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Published at 9th of September 2020 05:40:07 AM
Chapter 3573: 3573

“Whoa . Even you have a fiancée now… She’s so beautiful . You’re a lucky boy . Haha… But I heard you were with the female demon . ”“Female demon?” Lu Yan was surprised .

The old guy looked at Qiao Fei . “For a while, the rumors had it that… you broke ties with your father and left home with a female demon… I’m old and don’t follow the news in the world, but I heard the young people in our gang say that that woman is a crazy killer who had killed countless people . Her name seems to be… Lu…”

“Lu Yan . ” Lu Yan supplied it to the old guy with a smile .

“Right! Right! Lu Yan… It’s said she’s young but very vicious and would kill anyone for money . ”

“No, I think she has some principles . I don’t think she’d kill her own father,” Lu Yan interrupted .

“Right . Who’d kill their own father? Oh, young girl, how come you know so much about her?”

“Because I…” Before Lu Yan could finish, Qiao Fei covered her mouth and continued for her, “Because she’s my fiancée and knows lots about it . Uncle, I need to see someone over there . Excuse us . ”

“Fine . Go on with your business . Your fiancée is nice . Remember to invite me to your wedding,” the old man said warmly, but Qiao Fei had walked away with his arm around Lu Yan .

“I will remember that old fellow . Damn it, when I have time, I’ll deal with him . ”

“Wasn’t he right? Aren’t you a vicious killer who had killed countless people?” Qiao Fei chuckled .

“If I’m such a despicable female demon hated by everyone, why do you stay with me?” Lu Yan curled her lip .

“But I like a vicious killer… I don’t like a killer who’s not vicious . ”

Lu Yan: “…”

“You’re indeed a psycho . ”

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Lu Yan felt Qiao Fei truly deserved the name Psycho Qiao .

“Hey, your father is over there…”

“Yeah . You want to say hi to him?” Qiao Fei teased her .

“Forget it . He’d have a stroke . ” Lu Yan chuckled .

“Okay . Go to your father… Without Qiao Nan, he is overwhelmed…”

“What about you?” Qiao Fei looked at her tenderly .

“I’ll just walk around . ”

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“Don’t make trouble . This is Thailand and there are over 20 gangs here . ”

“I know . ”

“Be good . ” Qiao Fei touched her head as if he was telling a child to behave .

“Okay . I’ll be good…”

They parted in the big conference room . Lu Yan said to her subordinates who had been following her, “You guys go and see if the people from the Golden Triangle are here . ”

“Okay, Boss . ”

“Be smart and don’t get too close . Don’t fight with them . We’re here only to gather information . ”

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“Got it, boss . ”

Then, she wandered around the room .

It was hot in here; whenever she wanted to take off the jacket, she could feel Qiao Fei’s murderous eyes on her even with crowds between them . She gave it up finally .

With Qiao Fei’s suit jacket draped around her shoulders, she wandered around the buffet and picked up a glass of champagne .

Before she could take a sip, a man’s voice came from behind her .

“Beauty, I’ve never seen you before . Which family do you belong to?” The man spoke Mandarin, though with an accent .

Lu Yan looked back and her eyes blinked slightly when she recognized the guy .

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