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Chapter 3579: 3579
Chapter 3579 I“ll Marry No One But Lu Yan 9

“Okay, you go with her . ”

Hu Ao wasn’t suspicious; he had complete confidence in himself and his bodyguard, thinking that he could easily manage the young girl .

If he knew this girl was Lu Yan, he’d probably never have dared to accost her .

When Lu Yan got out of the car, she left a tiny object in the notch under the handle in the door .

“Buy whatever you want to eat; he’ll pay for them,” Hu Ao instructed tenderly .

“Thank you, Mr . Hu . You’re nice to women . ”

“Wrong . I’m only nice to you . ” He gave Lu Yan a suggestive glance .

With a sweet smile, Lu Yan said “Bye” to him and went into the dessert shop, with Hu Ao’s bodyguard following her .

Seeing the time was almost up, Lu Yan took a seat and said to the bodyguard, “I’m a bit tired . You go and buy it; I’ll wait here for you . ”

“Okay . What do you want to eat?”

“Mango shaved ice, coconut milk, and um… tiramisu . ”

“Fine . Wait a minute . ”

The bodyguard turned and walked to the counter and paid for the desserts . He looked back at the woman about a dozen seconds later, but found she was gone .

His first reaction was looking at his boss’s car… Sure enough, the Bentley that Hu Ao was sitting in blew up with a huge sound .

The ear-deafening sound frightened everyone around the place .

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The bodyguard dashed out of the dessert shop at top speed .

Meanwhile, Lu Yan had changed into men’s clothes and returned to her hotel through another route driving a motorcycle .

– In the hotel’s corridor –

“Boss, we just got the news that Hu Ao isn’t dead but is severely injured . He’s now in a hospital . ”

“I didn’t want to kill him, so I used a sticky bomb that had less explosive power . If I wanted him dead, I’d have used a bigger one; then he’d be a meat pie by now . ”

“Boss, why didn’t you kill him?”

“It’s not time yet . Hu Ao is no threat to us, but the force behind him is powerful . Besides, Thailand is his territory; if he died during the Asia Mafia Conference, people would panick and we wouldn’t be able to get away easily . But he has been rendered useless for a long time after this explosion, so he won’t have the leisure to target my sister . What a dumb ass . ”

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Lu Yan hadn’t intended to deal with this fellow but got restless when she heard his men had gone to China and harassed Huo Mian .

Her sister was more than six months pregnant and couldn’t move with ease, but still, they targeted her . It was outrageous .

No matter what their purpose was, she wouldn’t let them off the hook this easily .

After the task, she sent Qin Chu a short text message, “The tiger is severely wounded and can’t get down the mountain for a while . Don’t worry . ”

Qin Chu’s sister-in-law was indeed badass; he had only asked her to find the person giving instructions to Fourth Master Fang, but Lu Yan tracked down the boss and taught him a good lesson .

After handling Hu Ao, Lu Yan felt much better . Taking off the shabby men’s jacket, she walked into her room .

The moment she entered, someone held her from behind .

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From her long-time habit, Lu Yan punched without thinking but her fist was caught .

Obviously, the person behind her was very familiar with her moves .

“You even hit your own husband; are you a female tiger?” Qiao Fei chuckled as he held her fist .

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