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Published at 12th of September 2020 05:20:06 AM
Chapter 3586: 3586

“Why are you asking all of a sudden?”

“I’m just puzzled . ”

“About what?”

Qin Chu stood up and sat beside her .

“Zeng Rou appeared in that village and saved me, so I should be grateful to her . But you mentioned the timing of her appearance was a bit weird . Even though you’ve found that those people who offered big money to buy me have nothing to do with Zeng Rou, I still feel something is not right when I found that she got hurt because of me and was transferred to South Side Recuperation Center… Then she said she loved Su Yu and wanted to get close to him through me…”

“So, your puzzlement is?” Qin Chu considered Huo Mian’s words carefully .

“I have a feeling that Zeng Rou doesn’t really want to be with Su Yu… She seems to have another purpose and since she’s afraid we might see through her true purpose, she uses Su Yu as an excuse . Is this thought horrible?”

Huo Mian said the words following her instinct .

“Your thought isn’t horrible . It’s the conclusion of your reasoning . ”

“That’s why I wanted to know your thoughts about it . ” Whenever Huo Mian was puzzled about a problem, she’d turn to Qin Chu .

She leaned her head lightly on his shoulder while her mind was in turmoil .

“In fact, from the first moment that Zeng Rou appeared and moved into Su Yu’s house, I had thought she had a special purpose . ”

“Zeng Rou had talked with me once quite frankly . She said her previous boyfriend let her down and seeing how Su Yu devotes himself to love, she began to like him . ”

“It makes sense . But Honey, don’t forget that everything she told you is the things that she wants you to know, not her true thoughts . ”

“You mean… she’s been lying to me from the very beginning?”

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Huo Mian felt that Mr . Qin thought deeper than she did .

“I’ve always felt that Zeng Rou has a purpose; her appearances in Su Yu’s house and this time in the village to save you don’t make sense . Of course, other people might think her reasons are good, but not me . ”

“Honey, no wonder you’re my husband… I have the same feeling, so I don’t know what to do now . ”

“Anyway, Zeng Rou’s true purpose might be evil… Honey, your identity is now exposed and you’re in great danger… From now on, anyone who tries to get close to you or be nice to you… might have an evil purpose . ”

“I know . ”

“So you must be extra careful,” Qin Chu instructed .

“What shall we do with Zeng Rou? Shall we do some investigation on her?”

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“I don’t think we can find anything . Her identity is very special and has a simple profile . Su Yu and I both checked but couldn’t find anything,” said Qin Chu .

“It makes me even more suspicious . ”

“Yeah . From now on, you must be on guard against her . You must keep bodyguards with you even when you’re in the hospital…”

“Um… I think in the entirety of history, I’m the first doctor who takes bodyguards to work each day . I must look super pretentious, right? I guess people must think badly of me now… Haha . I brought it to myself . I don’t need money, but I still want to work and even bring bodyguards to work…”

Huo Mian covered her face…

“It’s fine . You don’t need to care what others think so long as I don’t care . ”

“Yeah . So long as you are not disgusted with me,” Huo Mian cooed .

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“By the way, didn’t you get Han Yueyao into the Imperial Star?”

“Yeah . ”

“How is it going between her and Su Yu?”

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