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Chapter 3554: 3554
3554 A Devil in a Mask 4

The rest of the police were now very obedient to the orders demanded as they were all scared by the sight .

“If I ask a question, you answer . If none of you can answer the question or if I’m not satisfied with the answer, then I’ll shoot someone . . ”

Then, the man in the white mask walked towards Erdan .

“Where’s the pregnant woman we demanded?” His voice was deep and strong and his Chinese eloquent .

“I really don’t know…”

Before Erdan could finish his response, he was shot in the head and died immediately .

Zhu Darong was beside Erdan, and he was so scared that he almost peed himself .

“I told you they weren’t good people but you were greedy for that two million… You idiot… You killed us…” the human trafficker’s wife exclaimed and started crying ceaselessly .

“Since you mentioned that, you know where she is?” the man in the mask said and approached the human trafficker’s wife .

“Sir, we really don’t know . We did capture her but she escaped…”

“Escaped to where?”

“We don’t know . We’re also searching for her . We want that two million too . We are as anxious about finding her as you are…” she cried and explained .

“Not telling the truth, eh? Bring the kid over . ”

The man in the white mask’s subordinates dragged her daughter to the center .

The child was so frightened that she didn’t smile, cry, or utter a word .

“Stop! This has nothing to do with our daughter . I beg you, please don’t hurt her . I’ll pray for you!” The woman charged towards the man in the white mask and started kowtowing .

Yet, her actions made no difference .

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“If your wife won’t talk, will you?” the man in the mask asked Zhu Darong .

“As a man, I am telling the truth . I really don’t know . I had my men search but got no news . ”

The head police officer and his subordinates knew something but none of them spoke because they knew that if any of them said anything, they would be targeted .

If they couldn’t tell these men in masks where the pregnant woman was now, they most likely would be shot dead .

The police were all selfish and wanted to protect themselves, so none of them were willing to tell them that the pregnant woman got away with someone .

“I really couldn’t find her . If I found her, why wouldn’t I hand her over to you?” Zhu Darong was so anxious that he started crying .

He deeply regretted that he didn’t listen to his wife and take the pregnant woman with them on the road . If he had done so, things wouldn’t have turned out like this .

“You aren’t a man of your words . You promised us the person and we’ll pay for her . We have the money for you but you don’t have the woman… I’m really not happy about that . ”

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Then, the man raised a gun and pointed it at the girl’s head .

“Please don’t kill my daughter… She’s innocent . I beg of you . ”

The woman kneeled to the ground and cried her soul out .

The sound of the gunshot was followed by the girl’s brains exploding out; the blood of the girl splashed onto her mother . Then the mother went berserk and bit the man in the mask’s leg .

The man in the mask was not rattled at all . He simply looked down and slowly pulled the trigger . Immediately, the bullet went through the woman’s head .

In just 20 seconds, two lives disappeared from the world…

“Honey…” Zhu Darong shouted . He couldn’t even squeeze out a tear at this moment .

He had heard other people curse him about human trafficking . That sooner or later, there would be karma . He didn’t care before because he only saw money . He wasn’t scared of losing his morals because he got the money he so desired .

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Now, however, when he saw the murder of his own wife and child, he began to believe in karma .

“I’ll fight you to death…” Zhu Darong tried to fight back but as he stood up, the man in the white mask stabbed his collar bone with a knife . Since he was not shot, he felt immense pain as he did not face an immediate death .

“I’ll give you one minute . If no one tells me where the pregnant woman is in one minute, then I’ll bomb this place and you’ll all die . ”

The head police officer was petrified by this and said, “Please don’t kill me . I know where the pregnant woman is . ” He was so scared of death that he was willing to confess the only knowledge he had of the pregnant woman: the route she escaped from .

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