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Chapter 3585: 3585
3585 Su Yu“s Two Choices 5

“Vice Director Huo, you got off work early today . ”

Huo Mian: “…”

“Ha . Your tone is weird…”

Huo Mian knew Mr . Qin was still angry at her for walking into the human traffickers’ den .

He hadn’t talked to her much after they returned . He’d get into bed after she fell asleep each night .

She had thought Mr . Qin would feel better after a few days, but it seemed he was becoming more furious each day .

“It’s not . Aren’t you Vice Director Huo?”

“Honey… Let’s stop this cold war, okay?”

“Cold war? I dare not to have one with you… After all, our son is in your belly…”

“Mr . Qin, I truly regret my mistakes… Please don’t be mad at me…”

“You didn’t make any mistakes, Your Majesty . How can you make a mistake? You’re so great that nothing is difficult for you…”

“Tell me what I should do to gain your forgiveness . ”

She got off bed bare-footed and threw her arms around his neck .

“Put on slippers . It’s cold on the floor . ”

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“Not until we talk it out . ”

“Talk what out?” Qin Chu looked confused .

“You’re mad at me and called me ‘Vice Director’… Hmph! I won’t put on slippers; I don’t care if I’ll catch a cold… Your son will suffer with me . His dad doesn’t love us anymore . ”

“Who said that?”

“Isn’t it the truth? Our family head Mr . Qin is mad, and the consequences are severe…”

Qin Chu didn’t speak; instead, he picked her up and placed her gently on the bed . Then he squatted down and put slippers on her feet .

His movements were gentle and careful . As her cold feet touched Qin Chu’s warm fingers, she knew no one loved her more than Qin Chu did . The feelings went beyond the love between a man and a woman; they were bonded together and couldn’t be separated .

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“Honey, I know you’re mad at me… You and Yan keep many things from me probably because they are too bloody and too horrible… so I always think I’m lucky and smart and won’t get in trouble; but if something happens to me, your pain is the most acute . I was being selfish this time . Please don’t be mad at me, okay? If you don’t want me to go out, I’ll talk to Director Wu and quit my job tomorrow . I’ll stay at home until our baby is born .

Holding his shoulders, Huo Mian said the words at his ear with a solemn expression .

Qin Chu just loved her too much to let it go .

Huo Mian was sometimes too willful and too confident in herself for his peace of mind .

Although she had come back safe, the process was so horrible that Qin Chu didn’t dare to touch those memories .

If those guys got their hands on her, he couldn’t imagine what would happen . After all, they were not Huo Siqian or Shen Jiani; they were true outlaws .

“Mian, you’ll never know how I feel when I’m worried about you . ”

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“I know . I know . ”

“No, you don’t understand… I can’t describe it, but I know if something happens to you, my life will also be gone…”

“I know it now . Honey, please don’t be mad, okay? Look at the poor pregnant woman; her feet are as swollen as pig legs . ”

Huo Mian distracted him by pointing at her feet .

Qin Chu lifted her feet onto his knees and massaged them gently .

“Honey, do you think Zeng Rou truly loves Su Yu?” Huo Mian wanted to hear Qin Chu’s opinion about it .

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