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Chapter 3568: 3568
Chapter 3568 Catfight 8

“Young girl, you’ll have no friends if you talk like this . Do you know that?”

“I do . ”

“Then you must change your ways,” Su Yu lectured her .

“But… why do I need many friends?”

Su Yu: “…”

Yeah, this was definitely an awkward conversation .

“Forget it . I’m done . Report to the performance department tomorrow . ”

“Okay . ”

“Don’t you want to thank me?” Su Yu was piqued .

“I’ll thank Sister Mian . Even if I thank you, you won’t like me . ”

“I truly don’t like you,” said Su Yu frankly .

“What a coincidence . I don’t like you, either . ”

Su Yu: “…”

He ended the conversation in a huff .

When he returned home, he thought he might have been too harsh with Han Yueyao today .

After some consideration, he decided to move her to another department to prevent future conflicts between her and Gao Yaruo . After all, Nie Lingxuan had asked him to be good to Gao Yaruo and he had to keep his word .

He had thought Han Yueyao would be happy to enter the performance department, but she took it quite indifferently . It was infuriating .

At this moment, his mother called him and told him to come home and have supper .

Su Yu drove back home .

Mrs . Su made some of her son’s favorite dishes . Grandpa Su and Mr . Su were not home, so the mother and son had supper alone . In fact, Su Yu had been busy and seldom returned home for meals .

Mrs . Su kept placing food onto her son’s plate .

“Yu, how time flies; you’re a grown man now,” Mrs . Su lamented .

“Mom, how’s your work at South Side? Is it too tiring for you?”

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“Not at all . It’s excellent . I can see Mian each day . I like it . ”

Hearing Mian’s name, Su Yu remembered the weird girl Huo Mian had introduced to him .

“By the way, Mian said she has a relative working in your company . ”

“Yeah . ” Su Yu was reluctant to talk about it .

“What do you think of the girl?” Mrs . Su took the opportunity to gather information .

“Not good . She’s so stupid . If not for Mian, I’d have kicked her out,” Su Yu railed to vent his anger .

“But I heard the girl graduated from a dance academy and is very pretty . ”

“So what? My company produces stars and doesn’t need dance teachers . Who does she think she is…”

Seeing her son’s anger, Mrs . Su didn’t dare to ask more questions, afraid he would get suspicious .

She changed the topic and said, “You don’t come back for supper as often as before . ”

“Yeah . I’ve been busy and a bit tired . ”

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“You came back to have supper each day during the year when Mian lived at our home . ”

“Mom… Please don’t mention it . It’s awkward . ” Su Yu was embarrassed .

“I know what you are thinking . But Yu, Mian is having a happy life and we’re happy for her… Don’t dwell on the past, okay?”

“I’m not . ” Su Yu continued to eat with his head lowered .

“After the baby comes, Mian will be even happier with her family . Yu, you must hurry up and get married, too . ”

“Mom, it’s something you can’t rush . ”

“But do you know how old you’re now…”

Seeing his mother was about to nag about his marriage, Su Yu immediately changed the topic .

“Mom, Zeng Rou is hospitalized at South Side . Did you know that?”

“What? Zeng Rou? Hospitalized at South Side?”

“Didn’t you know about that since you are working in the hospital?”

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“No . My gosh! What’s wrong with the girl? How come she’s hospitalized?”

Su Yu successfully distracted his mother from the topic of his marriage .

– At South Side Recuperation Center –

An entered the ward with a flower basket and a fruit basket .

Excited, Zeng Rou sat up and looked behind An .

“Um… Miss Zeng, President Su didn’t come . ” An felt a bit awkward .

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