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Published at 13th of September 2020 07:40:05 AM
Chapter 3592: 3592

“Whoa . Young Master Su, you got a new girlfriend?” Zeng Rou asked sarcastically .

“A new girlfriend? I didn’t have an old one anyway…”

“Yeah, right . Now that you mention it, I remember we were just acting . How about this one? How long do you intend to act with her? Do you want to show her to your mom to make her happy? Or show her to Huo Mian to make her feel better, so she can wait for the arrival of the baby with no burden on her mind?”

“It’s nothing to do with Huo Mian . I chose her . She’s very pretty, huh? Lately, I found I like girls who can dance . Yao graduated from the dance academy and is now trying her hand in my company… We just hit it off . ” Su Yu tried to make his smile look more natural .

“Indeed?” Zeng Rou looked at Han Yueyao, trying to find evidence of a lie in the young girl’s eyes .

But the young girl only smiled shyly as she stood in Su Yu’s arms; the smile stung Zeng Rou’s eyes .

“Young Master Su’s taste is very unique . A dancer can do any position . You must like that about her . ”

Zeng Rou’s jealousy made her vicious, aiming to humiliate Han Yueyao .

Even though Han Yueyao didn’t have sexual experience, she understood what Zeng Rou meant .

Calmly, Su Yu held Han Yueyao tighter to him and smiled down at her . “You’re right . I think so, too . You’re quite experienced to know my thoughts . ”

Zeng Rou felt embarrassed .

“Does Huo Mian know about your girlfriend? She didn’t tell me . ”

“Huo Mian knows about her . Don’t you know Yao is Huo Mian’s distant cousin? She introduced Yao to me . ”

To make Zeng Rou believe he had a girlfriend, Su Yu even dragged Huo Mian into his lies .

His only purpose was crushing any hopes Zeng Rou had for him .

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“Oh… I see… Hehe, you two are really good friends . ”

“How is the injury in your leg?”

“It won’t kill me . ”

Zeng Rou was full of hostility .

Han Yueyao glanced at Zeng Rou and then at Su Yu, feeling the atmosphere was quite weird .

“How long are you staying here?”

“I don’t know . I’ll leave when the injury is recovered… Don’t worry, I won’t outstay my welcome or try to get close to you with the excuse of faked illness . ”

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“I didn’t mean that, you misunderstood me . Stay here as long as you need . Tell me what you want to eat, and I’ll have An buy them for you and deliver to the hospital,” said Su Yu .

“It’s not necessary . Young Master Su, you’re busy and won’t have time for me . Now that you’ve got a girlfriend, I’m nothing to you… So, don’t show your false concern . You just want me to stop bothering you by taking this woman with you, right?” Zeng Rou looked at Su Yu resentfully .

Su Yu was embarrassed and didn’t know how to respond . He was a man and didn’t want to argue with Zeng Rou .

Han Yueyao had been silent, but at this moment, she said, “If you know that, why do you make things difficult for him?”

“Who do you think you are to jump into our conversation?” furious, Zeng Rou railed at Han Yueyao .

“I’m his girlfriend…” Han Yueyao answered with great dignity .

“Hehe . In this age, the term ‘girlfriend’ has many meanings . Some men even call hookers their girlfriends…” Zeng Rou aimed to hurt .

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Su Yu was terrified, thinking Han Yueyao would lose it .

To his surprise, the girl only smiled and leaned her head on Su Yu’s shoulder .

“Even hookers are better than some people . ”

Hearing her words, Zeng Rou became enraged .

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