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Published at 31st of August 2020 06:00:10 AM
Chapter 3540: 3540

“An, you really think so?”

“President Su… I’ve worked for you for years . Do you think I’d do things to hurt you?”

“It’s not about hurting me…” Su Yu felt torn .

“You truly need to let it go . I know you still like Dr . Huo, but you must make yourself look more composed . When she’s in trouble, you look even more anxious than her husband . Isn’t it embarrassing? I don’t want that for you . ”

“Even you think this of me . ”

“President Su, Dr . Huo will be fine . She has turned out fine every time she was in trouble . Now that she’s pregnant, she will try harder to protect herself . ”

“You’re right . Besides, Qin Chu is more capable than me; I’m sure he can get her back safe . ”

“Yeah . Everyone in the world knows Qin Chu cherishes his wife . ”

“Okay . I won’t go . ”

Finally, Su Yu listened to An and gave up his plan .

Indeed, him going wouldn’t change anything .

His love for Huo Mian had become a habit . Despite his determination to move on, he’d be anxious whenever she was in trouble .

“President Su, you’d better turn in now . Tomorrow, we have a release conference for the new movie . Ever since Miss Nie Lingxuan left, we hadn’t had a female performer good enough to star in a movie,” An complained .

“Who played the starring role?” Su Yu asked .

“A performer from another company; she’s quite popular and has starred in quite a few trending series . Her name is Chen Ailin . ”

“Oh . I remember her . ”

“Lots of reporters will be there tomorrow . Our company invested in the movie and paid Miss Chen big money to star in the movie . President Su, you must do some publicity for it since you’ve got lots of female fans on Weibo . ” An chuckled .

“Get out of here,” Su Yu cursed .

Then, he remembered something and dug out Han Yueyao’s WeChat contact on his cellphone .

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“Come out . ” The tough tone showed Su Yu’s personality .

“?” Han Yueyao’s personality was unique, too . She replied to the big boss with only a question mark .

“Tomorrow morning, I’ll send my chauffeur to pick you up . ”

“For what?” Han Yueyao got wary .

“What can I do? To sell you . ”

“I’m not worth much . ”

Su Yu: “…”

“Then I’ll eat you,” Su Yu replied in a huff .

“I have a strong body odor and it will choke you to death . I don’t want to murder my boss . ”

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Su Yu: “…”

“I don’t think I can continue the conversation with you… You don’t sound like a pretty girl . ” Su Yu was exasperated .

“I’m not a pretty girl . I’m nobody and don’t have the burden of a celebrity, so I can say whatever I want . ”

“Fine . You win . ” Su Yu found it hard to talk to her .

“President Su, do you have something to tell me?” Han Yueyao asked .

“Of course . Why else would be here . ”

“President Su, hurry up and tell me . My instant noodles are ready . They won’t taste good when they get too soft . ”

“Tomorrow I’ll attend a new movie release conference . You go with me and show your face to the media . ”

“No,” Han Yueyao refused without hesitation .

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“Why not?”

“I’m neither the main character nor a supporting character in the movie . Why should I attend it?”

“Lots of reporters will be there and the event is broadcasted live . It’s a good opportunity to get people to know about you . ”

“The opportunity is too good to give to a trainee . Thank you, President Su . My noodles are waiting for me . Bye . ”

Refusing Su Yu, Han Yueyao opened the lid of her noodles and began to eat with gusto .

Su Yu was stupefied .

“An, do you remember the girl named Han Yueyao?”

“Yeah . Isn’t she Dr . Huo’s distant cousin?”

“Yeah . Do you think… she’s a bit not that bright?” Su Yu supported his chin with a fist and asked in puzzlement .

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