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Published at 14th of September 2020 04:27:04 AM
Chapter 3596: 3596

“Big Brother Lin, listen to the girl, she’s such a boaster…”

“Let her drink; she can go after drinking it,” the man said slowly .

To get it over with, Han Yueyao strode over, picked up the glass full of pure liquor, and drained it under these men’s eyes .

“Good… You can really hold your liquor . I’m impressed . ”

Dumbfounded, the long-haired guy watched as Han Yueyao drained the glass in three seconds .

Giving them a hard look, she didn’t say a word and helped Su Xiaoxiao out of the bar .

Then they got into a taxi and returned to their dorm .

“I want more wine…”

Obviously, Su Xiaoxiao was totally drunk and didn’t know where she was .

Furious, Han Yueyao helped her into their room silently .

“Drink some water . ”

Han Yueyao handed a bottle of water to her and then heated water to draw a bath for her .

At this moment, someone knocked on the door; the sound was urgent .

“Who is it?”

“Open the door . ” A stern voice came .

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Curiously, Han Yueyao opened the door and then her heart sank .

“Supervisor, see? I didn’t lie to you… Han Yueyao slipped out to drink with Su Xiaoxiao while the people in the performance department were buried in work… How can such a woman become a performer?” Tong, the minion of Gao Yaruo, had followed Han Yueyao and took many pictures with her cellphone; then she went to the supervisor of the HR department to tell them .

Sun Feifei, the new supervisor of the HR department was famous for her sternness and integrity . It was said Su Yu trusted her .

This incident was a big deal, and Imperial Star could very well fire these two girls because of it .

“It’s work time . What are you doing in your dorm room?” Sun Feifei looked at Han Yueyao with a cold expression .

“Supervisor, I…”

“Supervisor, she can’t explain . She’s lazy and even slipped out to drink liquor… You can smell the alcohol on her . ” Gao Yaruo added fuel to fire .

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Han Yueyao gave her a dirty look but didn’t speak .

Sun Feifei pushed open the door and walked in . Glancing at the pickled Su Xiaoxiao, she said sharply, “You two are outrageous… In all these years, no trainees have ever dared to do such a thing before…”

“Supervisor, I’m not a trainee,” Han Yueyao mumbled in a small voice .

“Shut up . You’re not a trainee, but you’re still an employee of Imperial Star . President Su is kind to you and moved you into the performance department, but you didn’t cherish this rare opportunity and stole out during work time to drink with Su Xiaoxiao . What you did is unacceptable…”

“Supervisor, things are not what you think . ”

“Fine, explain it to me . I don’t want people to say that I treat you wrongly…”


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Han Yueyao couldn’t continue . After all, she couldn’t say she had gone out to pick up Su Xiaoxiao who got drunk; it would look like she was selling her friend to excuse herself .

“Continue… Why did you stop?” Sun Feifei stared at Han Yueyao’s face .

“Supervisor, we… indeed went out to drink . ” Han Yueyao decided to take the blame .

“Very well… From now on, you two are no longer Imperial Star employees . Pack up and get out of here . I don’t want to see you again . ”

“Wow… They are fired…” the trainees gloated .

At this moment, Su Xiaxiao stood up, swaying on her legs .

“Who the heck dares to fire me?”

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