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Published at 14th of September 2020 03:55:05 AM
Chapter 3593: 3593

“Is this how you treat a patient? If I had a weak heart, I’d have died of fury,” Zeng Rou roared .

“Girl, you’re unfair . You’re been needling Su Yu for a long while, yet we just fought back with a few words and you got angry . It seems you think only you have the right to hurt others . Don’t you think it’s a bit of a double-standard?”

Han Yueyao usually didn’t speak much, but when she did, her words were always well-aimed .

Zeng Rou was burning in rage but couldn’t find much fault with Han Yueyao’s words .

“Su Yu, you guys can go now . I’m not feeling well and must rest . ”

“Fine . Rest well . ”

Su Yu was pleased to see her angry face . The moment he took Han Yueyao out of the room, they heard smashing sounds coming from inside .

It seemed Zeng Rou was so furious that she began smashing things .

“Her temper is so violent…” Han Yueyao lamented .

“She was even more violent . She can’t get out of bed due to her injury, or she’d strangle me . ”

“Who’d like such a ferocious woman?”

“She’s fine as a person except for… her… hot temper,” Su Yu explained .

“Are you two friends?”

“Kind of . ”

“She knows Sister Mian?”

“Yeah . ”

“This is complicated… Okay . I’ve done the favor you asked of me . It’s time for me to get back to work . ”

Before Su Yu could reply, they saw Huo Mian walk up with a group of nurses to do rounds .

The moment Su Yu saw Huo Mian, his eyes turned tender .

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Han Yueyao watched him carefully and realized she had never seen this look in his eyes before .

“Hello, Dr . Huo,” Su Yu greeted her jokingly .

“Whoa, President Su, what a coincidence . ” Huo Mian returned playfully .

“Hi, Sister Mian . ”

“Yao, you’re here, too . Are you here to… visit Zeng Rou?” Huo Mian asked .

Su Yu nodded .

“You came to see Zeng Rou… with Yao?” As smart as Huo Mian was, she saw through Su Yu’s intention in one glance .

“I… just wanted her to give up on me,” Su Yu explained embarrassedly .

“This method is old-fashioned but should be effective . ” Huo Mian chuckled .

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“The baby is heavy now; why doesn’t the hospital let you rest at home?” Su Yu found Huo Mian’s movements were a bit heavy and awkward .

Her face looked rounder and not so bright as before; after all, she was more than six months along .

But even in this dim state, Huo Mian was still the most beautiful girl in Su Yu’s eyes .

“Director Wu told me to rest at home, but I’d feel bored at home with Pudding and Little Bean in school and Mr . Qin busy in the company . ”

“You can have tea and chat with Jiang Xiaowei and Zhu Lingling . ”

“It’s a good idea, but they can’t do that with me each day . They have their own lives . ”

“Fine . Take good care of yourself . I’ve got to return to the company . ”

“Okay, let’s have dinner when you have time . Pudding and Little Bean miss you . ”

“No problem . We’ll talk about it later . ”

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Chatting with Huo Mian for a little while, Su Yu walked out with Han Yueyao .

Han Yueyao pulled open the door of his car, intending to return to the company with him .

Getting behind the steering wheel, Su Yu didn’t start the car; instead, he took out his wallet and asked her, “How much?”

“How much what?” Han Yueyao was confused .

“Didn’t you mention reimbursement?”

“I said if I got scratched, you’d make it up to me . But I’m fine . ”

“Didn’t you give Zeng Rou a dressing-down for me?”

“Damn it… You’d pay for that?” Han Yueyao was surprised .

“Two thousand . Here you are . ” Su Yu counted out two thousand and handed the cash to her .

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