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Chapter 3588: 3588

“Fine . I’ll tell you . ”

“Speak . ”

Han Yueyao was determined that if Su Yu didn’t explain, she’d refuse to go with him; she didn’t want to get involved in his business .

“Um… I want you to pretend to be my girlfriend…”

“In front of a woman who’s badgering you?” Han Yueyao understood immediately .

“Not badgering, but she… Forget it . It’s a long story . I say, Han Yueyao, you owe me one for moving you into another department after you fought with Gao Yaruo . I was supposed to fire you, but I moved you into the performance department . Do you know how many people want to enter this department?”

“So, President Su, you just want me to return the favor?” Han Yueyao continued for him .

“Yeah . Kind of . You have to repay me anyway . ”

“Repay you . I didn’t say I’d repay you with my body…” Han Yueyao sounded disgusted .

“Damn it . Who said I want you to repay me with your body? I just asked you to help me on this one occasion . ”

“There are so many girls in the company . Why choose me?” Han Yueyao continued to ask .

“Because you’re the most beautiful girl, a fairy descending to the mortal world, okay?” Su Yu said resentfully .

“Since you’re honest with me, I’ll… help you, even though a bit reluctantly . But for the record, this is a one-time thing; after this, I have nothing to do with you… If you want to take this opportunity to take advantage of me, I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” Su Yu was exasperated .

“I’ll tell Sister Mian and ask her to deal with you . ”

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“You found the right person . ” Su Yu was resigned .

“I know no one can deal with you in the whole world except for Sister Mian, not even your mom . ”

“Okay, stop babbling . It’s settled then . Tomorrow when you go with me to South Side, mind your words and pay attention to my signals . ”

“Okay . Got it . ”

“I’ll have An pick you up . ”

“Don’t . Those bitches will make up stories about me again if they see him . I don’t want to be their target . Tell me the meeting time tomorrow and I’ll go to South Side by bus and wait for you there . ”

Su Yu was surprised that Han Yueyao was so thoughtful despite her young age .

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Pleased, he nodded . “Eight o’clock tomorrow morning . ”

“Fine . I’ll see you at the gate of South Side . ”

Of course, Zeng Rou wasn’t aware of the deal between Su Yu and Han Yueyao .

Why did she keep badgering Su Yu? At first, she had tried to get into Su Yu’s life because it was a mission that her superior gave to her; then she found she began to like him . After she was transferred to South Side, she wanted to see Su Yu very badly, but he only sent An to see her .

So, Zeng Rou began to think of ways to see him . She even prepared an excuse if her superior asked her about it .

She’d say Huo Mian was tight-lipped and didn’t give her any information . Even though she had saved Huo Mian and Huo Mian was grateful to her, Huo Mian never talked about Lu Yan and Professor Lu .

In fact, Huo Mian didn’t even tell Jiang Xiaowei and Zhu Lingling about her father and sister, not to mention her .

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It wasn’t that Huo Mian didn’t trust her good friends; she was just afraid that knowing it would get them killed . After all, she had witnessed how psychotic Ian and Nalo could be .

In the evening, Huo Mian went to the supermarket with bodyguards to buy some fresh vegetables for the kids .

Little Bean was very picky and almost ate no vegetables; she only liked sweet food . So, Huo Mian decided to cook some dishes for her in person .

But in the supermarket, she encountered someone she didn’t like to see .

“We meet again, Mrs . Qin… Oh, no, I should say Vice Director Huo . ”

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