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Published at 16th of September 2020 04:25:06 AM
Chapter 3602: 3602

“Sorry, I can’t . ”

Huo Mian swiftly rejected her .

From that moment onwards, she made up her mind .

No matter who asked her, even if it was Su Yu’s own mother, she won’t help anybody anymore about Su Yu .

Huo Mian thought that she meddled with him too much . Su Yu was an adult, not a child .

He should’ve been the one to decide who he liked and who he wanted to be with, he didn’t need outside intervention .

Huo Mian suddenly felt disgusted by her actions…

She knew that it was hard on Su Yu, but she did it anyway .

She felt very guilty…

“But Huo Mian, I saved you… You’re the kindest person ever, no? You should pay back the favor . ”

Zeng Rou might’ve felt inferior and brought out the fact that she saved Huo Mian before .

That completely caught Huo Mian off guard, as she was a little taken aback .

Then, she smiled and calmly said, “Zeng Rou, I am very grateful that you saved me . I will help you within reason . As for whether Su Yu likes you, that’s his business . I cannot help . ”

“You… Hearing you say that hurts me . ”

“Then… Sorry, I still have a conference to attend . Rest up . ”

Huo Mian and Zeng Rou’s talk didn’t go well and Huo Mian left right after .

Half an hour later .

Chen Jie knocked and entered the office .

“Mian, Zeng Rou wants to be discharged . ”

“Let her be . Discharge her . ”

“Mian, her leg is still in recovery . Didn’t you want to keep her for two more weeks?”

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“She can decide for herself . I am a little tired and I can’t be bothered to take care of that much . ”

Huo Mian’s mindset changed today .

She seemed to have realized something .

It was that for the past few years, she used the fact that Su Yu liked her to introduce women to him, even though it was hard for him .

She still did it anyway despite him not liking it .

Su Yu never let her down and always showed up .

That made Huo Mian blame herself more .

“Mian, are you okay?”

Chen Jie saw her with her head hung low . Huo Mian was rarely this pessimistic .

“Jie, am I going stupid from the pregnancy? I’m meddling in too many peoples’ business . ”

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“No, you’re just like you were before . ”

“But I feel like my actions hurt my friend,” Huo Mian lowered her head and stared at her pen .

She couldn’t even write one word .

“Mian, are you tired? If you are, you should take a break . ”

Seeing her mood swing, Chen Jie tried to comfort her .

“Mhm, I’m fine . Go do your work . ”

That day, when she got off work, she was notified that Zeng Rou never checked out .

However, she got into contact with Director Wu and requested a different doctor .

Huo Mian knew she was mad .

However, she couldn’t sell out Su Yu just because Zeng Rou was angry .

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After work, Huo Mian walked out and was just about to get onto the car .

She heard a car beep behind her .

She raised her head and saw Qin Chu’s car parked behind the family car .

Mr . Qin was driving an orange-yellow Ferrari . He almost never drove high-profile cars like this .

“Hey there, would you mind if I give you a ride?” Qin Chu joked .

“Hey there handsome, can you drive me for the rest of my life?” Huo Mian flirted back .

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