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Published at 15th of September 2020 04:55:05 AM
Chapter 3597: 3597

Hearing Su Xiaoxiao’s words, Han Yueyao was stunned .

She dared to use curse words as she talked to the supervisor; it was suicidal .

“Xiaoxiao, she’s Supervisor Sun,” Han Yueyao reminded her .

“I don’t care if you’re the damned supervisor or someone else . No one has the right to fire me . You’re sh*t . ”

Su Xiaoxiao sobered up a bit and railed against the people who were watching them at the door .

“Su Xiaoxiao… I’ve been wanting to deal with you for a long time . The previous supervisor turned a blind eye to your behavior, but I won’t… In the past half a year, you almost never went to the classroom; this time, you even took your roommate out to drink . This is unacceptable . ” Sun Feifei was furious .

“It’s none of your business that I went out to drink . Did I ask you to pay for it?”

“You’re unreasonable… Anyway, I’m the supervisor of the HR department and have the right to fire you two . Now get out of the dorm room of Imperial Star right now . ” Sun Feifei almost roared .

“This is ridiculous . If you want to fire me, go get Su Yu . No one else can do it . ”

“You’re so full of yourself . Do you know how busy President Su is? He doesn’t need to be involved to fire you guys; you’re insignificant in the company . ” Sun Feifei sparred with Su Xiaoxiao .

“Supervisor, we were wrong . But we did it for a reason; besides, Xiaoxiao is working hard to get roles and shoot movies… Please give us another opportunity, okay?”

Han Yueyao didn’t want to be kicked out, so she tried to soften the supervisor, but her words had no effect on the latter .

“Shut up . It’s too late . ”

Obviously, Sun Feifei was angered by Su Xiaoxiao and wouldn’t listen to Han Yueyao’s explanation .

Meanwhile, the other girls kept fueling her rage with instigative comments .

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“Whoa, these two are so rude to our supervisor . ”

“Yeah, they overestimate themselves . They did wrong but act as if they were being mistreated . I’m shocked . ”

Su Xiaoxiao and Sun Feifei stood facing each other fiercely .

“Don’t be so confident of yourself . You might get a slap in the face; it will be painful…” Su Xiaoxiao looked at Sun Feifei challengingly .

“Really? I’ll wait and see how you’ll give me a slap in the face . ”

Hearing Sun Feifei’s words, Su Xiaoxiao gritted her teeth as if she was making a big decision .

Then, she took out her cellphone and dialed a number .

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“President Su, come to my dorm room . Something happened . ” Then she hung up .

“Haha . Who do you think you are? You dared to call President Su? Do you think our big boss will follow your order?” The girl named Tong smirked mockingly .

“F*ck you . Shut up . This is my room and I don’t want to hear your barking . Get out . ”

Su Xiaoxiao’s insults could really draw blood .

“Supervisor, look at her . How can someone like her become a performer?” Tong moved to stand behind Sun Feifei and complained .

“You’re so impertinent . ” Sun Feifei disliked Su Xiaoxiao, thinking the latter was a female villain .

“Xiaoxiao, forget it . Maybe we should go . We’d be more embarrassed when President Su comes . ”

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Han Yueyao had a feeling that Su Yu would give her a dressing down, so she decided to leave before he came .

“Why should we go? I’ll see if Su Yu dares to fire me…”

She kept calling Su Yu by his full name, astonishing everyone .

At this moment, a voice came from the door .

“What are you arguing about?”

“President Su…”

“President Su, you came just in time . You must support us . ” Sun Feifei walked to him immediately to seek help .

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