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Chapter 3555: 3555
3555 A Devil in a Mask 5

“Huh? You know?”

“Yes . I’m a policeman so I blocked off the roads around town . We found a suspicious car but when we caught up, it was too late . She was in a white Toyota SUV . ”

“What’s the license plate number?”

“It’s a car from this province . S1688 . ”

“What else do you know?”

“There’s a woman in the car called Zeng Rou . Apparently, she’s Secretary Zeng’s daughter?”

“Which Secretary Zeng?” the man in the mask continued questioning .

“Zeng Guoquan, the deputy secretary of the province . ”

“Hehe, this is rather intriguing . So you can prove this Miss Zeng knows this pregnant woman . ”

“Probably, because otherwise, she wouldn’t be protecting her . She wouldn’t tell us about the pregnant woman no matter how we asked . ”

“Good . Thank you for telling me this . ”

“You’re welcome,” the head police responded as he thought his life would be spared .

A gunshot sounded the very next second . The head police immediately fell to the ground and his blood spilled over the floor .

“Kill all this garbage,” the man in the mask ordered .

“Sir, if we kill so many people within the Chinese borders, would the government be unhappy?”

“So what if they’re unhappy? They couldn’t even get a weak and helpless pregnant woman . They’re so useless that she was able to run away . We came all the way here for nothing . If it weren’t for the admiral, I would want to kill everyone in this town,” the man in the mask said . He had the belief that human lives were so worthless that he could kill them like ants .

“Please don’t kill us… Please don’t kill us…”

No one was able to escape . However, those captured by the human trafficker as products or hostages remained safe because the man in the mask honestly couldn’t care less for them . As long as he was able to express his anger, everyone else was fine .

“Sir, should we go after them?”

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“Go after them? Didn’t you hear that the province’s secretary’s daughter is interfering? With her, the army must have gotten involved . Even if we went, we probably wouldn’t get her . We lost a great opportunity . Let’s go . We’ll have another opportunity . ”

“Oh, would Fourth Master Fang do anything since he lost so many men?”

“Don’t give him that chance . Go blow up his hideout along with him . ”

“Yes, Sir . ”

Just like that, a violent bloodbath happened in what looked like a peaceful town .

The human traffickers, that was Zhu Darong’s family, Erdan, three of Fourth Master Fang’s men, and seven police officers, a total of 14 lives, died in Zhu Darong’s garden .

At the same time, a mansion in Kaoshan Town was bombed into ashes .

Even Fourth Master Fang, who was in the mafia, and his family, couldn’t escape the fate of death .

These deaths alarmed the province’s detectives . They immediately looked for clues of the murder but found nothing .

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Huo Mian realized that there might be a problem while they drove back to South Hill Manor: Qin Chu seemed to be mad .

Qin Chu had not said a word in two hours while they were driving along the highway .

All he did was drive . He was expressionless and this made no sense to Huo Mian .

“Honey . ”


“Do you want water?”

“I’m not thirsty . ”

“Then I’ll get you a cracker to eat . ”

“I’m not hungry . ”

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“Then I’ll sing for you . Do you want me to sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ or ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’?” Huo Mian tried to be cute .

“I don’t need that . ”

“Honey, are you mad at me?” Huo Mian looked over and carefully observed Qin Chu’s expressions .

“Deputy Director Huo, you’re royalty . You do whatever you want . You’re smart and brave . As someone who’s pregnant, you were able to fight off human traffickers for two days . How can I be mad? Maybe next time when Hollywood shoots Wonder Women 2, you should be the lead actor . You’re much better than Gal Gadot . ”

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