning . I’m sure President Su is happy,” the agent said proudly .

Hearing Su Yu’s name, Han Yueyao smiled shyly but no one noticed this tiny detail .

“Big Yao, when you become a big star, please don’t change your team . We want to continue working for you,” the young assistant said .

“I’m not that lucky…”

“Yeah, you’re . From what I see, you’ll be an overnight sensation,” the agent said .

“Will my income grow? I can make lots of money, right?” Han Yueyao wondered .

“Of course . After you’re popular, you can do many product endorsements… Endorsing one skin care product will earn you an eight-figure income . ”

“Forget it . I’d better stop dreaming . You two are just building a castle in the air… If I get eliminated in the next round, I’m finished . ”

Han Yueyao didn’t think she could go far since she wasn’t popular and didn’t know how to suck up to people .

Other performers had public personas designed by their companies; for example, in the public’s eye, they were either food-loving, straight-forward, silly, cute, or tough, etc .

These personas were very popular among the fans, but Han Yueyao insisted on being herself .

She went straight to the rehearsal room to practice dancing; people in the performance department were all exhilarated because of her first victory .

Su Yu didn’t see her and they only exchanged a few WeChat messages . Seeing Su Yu was busy, she didn’t want to take much of his time by babbling .

In the evening, Han Yueyao found Su Xiaoxiao and they went to a new hot-pot restaurant near the company .

“Yao, do you mind that I called Lin to have supper with us?” Su Xiaoxiao watched Han Yueyao’s reaction when she asked the question .

“Um… Okay . It won’t cost much more money anyway . ”

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Hearing the mention of Lin Hang, Han Yueyao looked a bit uncomfortable .

The moment she said it, Lin Hang walked in . He came alone and didn’t bring any of his pals .

“Big Brother Lin, this way . ”

Su Xiaoxiao was always enthusiastic when she saw Lin Hang .

Wearing a black windbreaker, Lin Hang needed a haircut .

He walked over and took a seat next to Su Xiaoxiao and across from Han Yueyao .

It was obvious that he was purposefully keeping distance from her . In the past when the three of them had meals, he’d always sat in the middle .

“Is it cold outside?” Su Xiaoxiao asked .

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“No . ”

“Did you ride here on your motorcycle?”

‘No, someone borrowed it . I took a taxi . ”

“Oh, that’s good . We can drink some alcohol since you’ll take a taxi back home . ”

Su Xiaoxiao asked the waiter to bring them three bottles of beer .

“Congratulations . ” Lin Hang raised his glass at Han Yueyao . Before she could reply, he drained it as if he was angry at someone .

“Big Brother Lin, take it slow . Yao and I can’t handle alcohol as well as you… If you drink so fast, we can’t catch up . ”

“It’s fine . You don’t have to catch up . ”

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Dismissing Su Xiaoxiao’s admonition, Lin Hang drained three glasses in a row; obviously, he was angry .

“Super star… Congratulations to you for fulfilling your dream… You finally… are famous and get to leave our ordinary people’s world . Hehe . ”

The mockery in his words was obvious to Su Xiaoxiao and Han Yueyao .

Han Yueyao looked embarrassed .

“Big Brother Lin, are you in love with our Yao?” Su Xiaoxiao asked with a smirk; people who didn’t know her well would think she was just joking .

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