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Published at 6th of September 2020 09:10:05 AM
Chapter 3561: 3561
Chapter 3561 Catfight 1

“I said you’re the pot and I’m the kettle . ”

Undaunted, Han Yueyao repeated .

“I’ll slap you…”

Among the trainees, Gao Yaru had good talent . Besides, her aunt had been Nie Lingxuan’s agent and enjoyed the benefits of Nie Lingxuan’s popularity . After Nie Lingxuan went abroad to study, her aunt became an agent for other performers . Even though none of the performers were list actresses, she enjoyed a good status as a senior employee in Imperial Star .

So, Gao Yaruo had felt good about herself after entering the company; since she was the captain of the trainees, the other girls were afraid of her and tried their best to cozy up to her .

“Go ahead . But if you hit me, I’ll fight back . Just don’t cry when I leave scratches on your face . ”

Han Yueyao warned her .

“You’re so arrogant . I’ll teach you a good lesson today…”

Gao Yaruo raised her hand . Then a voice came from the door, “What are you doing?”

They looked back and were terrified .

“President Su…”

“Hi, President Su . ”

“President Su, how come you’re here?”

The young girls’ eyes brightened at the sight of their big boss .

Su Yu walked into the dance room followed by An .

“It seems you have lots of free time on hand; you even have the leisure to fight?” Su Yu’s face was cold .

Han Yueyao lowered her head and didn’t speak .

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Gao Yaruo pointed at Han Yueyao and said, “President Su, she started it, saying I’m a pot calling the kettle black . They all heard her . ”

“Right . President Su, we all heard it . Han Yueyao started it . ”

The girls dared not to offend Gao Yaruo and had to speak for her .

With no friends here, Han Yueyao was at a disadvantage with everyone else against her .

“What happened?” Su Yu asked Han Yueyao .

“Gao Yaruo accused me of entering the company through the back door . I admitted it but pointed out to her that she did the same, so I said her accusation was like pot calling the kettle black . She automatically assumed the role of the pot and said I called her names . With such a low EQ, how can she become a celebrity? It seems anyone can enter Imperial Star nowadays if the bar is this low . ”

“What did you say?”

Han Yueyao had mumbled out the last sentence and Su Yu didn’t catch it .

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“Nothing . ” With her hands clasped behind her back, Han Yueyao lowered her head .

“Look at you guys . The company has had many groups of trainees but none of them fought in the classroom . ”

“I didn’t,” Han Yueyao cut in .

“You shut up,” Su Yu scolded her .

Seeing Su Yu scold Han Yueyao, Gao Yaruo was pleased and stoked the fire, “President Su, we all know Han Yueyao came in through your friend Dr . Huo . But if she is arrogant because of it, the other girls would feel that it’s unfair . She’s new here and knows nothing, but she already tries to bully us . ”

“Gao Yaruo, you really aren’t blowing it out of proportion . ” Han Yueyao gave her a dirty look .

“You… come with me to my office . ” Su Yu pointed at Han Yueyao with a frown .

Then, he turned to leave…

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“I won’t go . ” Han Yueyao’s voice was not loud but everyone heard it clearly .

Pausing his steps, Su Yu was piqued at the girl’s words .

He turned to glare at Han Yueyao . “Say that again . ”

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