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Published at 11th of September 2020 05:00:09 AM
Chapter 3581: 3581

“What the heck… Get off me . ”

Like a small lioness, Lu Yan leaped up from the bed and wrestled with him again .

Qiao Fei didn’t use his full strength; he was just playing with her . After all, he was full of pent-up energy since he hadn’t been so intimate with her for a long while .


A knock came at the door .

“What good timing they have…” Qiao Fei hated the interruption .

“Come in . ”

Lu Yan let go of him immediately and sat up; she even arranged her collar, afraid that her subordinates would get the wrong idea .

Her subordinate entered with his head lowered, afraid the two people in the room would skin him alive .

“What’s up?” embarrassed, Lu Yan asked with a light cough .

“Boss, Qiao Nan escaped…”

“Escaped? How?” Lu Yan didn’t look surprised .

“A group of black-clothed guys took him . Our men are wounded but got out fast . ”

“Black-clothed guys? Does it mean you didn’t see their faces?”

“No . Their firepower was too much for us to block… Please punish us . ”

It was a big deal that Qiao Nan escaped . Lu Yan’s subordinates were terrified that she’d become furious .

However, Lu Yan took the news coolly .

If she hadn’t wanted Qiao Nan to be rescued, she’d not have locked him in the basement; she’d have locked him in the hotel she was staying at .

So, it was a setup because she wanted to use Qiao Nan to lure out the big fish .

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Now that the big fish was out, Lu Yan took it as good news .

“It’s fine, I don’t blame you guys . You can go now . ”

“Boss… Are you angry?”

“No . Get out of here… Now!”

“Yes, yes . I apologize for the interruption . Please go on…”

Her subordinates immediately backed out of the room . The moment he was gone, Qiao Fei held Lu Yan from behind .

“Let me go, or I’ll break your damned legs . ”

“Even your subordinate told us to continue,” Qiao Fei said boldly .

Amused and frustrated, Lu Yan turned around and saw the serious look on his face .

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“Come on . Your despicable second elder brother got out . Aren’t you worried?”

“No, wasn’t it your plan to have him rescued? You locked him in the basement and had few people guard him so he could be rescued, right?”

“Haha . It seems you know my mind . ”

Lu Yan was pleased that Qiao Fei understood her plan .

“I do know you . ”

“In fact, I thought it was Hu Ao that was working together with Qiao Nan . But now…”

Qiao Fei remained silent and waited for her to continue .

“Now it seems beside Hu Ao, someone else is also working with him… Hu Ao is now in the hospital and can’t send people to rescue Qiao Nan . From the looks of it, Hu Ao doesn’t know I’m in Thailand, so the people who rescued Qiao Nan are the big fish . ”

“You look quite confident . You must have planted a tracker on him, right?” Qiao Fei guessed .

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“Smart . I just wanted to know where he’d end up . Hong Kong? Taiwan? Macao? Vietnam? Or… the Golden Triangle?” Lu Yan smiled mysteriously .

“When will you leave Thailand?”

“Tomorrow . I’ll go to Syria . ”

“It’s a war zone . Why do you want to go there?”

“To sell the arms in my warehouse . Only a war zone needs them . ” Lu Yan raised her chin smugly .

“Okay . Stay safe . ”

“Don’t you want to go with me?” Lu Yan had thought Qiao Fei would stay with her just like before, but his words showed that it wasn’t his plan .

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