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Chapter 3594: 3594

Han Yueyao didn’t refuse with great dignity; instead, she took the money silently .

Then she mumbled, “Call me if you need someone to help you roast people . ”

“Are you addicted to it?” Su Yu was exasperated .

“No . I just think it’s a good way to make money…” Han Yueyao said with a straight face .

“Do you want to open a company specializing in sparring with people, taking orders, and railing against your targets?”

“Good idea . ” Han Yueyao nodded .

Su Yu glanced at her in disdain . “With your fragile physique, I think you can last at most three days before you are beaten to death…

Han Yueyao: “…”

“Making money is not as easy as you think . You’re still young, so don’t be so obsessed about money . ”

“It’s easy for you to say . You’ve never been poor and can’t understand my feelings . Nowadays, some people keep saying: oh, don’t care about money, money can’t buy everything . These people are usually damned rich guys . If I took those words seriously, I wouldn’t have survived until my 18th birthday . ”

Su Yu: “…”

“Your thoughts are… very unusual . ”

“No . I’m just showing you how hypocritical people can be so you can remain clear-headed about this nonsense . ”

“You’re still a child; I can’t communicate with you . ”

Su Yu stopped talking to her and drove her to the company .

To avoid being seen with him, she asked to be dropped off before they reached the company and walked the remaining distance .

Su Yu found the girl was nice since she didn’t like to promote herself by hyping or creating gossip .

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But was such an honest girl fit to be a performer? Without hyping and acting, few performers could draw the public’s attention .

Su Yu shook his head and remained silent .

Han Yueyao returned to the performance department to continue running errands .

This department indeed had lots of opportunities, but the people here were mostly senior performers .

Han Yueyao hadn’t had any formal training on acting skills and didn’t have experience in acting, so she decided to start from the beginning .

“Han Yueyao, take this prop to dressing room No . 8…”

“Han Yueyao, dump the garbage downstairs . We don’t need them now . ”

“Han Yueyao, take these costumes into the laundry room and let them clean and dry them tonight . We need them tomorrow . ”

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Han Yueyao got busy the moment she returned, doing all kinds of errands .

“Whoa . When I heard she was promoted into the performance department, I thought she’d do shows . It turns out she came here to run errands…”

The girls with Gao Yaruo gloated .

Gao Yaruo mocked smugly, “I thought President Su would give special opportunities to her since she was recommended by Huo Mian . But it seems the rumors are not true and President Su doesn’t love the doctor as much as they say . Hehe . ”

“Yeah . I think Han Yueyao was born to be an errand girl . She’ll be doing this for the rest of her life . ”

The other girls tried to cozy up to Gao Yaruo by dissing Han Yueyao .

But Han Yueyao didn’t care . In the afternoon, when she was busy with errands, she got a call from Su Xiaoxiao .

“Come and pick me up at the Earl’s Bar . I’m pickled and my stomach hurts…”

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“Okay . I’ll go now . ”

Ending the call, Han Yueyao went to the girl in charge of her work and said, “My friend is in trouble . I need to take a few hours off and run an errand . ”

“Not granted…”

“My friend really needs my help right now…”

“Not granted . I can’t let you go . Don’t you see how busy we are right now? Get back to your work now and come here to help erect props in a while . ”

Seeing her superior refuse her request, Han Yueyao gritted her teeth and slipped out .

“Huh? Isn’t that Han Yueyao? Why is she acting so sneaky?”

Gao Yaruo and some girls were having coffee when they saw Han Yueyao run out of the building in a hurry .

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