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Published at 14th of September 2020 04:27:04 AM
Chapter 3595: 3595

“Yeah . She acts so sneakily . I’m sure she’s up to no good,” another girl echoed .

“Tong, follow her and see what she’s up to . ” Gao Yaruo was worrying that Han Yueyao would overshadow her and wanted to find the latter’s dirty laundry .

“Okay . I’ll follow her . ”

As Gao Yaruo’s minions, the girls’ only dream was sharing Gao Yaruo’s popularity and bullying the weak ones . Now Han Yueyao looked like easy prey .

When Han Yueyao dashed out of the building, she didn’t notice someone was following her .

It took her only 35 minutes to get to Earl’s Bar by taxi .

The moment she entered the bar, she saw Su Xiaoxiao who was totally hammered .

It was afternoon and there were not many customers in the bar .

Dressed in a short denim jacket, black body-fitting pants, and white sneakers, Su Xiaoxiao stood out from the others, looking like a schoolgirl; unfortunately, the heavy make-up and the outrageously long fake eyelashes didn’t match her clothes .

“Xiaoxiao, you can’t go… Drink some more…”

The guys sitting around her were dressed like hipsters; one of them was pouring liquor into her mouth with a bottle .

Han Yueyao ran over and pushed the guy away from Su Xiaoxiao .

“Xiaoxiao, are you okay?”

“Huh? You came…” Drenched in alcohol, Su Xiaoxiao grinned at Han Yueyao drunkenly .

“Let’s head back . ”

“Hey! Xiaoxiao, is this girl your friend? She’s hot…”

The men stared at Han Yueyao with lewd grins .

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“Yeah . My friend… My only friend… Haha . ” Su Xiaoxiao slurred out the words . Piqued, Han Yueyao covered her mouth and pulled her toward the door .

“You can’t go . We’re not finished yet . Don’t be a party pooper . ”

A long-haired guy blocked Han Yueyao’s path .

“She’s hammered and you still won’t let her go? Are you still men?” Han Yueyao cursed them .

“Whoa . What? If you’re so loyal to your friend, you can drink for her… You can’t go until you finish it . ”

“What friends are you guys? Is this what your dad taught you how to treat a friend?” Han Yueyao asked him with wide eyes .

“Dad? I don’t even care what my mom says…” The man acted like a villain .

“I don’t have such a big son like you…”

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Han Yueyao’s words made the men laugh .

“Big Brother Lin, listen to her . Su Xiaoxiao is a weird one, but her friend is even weirder…” one guy said to the man sitting in the center . The man had been smoking with his head lowered, and Han Yueyao hadn’t noticed him .

“Watch your language, girl . Drink it or just beat it and leave Xiaoxiao here to continue drinking with us . ”

The long-haired guy was aggressive . Knowing Su Xiaoxiao had been hanging out with these thugs, Han Yueyao knew calling the police wasn’t an option since they were probably Su Xiaoxiao’s friends .

Helping Su Xiaoxiao sit down, Han Yueyao picked up the glass of liquor that Su Xiaoxiao hadn’t finished .

The glass was almost full…

“Will you let us go after I finish it?” Han Yueyao asked .

“Girl, this is liquor, not beer . I hope you won’t drop dead after you drink it…or we’d be held responsible for your death . ”

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Hearing the long-haired guy’s words, the others laughed .

“It’s my business if I die . But if I drink it, you must shut up and promise not to get Su Xiaoxiao to drink with you in the future . Anyone who breaks this promise is a son of bitch . ”

Her bold words stunned the thugs .

At this moment, the man who sat in the middle in silence lifted his head slowly .

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