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Published at 17th of September 2020 04:40:09 AM
Chapter 3608: 3608

Chapter 3608  Huo Mian“s Birthday Wish 18

“What do you want?” Han Yueyao was the kind of girl who would confront a person when she was bewildered . She didn’t feel like she knew this man very much, so she was annoyed that he would ask her a question like this .

The truth was, if Xiaoxiao didn’t ask her to come with her, Han Yueyao would’ve never come . If she really wanted to date a super-rich guy, she would’ve done so when she studied at the dance academy in Jing City . Back then, countless rich heirs parked their luxury cars outside the academy every day, with the sole purpose of hooking up with pretty girls .

Rumor had it that students at the academy were not only pretty, slim, and well-poised, they were also okay with any position . That was why men fawned over them .

One of Han Yueyao’s roommates actually dated a rich heir . Her roommate wanted to set her up with someone, but as the daughter of two teachers, Han Yueyao didn’t want to let her parents down . Therefore, she didn’t date any super-rich guys in university .

Men who courted her all gave up after a while .

That was why Han Yueyao was annoyed at the quiet man in front of her . Why did this keep happening to her?

“Nothing, it was just a random question . You don’t have to respond . ”

“Don’t worry, I would never answer just a stupid question . ”

“Hey, who do you think you’re talking to?” Lin Hang’s friend was not happy about the attitude Han Yueyao treated Lin Hang with .

However, Lin Hang seemed fine with it, and told his friend it was alright .

Soon, Su Xiaoxiao came upstairs with a waiter, as well as a bunch of snacks and beer . “Yueyao, do you know Mao Buyi’s ‘A person like me’? I know it’s really popular these days . ”

“I don’t know how to sing that song . ” Han Yueyao shook her head .

“It’s okay, Big Brother Lin does . ”

Han Yueyao looked over at Lin Hang, who didn’t show any expression on his face . She then walked up to the booth, selected the song, and watched as the TV began to play a familiar melody .

Su Xiaoxiao handed Lin Hang a microphone . “Big Brother Lin, I love it when you sing, can you sing this song for me?”

Lin Hang took over the microphone and began to sing as if he was the only person in the room .

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He was… really good .

To Han Yueyao’s surprise, this motorcycle-riding, moody young man was actually quite good at singing . His voice was a little raspy – he sounded like he had been through a lot .

“He’s good, isn’t he?” Su Xiaoxiao asked Han Yueyao .

The latter didn’t like Lin Hang very much, so she answered vaguely, “Sure . ”

Su Xiaoxiao ran out of the room before the song had ended, but she didn’t tell anyone where she was going .

Feeling awkward, Han Yueyao went to the washroom, locked the door to her stall, and began playing on her phone .

Truth be told, she was just worried that Lin Hang would ask her other questions .

But, she overthought things . Lin Hang didn’t care at all if she answered his questions .

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After Su Xiaoxiao left her room, she went into a neighboring room and sat down beside Wei Ying .

“Sister Wei Ying, it’s been a while since I last saw you come out!”

“Mhm, I’m older now, and get tired really early . ” Wei Ying smiled as she took a sip out of her Budweiser .

“How are things going with you and Shen Mingxi?” Su Xiaoxiao had known Wei Ying for years, so she knew what was on Wei Ying’s mind .

“I don’t want to talk about it . ” Wei Ying smiled bitterly at the thought of Shen Mingxi .

She really thought things were going to work out between them . However, Huo Yanyan’s sudden return and constant harassment had made things very hard for her and Shen Mingxi .

Back then, it was Huo Yanyan who ruined their marriage and now, she was back again . Wei Ying’s great memories of her and Shen Mingxi were slowly disappearing because of this woman .

“So, are you going to date Ye Zhaoyang now?” Su Xiaoxiao asked quietly as her gaze landed on Ye Zhaoyang, who was singing a couple of seats beside them .

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“I…” Wei Ying wasn’t sure how to respond .

“Sister Wei Ying, when we got here I saw Shen Mingxi pacing outside . I wonder if he’s waiting for you . ” Su Xiaoxiao thought about it and decided to tell Wei Ying what she saw .

“He’s downstairs?” surprised, Wei Ying asked .

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