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Published at 11th of September 2020 05:00:08 AM
Chapter 3584: 3584

“I don’t want to stay in this city anymore…”

“What happened?”

Seeing Zeng Rou’s teary eyes, Huo Mian knew something was troubling her .

Zeng Rou didn’t speak but tears slid down her face .

“Why are you crying?”

“Huo Mian, you know I like Su Yu, right?”

Caught by surprise, Huo Mian didn’t know how to respond .

“I like Su Yu very much . I told him I loved him, but he rejected me, which was why I left his house in a moment of anger . ”

“I know . ” Huo Mian nodded .

“I thought I’d never cross paths with him ever again and already gave up . But yesterday, he had An visit me with a flower basket and a fruit basket…”


“But he didn’t come, only sending An over . What does he mean?”

“I think he’s too embarrassed to see you,” Huo Mian guessed .

“Hehe . I’m sick of the torture… If he doesn’t love me, he should ignore me… But he did this to me… I hate him…”

“Don’t get so worked up . Zeng Rou, I know Su Yu is not that kind of person . He must have heard that you were in a hospital and wanted to visit you, but considering the past events, he feels embarrassed to see you…”

“I don’t care . I just… want to see him desperately,” Zeng Rou said .

Huo Mian licked her lips and didn’t know how to respond .

She wasn’t Su Yu and certainly didn’t know what Su Yu was thinking .

“I just feel cranky if I can’t see him… Huo Mian, does he have a crush on someone else?” Zeng Rou probed .

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“That, I’m not sure . I haven’t been in contact with him too much recently, but I didn’t hear anything about him getting a new girlfriend . ”

“Then why isn’t he willing to come and see me… I really miss him…” Zeng Rou picked up a napkin and continued to cry .

“If you really want to see him, how about just give him a call?”

“I definitely won’t… He won’t pick up… Huo Mian, can you call for me?”


“Yeah, he listens to everything you say . If you tell him to come, he would come for sure . ”

“Sorry, Zeng Rou, I can’t do this… I don’t want to get involved too much with Su Yu’s emotional business, it’s not something I should be meddling with . ”

Huo Mian had already done too much recently, including helping Auntie Su get Han Yueyao in .

If she kept on doing more, she felt Su Yu’s heart would sink .

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Even though they were friends, she shouldn’t keep on pushing the boundaries .

So, Huo Mian had to reject Zeng Rou’s request .

“Then I will just get discharged from the hospital then…” Seeing that Huo Mian wouldn’t help, Zeng Rou kept her head down and cried .

The two chatted a bit more and Huo Mian went back to her office .

After returning home later that day, she noticed Qin Chu wasn’t back yet .

“Mian, are you hungry? I will boil some dumplings for you, you can eat first . It’s carrot and beef stuffing, it’s really good!” Qin Chu’s mom said .

“Mom, I’m not hungry . Is Qin Chu still not back yet?”

“Not yet . ”

“Then what about Pudding and Little Bean?”

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“Qin Ning took them out, she said they were going out for dessert . ”

“Oh…” Huo Mian nodded and then she walked upstairs, feeling tired .

Zeng Rou was suddenly hospitalized, and now she was whining about wanting to see Su Yu .

Huo Mian felt something was off, but she didn’t know what exactly it was .

Zeng Rou said she really liked Su Yu, but Huo Mian could feel from her eyes that she didn’t .

Could it be… Zeng Rou wanted something from Su Yu?

She was puzzled .

Not knowing after how long, the door to the bedroom was pushed open .

“Honey, you are back!” Huo Mian immediately sat up and looked at Qin Chu .

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