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Chapter 3580: 3580
3580 I“ll Marry No One But Lu Yan 10

“How did you get into my room?”

“Why can’t I?” Qiao Fei raised his eyebrows .

“You have to ask? Damn it . How can you ask such a stupid question?”

“I haven’t dealt with you yet for flirting with Hu Ao . ”

“Ha . He had to pay a big price for flirting with me . Have you seen the news?”

“Yeah . The Bentley blew up; Hu Ao is still in the OR,” Qiao Fei said calmly .

“Are you still jealous?”

“Of course… Even if he was dead, I’d still be jealous… You smiled at him . ”

“You’re ridiculous . Damn it . I’ll skin you alive for flirting with the daughter of the Malaysia Datuk…”

“Whoa . Nice . You even noticed it . ”

“Of course…”

“Then you must have overheard my conversation with my father, right?” Qiao Fei let go of her hand and leaned toward her face .

Lu Yan turned her face away uneasily .

“What conversation?”

“Don’t play dumb . I know you bugged the whole place . ”

“I didn’t have the interest to overhear your conversation with your father . ”

“Since you didn’t hear it, do you want me to repeat it for you?” Qiao Fei chuckled .

“No . I don’t want to hear… It’s boring . ”

“No, you must hear it… I told him I’ll take no one but Lu Yan as my wife . ”

“Damn you . I won’t take you as my husband . You’re high maintenance . I can’t afford you . ” Lu Yan laughed .

“Of course you can . Miss Lu’s loaded… unbelievably wealthy . ”

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“Yeah . I want your money and your body…”

A blade appeared in his hand and with a swift turn of his wrist, Lu Yan’s evening gown split open from her back .

“Fuck… What are you doing?”

“Undressing you . ” Qiao Fei was honest .

Lu Yan: “…”

“You’re shameless . ”

“I can be shameless so long as I have you . ”

“Psycho Qiao, don’t get cocky; or I’ll deal with you…”

“Come on, let’s have a fistfight . The loser will be… on the top . ”

“What the heck do you mean on the top?” Lu Yan was still inexperienced with sex and didn’t understand what he meant .

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Then, Mr . Qiao explained, “If you lose, you’ll be on the top; if you win, I’ll be on the top . ”

“Damn it… Either way, you’ll take advantage of me . ”

“No . You’ll take advantage of me… because… I’m the one who’ll have to work hard . ”

He lunged at her…

Caught off guard, Lu Yan wrestled with him, from the ground to the bed and then from the bed to the ground .

Outside the door, her subordinates heard the faint words from the room .

“Psycho Qiao… you are hurting me…”

“Psycho Qiao… I’m tired . Can we do it again later?”

Their jaws dropped .

“The boss… submitted…?”

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“I don’t know… Maybe . ”

“Fuck . I admire Mr . Qiao… He’s my idol . ”

In fact, the scene in the room wasn’t what they imagined .

Qiao Fei’s strength was good and finally exhausted Lu Yan after wrestling with her for half an hour; he pressed her into the bed, but nothing serious had happened between them .

“Yan, it’s time for you to give it to me… I want you . ”

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