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Published at 11th of September 2020 05:00:08 AM
Chapter 3582: 3582

“No . I’ll head back to Russia . ”

“Hey! What do you mean? If I don’t do it with you, you’ll just leave me? What kind of person are you?”

Lu Yan railed at him furiously, thinking Qiao Fei was angry with her .

“Yeah . So… If you plan to do it with me, I’ll consider staying with you . ”

“Shit . I don’t care if you stay or not… Get out now . ”

In fact, Lu Yan felt bad . Now that Qiao Nan was taken from his family, he’d not dare to return in a short time . Then why did Qiao Fei want to return to his home?

His father disliked Lu Yan and tried his best to break them up, afraid she’d bring disaster to them .

“Yan, Qiao Nan is out of the picture for now, but his people are still there . Besides, Qiao Nan stocked some weapons behind my father’s back, intending to sell them secretly . ”

“So?” Lu Yan stared at him sulkily .

“So, I want to go back and get the goods and sell them . ”


“Then I’ll buy bags for you…”

Lu Yan: “…”

Remembering his gifts of roses, a luxurious bag, and the set of body armor on the Chinese Valentine’s Day, Lu Yan felt warm inside .

“Do you really think I’d live on your income for the rest of my life? Our Family Qiao has been an arms dealer for generations . Even though I’m not in charge of the family, it’s not difficult to get billions of yuan… When I was in Moscow, I sent guys to watch Qiao Nan’s goods; now that he’s not home, I plan to take them . ”

“And after you finish the deal?” Lu Yan looked at him hungrily .

“I’ll come to you with money . ” Qiao Fei reached out and touched her face tenderly .

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This time, she didn’t dodge it; instead, she placed her hand on the back of his hand .

“Then… You must stay safe . Don’t let anything happen to you . ”

“I won’t . Your husband isn’t so lame… If I was lame, I’d never have been able to manage our Queen Yan . ”

“No nonsense…”

“Okay . It’s almost time… In a while, the old man will lose his temper when he finds me missing… I don’t want him to know that you’re in Thailand . You must leave now . Hu Ao isn’t dead, and you’d be in trouble if he finds out you did it…”

No matter how capable Lu Yan was, she had too many enemies, so Qiao Fei hoped she would leave as soon as possible .

“Okay . I know . ”

“I’ve got to go…” Qiao Fei buttoned up his shirt which had been torn open by Lu Yan .

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When he reached the door, Lu Yan ran over and threw her arms around him from behind .

“Psycho Qiao… You must come to me . ”

“Don’t worry . I’ll be back . ”

“You can’t stay with other women . If I find out…”

“You’ll skin me alive,” Qiao Fei continued for her with a chuckle .

“Wrong . I’ll dig out your ancestors from their graves . ”

“Your Majesty . I got it… I won’t do it . Don’t worry…”

Turning to her, he pinched her cheek lovingly and left the suite .

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After he left, Lu Yan felt low . Sitting in the big bed cross-legged, she made a call to Huo Mian .

“Hello . This is South Side Recuperation Center . ”

Since the call came through the fixed-line phone, Huo Mian thought the caller was a work associate .

“Sis,” Lu Yan said in a low voice .

“Yan…” Huo Mian was pleasantly surprised .

“Sis, I feel a bit low . I want to talk to you . ”

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