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Chapter 3587: 3587

“Why ask? You are quite interested in Su Yu’s love life . ”

“Why can’t I ask?” Mr . Qin looked innocent .

“Are you still worrying that he likes your wife?” Huo Mian gave him a sly smile to tease him .

“Nonsense . Who’d like a woman six months pregnant?”

“Hahaha… What do you mean? Do you think I’m ugly now?”

Huo Mian thought Mr . Qin looked so cute when he wasn’t angry .

Meanwhile, his analysis helped her understand the situation better .

Su Yu didn’t visit Zeng Rou in the hospital, which gave her the excuse to put on a drama before Huo Mian . But Huo Mian wasn’t stupid; instead of believing Zeng Rou’s words, she began to be suspicious of her purpose .

In the evening, Zeng Rou took out her cellphone and sent a WeChat message to Su Yu .

Zeng Rou: “Come out . ”

Su Yu: “What’s up?”

Zeng Rou: “What do you mean by sending An to see me?”

Su Yu: “…”

Zeng Rou: ‘You dislike me so much that you don’t even want to see me? I made you breakfast for several days . ’

Su Yu: ‘What do you want me to do?”

Zeng Rou: “Come see me tomorrow with lotus leaf rice noodles . ”

Su Yu: “…’

Zeng Rou: “You’d be ungrateful if you don’t come . Do you know how I got hurt this time?”

Su Yu: “?’

Zeng Rou: “I was hurt because of Huo Mian . ”

Then, she described how she saved Huo Mian in a voice message .

Since Su Yu knew about this incident, he believed Zeng Rou’s words .

At last, Zeng Rou said, “Su Yu, I saved the woman you love . I don’t think you’ll refuse the simple request of buying lotus leaf rice noodles for me, right?”

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Su Yu: “I’ll see if I’m busy tomorrow; I’ll go if I have time . ”

Zeng Rou: “I’ll wait for you . If you don’t come, I’ll go find you at Imperial Star . ”

Su Yu turned off his cellphone and sighed lightly…

He had not the slightest affection for Zeng Rou; she was barely his friend, but her badgering made his life difficult .

“An, did Zeng Rou say anything in the hospital?”

“She was a bit disappointed that you didn’t go . She got very angry with you,” An answered .

“Then I’ll go and see her tomorrow . ”

“Won’t you get her hopes up by doing that?”

“What hopes? I plan to bring someone with me . ”

“Who? Dr . Huo?”

“Are you demented? Why should I bring Huo Mian? I’ll take Han Yueyao with me . ”

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– On the next morning –

Remembering the last experience talking to Han Yueyao, Su Yu decided not to send her WeChat messages or call her on the phone; instead, he went directly to the performance department at Imperial Star .

Han Yueyao had just joined the department and was doing errands while waiting for chances to do shows .

When Su Yu walked in, she was helping one female performer change clothes; she did her work with great diligence .

“Hello, President Su . ”

“Hi, President Su . ”

The people at the department immediately greeted Su Yu when they saw him .

“President Su, are you here to watch me shoot my album?” The female performer gave him a sweet smile .

Su Yu glanced at Han Yueyao . “Come with me . ”

“Me?” Han Yueyao looked down at herself uncertainly .

“Hurry up . Come on . ”

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Su Yu turned and walked out; Han Yueyao followed him out under everyone’s envious glance .

“President Su, what can I do for you?”

“Go with me to South Side . ”


“Business . Stop asking . ”

Su Yu intended to say nothing about it; if he told her and she refused to go, his plan would be pointless .

“Even though it’s business, you must explain it first; or I won’t go . ”

“Hey . I say… Did Heaven send you here to work against me? You dare to refuse every request I make of you . Do you want to get fired? You’re so weird…” Su Yu was piqued .

“So, President Su, why do we need to go to South Side?” Han Yueyao insisted .

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